Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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"When you're a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are going to be right about that." ~Xenia Silva, my recently engaged friend...this was her facebook status the other day & I decided it's an awesome quote. Don't you think so?

{Editor's note: I have just been informed (as you will see in the comments) that this quote is actually from The Office. I should have known. Except it sounded like a Xenia thing to say. But apparently it was a Pam thing to say. Still, the quote holds true for Xenia & Samuel (& myself & brad). :)

 Xenia & her soulmate, Samuel

Warning: RANDOM post that talks about anything & everything. :)

We just invited the in-laws over to watch How to Train Your Dragon Friday night. It came in on Netflix today & i cannot wait to watch it! I'm gonna make Potato Soup. Yipee! The next day we're going to a wedding (also with the in-laws, though i think my parents will be there) & Sunday is Fall Fest. Great weekend ahead! I think it's supposed to get cooler again too! (It's been back to the...80's? I'm not sure, but it's humid. Bleh.)

 Randy, JLo, Steven & Ryan

American Idol. I swore last year i would never watch again. I watched the first 4 or 5 or 7 seasons & loved it each year. Then i missed a year or two. Then i watched last season & hated it. The judges got on my NERVES, it really went downhill! Of course, i loved Crystal Bowersox & Lee DeWyze, but overall...i wanted to strangle the judges. Even Simon, who i always loved for his brutal honestly, was starting to be a bit much. They all say the same things. I love Ryan, but other than that....annoyed! I was pretty sure i would NOT be watching again. Well, i really think it is going to be better this year! I am actually kind of excited! The more i hear about it, the more sure i am that the producers are doing everything they can to salvage this show! I think Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler are GREAT judge choices! They are changing other things too... i think it's gonna be good! :) Yipee!

I've been watching the Big Bang Theory. Ohmygosh, i LOVE this show. LOVE!! When i first got married (or maybe was engaged), we went to Brad's sister's house & she was watching it. I thought it was funny but never watched it again. Just not a big TV watcher. Well, recently i saw a current episode & laughed my booty off. So i decided to get the first season. I'm telling you. These guys CRACK me UP. We get the second disc on DVD tomorrow.

I can't wait till Thanksgiving. The holidays are so close. I have discovered that i like having our anniversary on November 14th. We didn't pick that date for any special reason other than it was when my venue of choice had an open date (other factors, too, but that was the main one i think), but i like that it's right before the holidays. I don't know why! I guess, i can look forward to our anniversary all year & then it's Thanksgiving & then Christmas & then New Year?! Something like that! Haha! I enjoy it! So i can't wait... just a couple weeks till our 2nd anniversary. We're staying in town for the Thanksgiving this year & spending it with Brad's Dad's side of the family. I LOVE them. They are funny & goofy & sweet. I found out today that my sister & her fiance will be joining us! Mike's parents are visiting The Holy Land this year & my parents are likely going to Grenada (where my extended family lives). So Mike & Michelle will be joining us & i'm totally pumped about that!

Sad news. 2 dear men passed away on Monday. They were strong men in the church where i grew up. They both have been married for many years & they both have two daughters who are around my age. One died Monday after battling cancer for awhile. The other had a massive heart attack on Monday. They knew each other from attending church together for many years, it is crazy that they both went to be with the Lord on the same day! Mr. Ralph was one of the kindest people i have ever met. He never had an unkind word to say to anyone. Mr. Ken always made me laugh... in fact, i remember the last thing he said to me a few months ago & it was meant to bring a smile to my face! He is hilarious. My heart is so broken for the wives & daughters left behind. I cannot imagine losing my dad right now. Please keep these two families in your prayers if you think about it! Not to mention the congregation at this church! Both funerals are on Friday. I am not sure if i will be able to attend or not. I am going to try to make it, though.

Well, i guess that's about it for now...



  1. Big Bang is the best!! If there is one show to get hooked on, that is the one! Great stuff.

  2. We like Big Bang also! Super funny!

  3. Wow! Steven Tyler looks, um, horrible! He's not aging well at all. :) I haven't watched AI since David Cook won. (Love him!) I just can't give up that much time each week to a TV show.

    I'll have to check out Big Bang Theory. I know I've seen bits and pieces, but again, not a big TV watcher.

    I'm sorry to hear about the 2 gentlemen in your church. I will pray for their families.

    Our anniversary is November 9. We started dating on November 11 way back when and Doug wanted the wedding to be on the 11th too. But it didn't fall on a Saturday the year we wanted to get married (that doesn't seem to matter so much these days), so we went with the 9th. We usually go to this awesome restaurant, Clifford's. That's our once a year splurge since you can drop $100 for 2 people to eat there w/out much effort. But it is soooooooooo good. :)

  4. That quote is from The Office and it's sad that I know that because my husband and I have watched all the seasons 6-7 times through since March. Sad right? But it's the perfect quote.

    Yay for anniversaries! SO much fun.

    So sorry for your losses. I'm praying for their families!

  5. WONDERFUL comment about soulmates, it's just so sweet.

    I am so sorry about the loss you are experiencing, two at once just makes it so much harder.

    We have similar anniversaries! Ours is the 23rd...only it's our 19th! (And our son's 16th birthday!) Happy almost anniversary!

  6. I'll have to check out big bang. I need some good laughs.

  7. I agree I am so in love with my husband and I want to always feel that way abour him! I love when Lillian says "Daddy is Mommy's boyfriend". She's right! Hope your having a good week.

  8. sorry about the passings... so sad!

    I have heard BBT is hilarious but never watched an episode. Perhaps b/c I am a Grey's Anatomy fan so I am more worried about not missing any of that show? IDK.

    Our anniversary is December 20th. I am indifferent about it's timing also, although I sometimes wish it was in the spring since it makes it hard for us to find sitters for Brayden since most people are busy with Christmas stuff.


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