Tuesday, November 30, 2010

auditions, round two

Auditions went really well tonight. I read with this chic, Blanche, first. She was in Agnes of God, which i SM'd & it's always good to read with someone you know. :) The scene is where Lenny gets a bit of confidence (for once) & tells the mean cousin Chick to not talk about her sister that way & to get out of her house. In the end, she chases her out with a broom! We laughed so much, the director said he should have started with that scene (last night) because it was definitely breaking the tension! We were having so much fun. I read as Lenny, then we switched & i read as Chick. I think i did well & it was fun! It is hard to try to read a script while running from a crazy woman with a broom, though! At least in the real thing, we won't need the script! Haha.

Later, i got to read again as Babe. He had me read with Charlynn, who is one of my bestest theatre friends & who i LOVE. I was thrilled to read with her. We had a connection. :) That is the scene where Babe tells the story of when she murdered her husband (yes, she murders her husband!). It is a long monologue & i felt totally "in it" & like it went really well. He said we needed to see Babe's vulnerability & i feel i showed him that.

Tomorrow he will have callbacks. He will call us sometimes during the day tomorrow to let us know if he wants to see us at callbacks. I honestly have NO IDEA if i will get a callback. I have been praying & praying i get cast, because i REALLY want to do this. I just think it's a great thing for me, at this time in my life, for many reasons. But you know...if it's meant to be, it will happen. If not, i will be sad, but i'll get over it. :)

I must say, it is so strange being on this side of the table. I usually am stage managing... so i know exactly what is going on with the casting. Not this time! Haha.

Anyway, i will know tomorrow if i get a callback. I really & truly hope so! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

He said he will be pairing us with people, trying to see who "goes together" as sisters - either a physical or emotional connection. And he will also be giving direction (to see who can follow it!).

Our first read-thru will be Friday night - if i make it. Problem. I am signed up to work the Manship Friday night! It is the only day in December i'm scheduled to work... i left the rest open in case i got cast! But i figured this week was safe, because he wouldn't have auditions until Sunday at the earliest! WRONG! Oh-well. If i get a call-back then i will email some reps at the Manship & see if they can cover my shift...

Pray for me!! I REALLY want this, but there are wayyy too many good people auditioning. :)

Hope you're having a great week!

auditions, annoying clients & christmas trees.

Well, since i know you may be wondering about how auditions went... they went okay. I think if he were to cast the show right now, i would not get in. I didn't get to read for the part i wanted (Lenny) & the parts i did get to read for (Chick & Babe) went well, but there were a LOT of other good people! I was the only one who didn't get a chance to read for Lenny, so i told him i wanted to & he said he will have me read for her tonight. So i still have a chance. But honestly - i do not have my hopes up too high!

Work is annoying. There is a certain client who left me 6 voicemails over the weekend. Every single step of the process, he calls me again. I kind of want to tell him that the job is happening just like it would for any other client & that his hovering is not helping! He called me yesterday approximately ten times & this morning he called me twice already! It's only 8:55!!! I mean, really?!

My baby fever is out of control. That's all i'm going to say about that.

I went back to the gym yesterday! MIRACLE!!! I felt so good too. All i did was 30 minutes on the elliptical, but i was oh so proud for getting my butt back there! And i'll go again today. Woohoo!

Hmmm...what else? Well. I am thrilled that it's the Christmas season. Officially. (Because i am not one of those crazy people that starts their Christmas before Thanksgiving! HAHA.) Anyway, i have yet to put out my tree. We have a little mini one & will use it again this year. It's fine. It's cute. It's perfect for our little trailer. BUT! But i want a new one next year. We will get a fake one. I know, sooo sad. Just kidding. My family always had a fake one growing up, because mom was allergic. When i moved out on my own, my roomie got a real one & i LOVED IT!!!! But she did all the hard work...transporting it in & out of our apartment, sweeping up the pine needles, etc. I told Brad when we were engaged that i wanted us to get a real one & he was, shall we say, not too happy about it. I told him i wanted us to have that fun tradition of going out in the cold & picking a tree. He was just not thrilled. And after 2 years of using the mini-tree that he already had - & realizing that decorating our place for Christmas takes about 15 minutes tops & i kinda like it that way?! I thought, who am i kidding?! There is no way i want to deal with a real tree! I am pretty low maintenance. So we shall get a fake tree. But next year i at least want a nice big real-looking fake tree. Anyone out there have a beautiful fake tree or can tell me where to get one?! Don't hate on me for wanting a fake one... ;) I love real ones, i do... but i have seen some pretty fake ones...

Well, i guess i shall get to work. So much to do, so much to do!

Think of me at auditions tonight!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

tomorrow. auditions.

I have not auditioned since 2008, when i got the role as Ruby Rae in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. I have only stage managed since then, as there never came a show where there was a role i REALLY wanted & really thought i was right for. Whorehouse was also a musical. I have only auditioned for one play, Mousetrap, & that was in 2006 (I did not get cast in Mousetrap, but was asked to Assistant Stage Manage...& so my love for backstage began).

Tomorrow & Tuesday night i will audition again. For a play, not a musical.

I am really excited & a bit nervous. Not TERRIFIED, which is how i get for musical auditions. Something very unnerving about singing in front of 3 or 4 people with an accompaniest that has never played for you before. And nailing it. Not to mention that nerves wrecks havoc on your vocals. :o/

But play auditions, you just get up there & read a script. I have the script & have been reading it over & over. Sometimes they have you do monologues for play auditions, but BRLT doesn't do that anymore. I think because they got sick of hearing so many monologues! And really, they just want to hear how well you do a part in the actual play! Haha. I'm so glad i don't have to do a monologue (I did have to do one for Mousetrap. It went well, but still - nervewracking!)

So. 7:00 tomorrow night & 7:00 tuesday night.

I HATE how your thoughts go crazy right before and during auditons. And after until you know the verdict. I hate it! All you think about is (a) what the director's vision for the show might be, (b) if you are good enough, & (c) who else is auditioning & if they are any real threat. This is just the honest truth. Anyone who says they don't do that is either lying to you or has been auditioning for so long that they have finally learned how to NOT do that! And i can assure you, no one at BRLT has reached that sort of level! Even the ones i consider most experienced or most talented - they do it too.

It's just the way it is! And no matter how bad i want this, it's all up to (1) God & (2) the director. :) Which is why i will be FINE if i don't get in. I'll be bummed, sure, but certainly not mad & definitely not depressed over it! I will understand that it wasn't in the plan for me.

But i still want it. Haha.

My friend Brittany (who played Lenny - the part i want - in college) gave me the best advice:

"The number one thing to remember is to BE WHO YOU ARE! You would be a great Lenny, but you can't control what the director wants. So all you can do is BE YOURSELF & contol what YOU can control. You can't change his vision for the show. So show him YOU. Don't psyche yourself out. You are such an individual person & a very different type than some of the others auditioning. So it just comes down to what kind of Lenny he wants. Don't be too hard of yourself. Show him You. And, HAVE FUN!"

Fabulous advice from Brittany (who is, by the way, currently in NYC pursuing her acting career. And she is awesome.)

Anyway, think of me tomorrow as i audition!! Fingers crossed!


Had a great day today with Brad's family. We went to his sister Jaimie's church. Jaimie sings on the praise team there. She & her friend Joni have been singing together for years & years, but now go to different churches & don't get to sing together much anymore. Recently Jaimie went to Joni's church in St. Francisville to lead worship for some conference (if i remember right) & somehow Joni was later invited to come sing with Jaimie. Jaimie asked Brad to play for them, so they have practiced at our house a few times.

 Joni, Jaimie & Brad

Jaimie's church, Istrouma Baptist, has two services. Brad had to be there at 7:30 or so this morning. All i know is he had to leave by 7! Crazy! I was going to the second service, which starts at 10:45...thank goodness i didn't have to go with him at 7! Haha. Brad's mom & dad swung by & picked me up at 10. 

They sounded awesome! Joni led worship with Jaimie, and then after the worship service, Brad went up to play the piano for their song. The whole band played as well. It is an amazing song. I have to share the lyrics.

by Selah

The cruelest world
The coldest heart
The deepest wound
The endless dark
The lonely ache
The burning tears
The bitter nights 
The wasted years

Life breaks & falls apart
But we know these are
Places where grace is soon to be so amazing
It may be unfulfilled
It may be unrestored
But when anything that's shattered is laid before the Lord 
Just watch & see
It will not be unredeemed.

For every choice that led to shame
and all the love that never came
for every vow that someone broke
And every lie that gave up hope
We live in the shadow of the fall
But the cross says these are all 
Places where grace is soon to be so amazing
It may be unfulfilled
It may be unrestored
But when anything that's shattered is laid before the Lord
Just watch & see
It will not be unredeemed.

Wow! I got chills just typing it. I love the lyrics to that song. Such an awesome message!

After the service, we all went to eat at Olive Garden. Me, Brad, Jaimie, Joni, my in-laws, plus three friends of Jaimie's from church: Shane, James & Micah. We had a good time & the food was delicious!

Joni & Jaimie - no, they did not plan their outfits! haha!

Brad & I both had a bad headache & were so tired!  We came home & took a nap until 5:30! Yikes! Hopefully we're still able to go to sleep tonight!! Can't believe we're back to work tomorrow. It's been a nice 4-day weekend. 

Tomorrow night is the first round of auditions for Crimes of the Heart. Eek! Think of me! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mary's lingerie shower! Ooh, la la!

Tonight was Mary's lingerie shower! Woohoo! :) 

 Mary with her "bride" wine glass.

We just met for dinner in a private room at Capital City Grill. It was a small group - just 6 of us, including the bride. We had Mary open her gifts while we waited for our food. Since we were in a private room it was okay...no worries of other people seeing the lingerie, haha! But no one got her anything gaudy hahaha. Wellll, except this santa "suit". (Her wedding day is December 11th, right before Christmas). Everything else was just pretty nighties. ;) We had a great time!

Curious: My friend Laura commented on my last post that she had never been to a lingerie shower & didn't have one either! Is this a southern thing or something? Every one of my friends had a lingerie shower, including me! You just invite your closest girl friends (well, some invite more than that, but i just invited my closest girlfriends... haha!). We played games & such, too, at mine. Had so much fun! Lots of cracking up!!

Mary & Susan

Anyway, Mary's maid of honor Amanda brought a cake too. Cutest lingerie shower cake EVER!

 i absolutely love this cake!

 look at the side of it! so cute! & delish!

the 6 of us!

me, mary & susan!

I absolutely cannot wait till Mary's wedding! I met her & her fiance, Chris, in my first musical at BRLT, Beauty & The Beast. It was their first musical there, too & also where they met! Chris was interested in Mary for a long time before the feeling was mutual! I remember thinking, "are you crazy?! Chris is a great guy!!!!" Seriously, he has a heart of gold & i think any woman would be lucky to marry someone like him! He's a nice guy & sometimes those are rare! He's funny too. If something funny happens in a show, i can hear him from backstage... if he's in the audience... i kid not (his laugh is like a LOUD woman's. It's hysterical!) Yeah... i'm sure he'd love me sharing that! HA! Anway, i am excited to see them get hitched in 2 weeks!

one of Chris & Mary's engagement pics
taken by Kyle LeMaire

i remembered why i hate the mall...

Ok. I hate the mall. Just sayin'. I hardly ever go there anymore, because over the last few years Baton Rouge has added places like Towne Center & Perkins Rowe, great shopping centers & those are the places i usually shop. Which, by the way, i'm not a big shopper. I'll buy online or not at all. If i need clothes, i'll run to Cato or Lane Bryant, both of which are outside the mall. 

The Mall of Louisiana now has all kinds of stores outside of the actual mall & i go to those too. The last time i went to the mall was our anniversary weekend when Brad took me to Williams Sonoma. It is the first store on the right in one entrance, so i was in & out. The time before that was probably years ago (other than running in & out of, say, JC Penney's, but not actually entering where all the stores are. Which is funny because when i was little i hated when mom spent so much time in the department stores! I wanted to go into the 'mall hall', as i called it!). 

Today i had to run find my friend a gift for her lingerie shower, which is tonight. I was hoping & praying that all those crazy Black Friday shoppers would be too exhausted to shop & that it wouldn't be as crowded as yesterday! Thankfully that seemed to be the case. Don't get me wrong, lots of people were there, but i got a good parking spot & was never trampled. (Except by those kiosk people, but that's a different story!) 

 I wanted to run in Soma Intimates, which is outside of the mall. Borders is right by it & i wanted to go in there to look at planners. I have never been in Soma Intimates, but always see their stuff in the windows as i pass by...gorgeous stuff. Uh, nevermind! More expensive than Victoria's Secret! Yikes! I was out of there in no time! (Don't get me wrong... i appreciate great quality & soma definitely has it! It's just that i can't afford to spend $65 on a nightgown!)

Well, since that didn't work out, i had to go into the mall. Eeeek!

 (just so you know...this was the safest pic i could find in google images. ha!)

Ran into Victoria's Secret. Was reminded 3 times that their bra's are buy one get one half off & by they way, have i been measured for a bra there? I wanted to say "i can't FIT into y'alls bra's! Can't you tell that?! But i have been measured at Lane Bryant, thankyouverymuch!" And, "YES, i KNOW, your bras are buy one get one half off!" I'm mean, i know. It just, you know, gets annoying after awhile! Let me shop in peace! 

Went to JC Penney's. They don't annoy you there & they have great sales. Got stopped by kiosk guy on my way there! UGH! That is why i hate Mall of Louisiana, i'd forgotten! Usually it's the flat iron kiosk that gets me...i want to say, "look - i didn't fix my hair this morning! But i do own a flat iron & i know how to use it! Thanks anyway!" Ugh! Usually i pull out my cell phone & pretend to talk. Seriously - you laugh - but it works. Usually! This time it was a lotion nail kiosk. This (cute & gay) guy waved at me like he knew me. He was hard to be rude to haha. He pulled me aside & was talking so fast & putting lotion on my hands & showing me how shiny my nails can be - i had no time to get away! He asked me if my nails were real. Y'all. I bite my nails nearly to the nubs. Of course they're real!!! I did tell him, though, "you kiosk people drive me crazy!" haha. I was laughing though! He was like "oh, you don't like me?" I was like, "oh, no, i like you just fine! I just hate that y'all attack everyone!" or something. He laughed & let me go hahaha. 

oooh...i like this one! (a chemise)

Went to Macy's. Found 2 pretty chemise's. I hate that word, by the way. It sounds wierd. And like no one will know what i'm talking about. I call them "nighties". But you know what i mean - those satin, cotton or silky short things. i love those. They are sexy AND comfortable. Can't beat that! Before getting married, i wore nothing but pj pants & t-shirts to bed. After getting married, though, i got all those cozy chemise's at my lingerie shower & i wear them all the time. I love them! Anyway, i got 2 of them for my friend - one in purple & one in navy. They were $25 marked down to $20. I didn't want to spend that much, but this was my fourth store & i was SO done. Got to the register & WAHOO!!! They were $8 bucks each! Yes!! 

Went into Bath & Body Works & Hallmark after that. Geez. 5 times in each store i was asked if i was looking for anything in particular. 

Grabbed some lunch & then ran to Border's, which is outside the mall. Checked out the 2011 planners. They didn't have very many at all. I ended up getting this smaller monthly calendar. I'm not sure if i will like it or not. I love how it looks & that it is small, but i usually get the weekly calendars & this one is just monthly. I kind of think i will like that, but i just am not 100%. It was $6. If i decide i'd rather the weekly one, i can give this one to someone else. It's cute. My regular size calendar came in today also! Woohoo! I got that, a couple magazines (Rachael Ray & Martha Stewart), a card for a friend, & haha - the christina aguilera christmas cd! They had a rack of christmas cd's for less than 6 bucks...saw hers & had to get it. Saw her in Burlesque friday night, so i'm kind of in love with her voice. :)

Came home but had to stop at Wal-Mart for a few groceries. Ran into CATO first, next door. Got a new purse, some CUTE dressy denim pants & a nice red shirt. I NEED clothes right now. And my purse? Well. The red one i got recently - the lining tore up all in the bottom. Ugh. Sometimes i really do believe 'you get what you pay for' is true. I was not happy it tore up so much. It's awful. Keys & everything gets lost under there! Hopefully this one will last a little longer (though it was less than the last one i got!). 

Ran into Wal-Mart & picked up shampoo,sharpie pens, OJ, bread, pizza, brad's root beer & my sprite zero. Now i'm home & whew! Exhausted! Lingerie shower tonight. Looking forward to it!

Friday, November 26, 2010

weather, this weekend & ...eek...auditions!

It is currently 37 degrees here in Baton Rouge. It was in the 50's during the day today. Cold & Rainy.

Yesterday, it was 74 degrees. Which was beautiful, but not cold. And not rainy. I had to look it up to see what the temp was - i actually thought it was more like 80! Overnight it rained & poured & by morning it was cold. And you know what that means? Allergies! Everytime it changes temperature so drastically overnight - Brad wakes up the next day with his allergies out. of. control.

I am thinking he needs to see an allergist. Or an ENT. Or something. I mean, it isn't "mild". It's enough to make him miserable! He took some allergy medicine, though, and is doing fine. (Last time the weather changed like that, the medicine didn't help at all!)

I am feeling fine, though around 5:30 pm i got so sleepy, i took a nap! Kinda late for a nap, right? I always think if it's that late, i should just stay up a little longer or just go to bed for the night! But no, i took a nap. Woke up at 9. And woke up with an earache. Doesn't feel like an ear infection - those are awful & it's not that bad! - but the whole right side of my face hurts... i don't know what that is about!

Anyway, i'm THRILLED that it's colder out - makes it feel more like the holiday season - but I wish it could get colder gradually??? Instead of dropping 20 degrees or so overnight?!

We are having a lovely thanksgiving weekend! It is SO wonderful to be off work 4 days in a row! And then in a month, i'll be off three days for Christmas (we are off Thursday & Friday for Christmas, & i am taking Monday off too). Then we're off that Friday for New Year's. Wahoo!

Here's how this weekend has been -

Wednesday: I had to work, but they let us leave at 2:30 & Brad's work did the same! We went to Perkins Rowe that evening, had La Madeleine's for dinner & then saw Burlesque with a few friends of ours from church: Nolan, Amanda, Lizzy, Tim, Megan, Trey & Josh. I loved the movie. It's a typical story (poor small town girl with a big voice moves to LA to make something of herself...), but the dancing & singing is just awesome. Christina Aguilera - girl can SANG!! I loved Cher in it too. Had a lot of humor in it. Loved it. So glad we got to hang out with those friends - haven't gotten to do that in awhile!

Thursday: Turkey Day! Wonderful day!!!

Friday (today): Nothing at all! Slept late, blogged, ate, napped, & i did our Christmas Cards. Yep, that's about it! Haha!

Saturday: Brad's sister & her friend are coming over in the morning to go over a song they're singing at Jaimie's church in the morning. I may not be here. I need to run get a gift for my friend Mary's lingerie shower, which is 7:30 that evening. :) I also want to run into Border's & check out their planners. I never got those other ones i was talking about... I don't mind spending that much on a planner if it is AMAZING quality, but how can i know that buying it online!? I want to see it! Hopefully the crowds won't be AS BAD as today? But i'm not that worried about it. The two stores I want to go to are at the mall, but not inside the mall! I should be okay. :)

Sunday: Brad has to be at his sister's church at 7 am!! Thankfully there are two services, and i will go to the 2nd one! Haha! Brad's parents are picking me up at 10 am. Brad is playing a song for his sister & her friend to sing, so we're all going to hear them. I already know - it sounds wonderful. (They've been practicing here.) We're going out to eat afterwards. Looking forward to it!

Monday: it's back to work! Also, auditions for Crimes of the Heart are Monday & Tuesday night! Ahhh!

I REALLY want to get cast. I just would LOVE to be in this show!! So far, i have only done musicals but i really would love to do a play. I know i am "right" for the part of Lenny or Chickie. (There are two other female roles as well, but i would be surprised if he cast me in one of those.) The thing about auditioning is - it all depends on who else shows up. And i know a LOT of people are auditioning for this show that would be great in it! So that is the problem. I have sat in on casting for enough shows now to know that it is hardly ever personal & it hardly ever means you don't have talent (if you are not cast). So i wouldn't be offended or take it personally in any way. However!! Haha! I still would be a little sad if i didn't make it just because i want to do it so bad! I have no doubt i could play the role. And i'd learn so much working with Jack, the director. But even if i do great at auditions, so will a bunch of other girls. It will come down to who is the right age, & who "looks right" together. So, we will see! I always try to remind myself of this: "If it's meant to be, then it will be."

If i don't get cast,  i am thinking about auditioning for Guys & Dolls. Guys & Dolls is my favorite musical, and Adelaide is my dream role. I do not think i would get cast as Adelaide, though. I can act & sing her part, but not sure how much dancing she does. I figure if i could play one of the whores in whorehouse (which had a lot of dancing), then i could pull off any moves Adelaide had to do. But my weight is a problem. Thing is, i'm not sure about auditioning, because i doubt i would get Adelaide, & i wouldn't want to do "chorus". I did that in high school. Then again, i think i would be sad if i went to see it & wasn't in it. I just love that show!! So i don't know... i'm hoping i'll make Crimes of the Heart so i won't have to decide on Guys & Dolls! Ha! But if i don't make Crimes, then i might go for Adelaide. It's worth a shot, right? Guys & Dolls auditions are December 5 & 6. I'd have to come up with a song for auditions, which makes me HORRIBLY nervous. I'm not toooo nervous about Crimes, because you just get up there & read the script with someone... that isn't too nerve-wracking. But auditioning for a musical kills me!!

I'm just gonna take it as it comes. Auditions are Monday & Tuesday for Crimes of the Heart. Hopefully i'll know by Wednesday if i made it. If not, then I'll think about Guys & Dolls. Don't really want to think about it until then.

So - there ya have it! Hope you are all having a great weekend!

5QF: thanksgiving theme!

Hey, all! Time for 5 Question Friday! Link up here if you want to play! :)

1. What is your favorite part of the thanksgiving meal? 
Seriously? I love it all. Favorite meal EVER. But yesterday, Brad's Aunt Paula made this broccoli rice casserole. Holy crap. It was AMAZING. Melt in your mouth, amazing! I got the recipe! That was the best thing on my plate this year. But seriously? It was all pretty fantastic!

2. Are you a host or a guest for Thanksgiving this year?
Guest. I haven't been a host for it, ever. Probably will when our kids are adults! :)

3. When you think of one Thanksgiving tradition, what comes to mind? 
FOOD. I mean, yeah. That's pretty much it!
And football. But my husband & i are both sooo not into football! Food & Family is all it is about for us! Ha!

4. You have two pieces of pie in front of you & you HAVE to eat one. Do you choose the pumpkin or pecan? 

5. Are you a Black Friday shopper?
No. No way. Never ever ever. I cannot think of anything that is worth getting up that early (or not going to bed - staying in line all night!! That is just crazy!). And my poor children will do without the latest & greatest toy, too, if it requires me to get up so early & stand in line. Not gonna happen! Sorry, kiddo!!

I did tell my husband yesterday, as i was looking at all the black friday ads in the paper, that if i saw a Canon Rebel with a FANTASTIC deal, i might would have it in me to go. But the best deal i saw for one was just 20 dollars off! Are you kidding?! I would PAY $20 to not have to get up that early!! Haha! I cherish my sleep, people! (Kinda glad too - felt a little sorry for all those shoppers when i woke up at 5 am & it was POURING RAIN & COLD!!! But then i just snuggled back under the warm covers. Ahhh.)

Ok, hope you are having a fun day!

fill in the blanks: shopping

Morning, y'all! It is after 10 in the morning & we just woke up not too long ago! Brad is usually up by 7 on days off, & me by 8, 8:30 at the very latest, so this is crazy! But we stayed up till 2 am last night. I remember saying at 11:30 that i was wide awake & who knew when i'd be ready for bed. Well, i was finally ready at 2 am! Which is late for us! Good thing we're off today! :) 

Yesterday it was hot. When i say hot, i mean probably 80 degrees. Everyone had short-sleeves & jeans on, some people had shorts on & some had flip-flops on! It is usually cold by Thanksgiving but not this year! (& when i say cold, i mean 50 degrees. I realize that is not very cold to some of you!) Well, around 2 am it got SO WINDY - i thought it was pouring rain, it was so loud - turns out it was just wind. Then the rain came & it rained ALL NIGHT LONG. This morning? It's chilly outside! YAY!!! (Christmas season is just not right if you are wearing shorts & flip-flops!!) I was so glad to NOT be a black friday shopper when i woke up & heard the pouring rain! There is nothing i want that bad! (Except maybe a Canon Rebel. But it'd have to be like $250 for me to get up & stand in line in the middle of the night!) 

ANYWAY. Time for Fill-in-the-Blank Friday. And the theme? Shopping. I mean, it is black friday after all! 

Black Friday is crazy! I just have no idea why people would want to get up that early & stand in line for hours for something!! There is NOTHING i want that bad! There is no sale that good! I told Brad the only thing i'd do that for would be a Canon Rebel...but it would have to be a HUGE discount. I found some that were only 20 bucks off! Nope. I'll pay you 20 bucks extra to let me sleep in!! 

Christmas shopping this year will include buying for just a few people: my mom & dad, brad's mom & dad, brad's sister & my sister & her fiance. Not too bad!

Holiday shopping makes me happy! I am not a black friday shopper, but otherwise i'm okay with it. I love the smells, the christmas music & the excitement in the air. It's fun! There is nothing stressful to me about it, at all. 

This year my Christmas list will include: A Canon Rebel (or money towards one haha), i could use some new casserole dishes, clothes, cd's (i want the newest Sara Barreillis & Michael Buble one), & books (i want Decision Points by George W. Bush & the new Mark Twain autobiography. And cookbooks, of course). 

Bargain hunter or full price shopper? 
I love a good sale & i definitely look for those! Sometimes i pay full-price though.

The best & worst things about shopping: I love spending money on others...finding that perfect gift that you know they will just LOVE. I hate seeing my money dwindle...haha.

On-line shopper or in-person shopper?
Mainly in person. But i have no problem shopping on-line for some things!

Well, that's all! Link up here if you want to join in! Hope you enjoy your day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

We had a fantastic time today at Brad's Aunt Paula's house for Thanksgiving!! I knew it'd be great (i love his family, and that includes his extended family!), but it exceeded my expectations. Haha. I mean, i think it might be my favorite Thanksgiving Day so far?! I don't know... but we had a blast!

My sister & her fiance Mike were invited to come as well... since my parents are in Mississippi & Mike's parents are traveling (visiting the Holy Land!). They had a great time. I'm so glad they got to come!!

We got there at 1. Michelle brought fudge pie & a tollhouse pie (kind of a chocolate pecan). I brought my green bean casserole & cinnamon blondies (so good!). The spread over there was ridiculous (as always!). I wish I took a pic. But it went like this: baked turkey, baked chicken, fried turkey, baked ham, scalloped potatoes, rice & gravy, green peas, green bean casserole, corn casserole, macaroni & cheese (homemade & amazing!), the best broccoli rice casserole ever (i got the recipe, it was soooo good!), sweet potato casserole, 7-layer salad, sausage bread, rolls, spinach quiche, gosh, i don't even remember what else!! And desserts! The cutest strawberry cupcakes EVER (i didn't get one! wah!), michelle's pies, my blondies, cream cheese pie (michelle & brad's FAVORITE, made by my mom-in-law), flan from Texas de Brazil, cookies, oreo balls, more than that, but i forget now! it was crazy/good!

We ate & it was delicious. Then we just hung out in the living room, talking, looking through the paper (black friday ads) & watching football. We went outside to the pond & laughed & goofed off. We piled up in the golf carts & road all up in the woods & everything! Had a blast! I laughed a LOT today. Here are some pics!

 me & my love on Thanksgiving Day


 chillin' on the front porch

 me & my sister

 Brad, Whitney, Granny, Mrs. Cheryl & Jaimie

 Jaimie, Whitney & Houston

 Michelle & Mike

 Uncle Cliff with his granddaughters, Kiersten & Rylee...Leah in the background cracks me up!

 me with Leah's canon rebel. that's right...those are puppy dog eyes. :)

 So...Leah & Whitney & Jaimie all started telling me to go see the geese. Apparently something had happened before i arrived?! It was very suspicious because they were like "melissa, go over & see the geese!" & were getting their cameras out?! I did...slowly & cautiously. I got a few feet from this one & it turned & CHARGED at me! Hahaha! I turned and RAN away! As if it was a bear or something! HA! We were CRACKING UP!!! Sorry, but the pics of me running away are on Leah's camera. But man - it was hysterical! PSYCHO GEESE!

 me & whitney - my cousin-in-law - i love her!

Aunt Bridget, Leah & Whitney

 riding on the back of the golf cart! haha.

Matt & Jaimie speeding along!

 After much golf-cart chasing through the woods, we all piled up on this one & took a group pic! Love it!

And take 2! :) 

Happy Turkey Day! Hope you had a good one!!

Cinnamon Blondies!?! Oh, my!!

These. Were. FANTASTIC. 

I really hope SOMEONE at our thanksgiving gathering today got to try one. Everyone was too full after the big meal - desserts were barely touched! I brought a few of these home, but left several there for others to enjoy. Everyone packs a to-go box for dinner, & it looked like people packed some of these to-go. I hope they liked them! They are delicious!!

I found this recipe at Two Peas & Their Pod. It comes from a new cookbook out called Perfect One-Dish Dinners. I was just looking for something to bring to our Thanksgiving gathering, in addition to the Green Bean Casserole I always bring. I wanted to bring a dessert & didn't know what. Something different. I found this one, and that is when i discovered this cookbook. MUST get it! Other bloggers are blogging recipes from it, and every one of them looks delicious!

Anyway, back to the Cinnamon Blondies. They turned out PERFECT. They were DELICIOUS! I am going to post as it should be, but i only had self-rising flour, so i did not put in the salt or baking powder. She used cake flour & i'm sure it was even better...which is hard to imagine because these were pretty wonderful already! (Not tooting my own horn...i just followed a great recipe!) She also used cinnamon chips, which i did not have. The original recipe says you can also use nuts or chocolate chips. I thought white chocolate chips would be good, but i just couldn't imagine chocolate in these. So i did chopped pecans instead. They were perfect.

*terrible, terrible picture. Please check out Maria's instead!

Cinnamon Blondies

1 1/2 cups cake flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups packed light brown sugar
1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter, melted
2 large eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/2 cup cinnamon chips (or stir-in of your choice. we used chopped pecans.)

1.) Adjust oven rack to lowest position and heat oven to 325 degrees. Spray an 8-inch square metal baking pan with vegetable-oil cooking spray. Fold a 16-inch length of heavy-duty foil to 7 1/2 inches wide and lay it across pan bottom and up two sides so you have foil overhangs to pull blondies from pan. Spray foil with vegetable-oil spray. (Okay, i thought that part was wierd, but in the end i was glad i went with it!)

2.) Whisk flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt in a medium bowl. Whisk brown sugar into butter in a medium bowl. Whisk eggs and vanilla together in a small bowl, then whisk into butter mixture. Whisk in dry ingredients until just combined. Fold in cinnamon chips or stir-in of your choice. Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake until blondies are just set, about 40 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes. Using foil handles, pull blondies from pan, set on wire rack, and cool to room temperature (the foil made it very easy to pull out of the pan!). Cut into squares and serve.

 fresh out of the oven! 

 cooling... :)


my cup runneth over...

Once again, i find myself truly thankful for everything that God has given to me. I am truly blessed! I am always amazed at all that i have & how everything always works out for good (even hard times). And even little things i am thankful for! Today i am reminded not to take these things for granted. 

Just thought i'd share some of the things i am thankful for, as they come to me!

{my relationship with Jesus}
Of course, this one tops the list - He is so good to me, even through my struggles & doubts. This year, i may not have been as faithful in church attendance, and it took me awhile to get into reading His word, but even through all that, i never felt unloved by Him or condemned. He knows me & loves me just the way i am. I have full confidence that he will continue the work He started in me & i am thankful for that. He is the best of friends, who believes in you like no one else. Thank you, Jesus. :)

{my husband}
You know this from my recent post on marriage. I love this man, he is truly the best thing that's ever happened to me! Every once in awhile i say, "i cannot believe i am a married woman!" & i can't believe i've been a married woman for 2 whole years! HAHA! I said that just this morning. I love love love being with Brad everyday. We are the best of friends & i truly cherish our relationship. I am so thankful to God for putting us together. I love how Brad is always there for me, always listens to me, always humors me. :) I love how he is willing to talk things out, even if it's something that isn't easy to talk about. I love how he makes me feel. I love that he gives the best hugs ever. :) 

{my family}
I love my parents & my sister & i hope they stick around for a very long time!! This year, 4 of my friends lost their daddies... all men around my dad's age. 2 in October, 1 last week & 1 just last night. So tragic, and i think about if that happened to my dad. It is a horrible thought & i just hope to have him, my mom & my sister around for many years to come. I love being around them, they crack me up & listen to me well. They know how to relax & how to goof off. So thankful that God put me in their family. My sister & i are very close, too. Love them! 

{my in-laws} 
I was so blessed with the in-laws i got! So many people i know cannot stand their in-laws. Many times i hear mother-in-law stories & i am appalled at the way some people are! Haha! But i absolutely LOVE my mother-in-law - she is so kind & she always makes me laugh - and i love my FIL & SIL, too! Jaimie is hilarious & fun to be around. She always cracks me up. Brad's dad is kind-hearted, he prays for friends of ours (people he doesn't even know) & he is HILARIOUS. They all have such a great sense of humor. I constantly want to be around them & tell Brad to have them over for dinner! My favorite thing about them is that they are unpretentious. They are who they are & they love you the way you are. I know that they would drop everything if i needed them. They have each other's backs. I am truly blessed to have them for my in-laws & i do not take it for granted at all! :)

I am so thankful to have the friends i have!! So many different ones, too. I have my BFF, Sarah, who has been with me through thick & thin since 5th grade! We can get together anytime & talk for HOURS & HOURS with all we have to catch up on! I can tell her absolutely anything. I have Aimie, Shana, Amanda, & Becca - more friends who have been with me through so many situations...who love me as i am & who are so encouraging to me. They believe in me. Then i have more church friends - some i went to church with at Victory where i grew up, and some from HeartsEase, where i've gone since 2006. And let's not forget my theatre friends! They are hilarious! They support me & believe in me. They are SO sweet & non-judgemental. They accept everyone the way they are. I love that about them. Also, my bloggie friends!! I know some people who would laugh at that, but they have no idea how long i've been talking to some of these people: Laura, Nicole, Rebekah, Krystal & Patti - i love you all & am thankful for you! There are other bloggie friends too & random friends who don't fit into the above categories but who i am just as thankful for (Brooke & Robyn, thinking of you!). I am crazy/blessed with all these friends, and thankful that God put so many different kinds of people in my life! I love that!!

{my jobs} 
Especially the one at the Manship, because i truly ENJOY working there. I love EVERYONE i work with there, and it's a fun job, the time passes quickly & the money ain't too shabby! Too bad it's only my side job! I am also thankful for my regular job, believe it or not. :) Yes, sometimes it is stressful & sometimes i want to cry haha, but overall i have a great boss, some wonderful coworkers, i get paid holidays (like today & tomorrow!), i have great benefits, i have my own office, i am able to work alone without someone hovering over me - yes, it can be Challenging & the phone calls can annoy me to no end, but there are a lot of positives about it too & i am thankful. :) 

I have struggled & i have cried over my weightloss journey this year. But i have learned a LOT. I have begun strength training. I have lost a few more pounds. 23 total. Maybe it has been SLOW as can be, but i am thankful to have learned so much about nutrition & about exercise. I have been struggling with this lately, but i know i could never go back to where i was before. It feels good to eat right & exercise! I am going to keep on going & be as healthy as i can be! I am thankful for my body because even though i don't look exactly how i want to... (a) i am getting fit & feeling better, & (b) my hubby likes me just the way i am! I am thankful for the journey i have started & that i haven't quit!

 So many more things... just to name a few of my favorites...

my cozy bed
sharpie pens
my little point & shoot
contacts & eyeglasses
musical theatre
Panera is coming to Baton Rouge!
Fievel :) 
a great vet
a great dentist
cooking & that i love to do it!
days i don't have to set an alarm
comfy shoes
down comforters
a hot bath
peace in my heart
Praise & Worship
Barnes & Noble
the holiday season

...& so much more! What are you thankful for? 


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

downtown baton rouge

Last night i was meeting some girlfriends at Capital City Grill for dinner. The restaurant is a part of the Shaw Center, which is also home of the Manship Theatre, where i house manage & rep a few times a month. While i was waiting for the girls to arrive, i took some pics. Just thought i would share!

This is the backside of the Manship Theatre, where i work. I got a parking space right there, score! You can go in either way. Took a shot of this sign...thinking they should replace some light bulbs?! 

 You walk through the Shaw Center, out the front, & look right & this is what you see. Pretty! That castle-ish building in the back i believe is the old state capitol. I should know that offhand, shouldn't i? :) The other building is the Shaw Center.

 The fountains! Everyone loves the fountains! Unfortunately they were turned off when we had our engagement pics down out here...my photographer was sad! Lots of photographers love taking pics in front of these fountains! Pretty cool. :)

My favorite shot. :)
So there is a little taste of downtown baton rouge. There are many great photo opportunities...one day i will take a bunch! Like, when i get my canon rebel! Ha!

good friends: charlynn & danielle

I love theatre. You all know this. I got involved at Baton Rouge Little Theatre in 2006. I auditioned for Beauty & the Beast & made it. That cast was made up of about 40 people & i made SO many awesome new friends. What is cool about that cast is we seemed to just BOND, more than other casts do. 2 cast members ended up being ushers in my wedding, 2 1/2 years later. I am still very good friends with several of them. Sure, people move away, & it's easy to lose touch with those who do not stay involved in theatre. But when we see each other it is like time never passed. We are just meant to be friends. Ya know? I love it.

Over the past 4 1/2 years, i have made many friends at BRLT...not just the cast of Beauty & the Beast. I did show after show after show & you just connect with certain people & feel that you could be friends with them forever. Two of my favorites are Danielle & Charlynn.

The first time i saw Danielle was in a play at Baker Little Theatre. She was cute as a button. Later, we both auditioned for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas & we were both cast. I never thought we'd become such good friends as she is 11 years younger than I am! But we did. I just love her to pieces. She is beautiful, inside & out. And a very talented actress.

 Danielle & I in rollers getting ready for a performance of Whorehouse 
(with another whore, haha, Jenna)

I heard about Charlynn long before i met her - she began theatre before i did but wasn't doing any shows when i got started. Then we both auditioned for Urinetown, the musical. I met her in the hall waiting for our turns to audition. I liked her immediately. She is so easy to talk to, friendly, funny, & totally cool. I had heard that we would probably be up for the same roles - we both wanted Pennywise - & that she is an excellent actress. They weren't sure of her singing voice because she usually did plays. So i went in knowing she was my competition. But it didn't matter. Instant friends. We both got cast - but not as Pennywise! I was Little Becky & she was Old Ma Strong.

 Favorite picture of me & Charlynn! December 2007.

All three of us haven't done a show for awhile & for awhile there we were constantly trying to get together - saying we would but never making it happen. I was trying to get together with Charlynn & Danielle, separately...then i saw on Facebook that they were also trying to get together with each other! We decided to make it the three of us & we had a date at Bistro Byronz. We decided to try to do this once a month. And so, last night, we met for dinner. At Capital City Grill. We invited a few other girlfriends, but they couldn't make it. We'll do it again in December though. :)

Anyway, just had to share about two good friends i am thankful for! Last night we had so much fun at dinner! We talked & talked & talked for HOURS!! We talked about Danielle's school (she will be student teaching very soon!), Marriage (me & Charlynn), Baby Fever (me haha), & theater - new shows (crimes of the heart - charlynn & i are both auditioning!) & reminiscing about Whorehouse, Urinetown & other fun times. Had a great time & can't wait to get together again! Love these girls!

Dinner last night at Capital City Grill

wee bit of me!

Yay, it's Wednesday!!! Which is my Friday!!! And we have just been told that we can leave 2 hours early today - at 2:30! Woohoo! Plus, it is a fairly easy day since the phones are pretty quiet. :) Cannot wait to get out of here! Haha. So looking forward to Turkey Day tomorrow!

{one} What kind of camera do you have?
I have a kodak easyshare. It's a great little point & shoot, but i'm really wanting a Canon Rebel!

{two} You just won $1000 & can only spend it on yourself on just one item. What would you buy?
Definitely the above-mentioned Canon Rebel! They are less than that, but i am sure i would buy another lens plus the camera bag, etc... yeah, i could easily spend the $1000 on a new camera! I hope that counts! Ha!

{three} If you had to choose, would you rather live in the same house with your parents forever or 5000 miles away?
Um, how far is 5000 miles? I'm just going to be honest here. i LOVE my parents, but i just don't love LIVING with them. Don't get me wrong - they are wonderful & i love their house, too -it's so cozy! But i moved back home for about a year when i was 26-ish...& i was miserable. I can't imagine doing it with a husband & kids. Again, i love my family!! Just don't want to live in the same house! (They know this, I am sure, so i'm not worried about them reading this!)

{four} Is your Christmas tree up yet?
Nope. I really like my holidays one at a time. I absolutely love Christmas, but refuse to decorate, send out our Christmas cards or listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. Actually, i have listened to some of the Christmas music since my favorite radio station is already playing it! But i listen to my non-christmas cd's mostly right now. This weekend, i will get into Christmas, i promise!

{five} Do you bring reusable bags to the grocery store?
No...i only have a couple for the Farmer's Market.

{six} Which would be worse? Listening to the same song on replay for the rest of your life or eating the same meal everyday for the rest of your life?
Thank goodness we don't have to really choose this! Music & Food - two categories FULL of wonderful delicious options! Haha. I don't know... i guess hearing the same song would get really annoying!

{seven} Name three things you are thankful for this season.
Husband, Family, Friends.

{eight} Do you dye/highlight your hair? If so, do you do it yourself or at the salon?
Yes, i get hi-lites & i get it done at the salon. Love Lesli at On The Boulevard & LOVE getting my hair done! If i were extremely wealthy, i'd let her fix my hair everyday! Ha!

{nine} Would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater?
It's a toss-up. I love a theatre full of people & a really good movie. It's exciting to me & fun. But i do NOT love theatre prices!! And most of the time, i'm more in the mood to relax on the couch with a good movie & my man. :)

{ten} Would you rather win $1000/week for life or $5 million/all at once?
$1000/week would be great! Though if the offer was 5 million, i wouldn't argue! HA!

Your turn! Link up at Leigh Ashley's! :)

better late than never?

So...once upon a time i had a formspring box on my blog. People could ask questions anonomously & i would answer them in a blog post. It was fun for awhile... but then the questions ceased & i had plenty else to blog about. So i took the box off my blog.

I recently had Formspring email me saying questions awaited me! I thought that was strange, seeing as how I took the box off my blog ages ago. But when i logged in, it showed they were written 7 months ago!!! Yikes! How did i miss that?!

My apologies to those who asked the questions... but i thought, hey! It's better late than never!

How do i grab your button & put it on my blog?
Thanks for asking!! You might have already figured this out, since you asked me so long ago!! I am really sorry...

1.) Find my button in the sidebar -----> (or just look above!)
2.) Copy the html code underneath the button. Just highlight it & hit ctrl & the letter C at the same time. Or right-click & hit Copy.
3.) Go to your Dashboard. Click "Design".
4.) You will see your blog's basic design now. Click on "Add A Gadget" in the sidebar area(s). Click on the one titled "html/javascript".
5.) An area will come up & you just paste the code from my button there. You can put "Blogs i like" or something else as the title (or just leave it blank). Hit Save.
6.) My button is now on your page! It is likely at the top of your sidebar. Drag & Drop the new html to anywhere you like on the Design Layout. Hit Save again. View your blog & make sure it's how you like it!

I hope this is a good explanation! Feel free to comment to this email if you have any questions. If your email is not linked to blogger, then please put your email addy in the comment & i will reply to you! I also have an email button in my sidebar. :)

I've been reading your blog a little bit and I think its awesome. I just discovered we have the same name. My name is Melissa Rae but every one calls me Lissa. I only got called "Melissa" when I was in trouble and usually it was"melissa rae" -MelissaRae

That is too funny!! I have always been called Melissa & it wasn't until my early twenties that people started calling me Mel. Now, i am most often called Melissa or Mel. However, my mom & sister & a few others have called me Lissa my whole life!! :) Thanks for sharing, MelissaRae!!

Again, sorry to have just now answered these questions! Thank you for asking!

Monday, November 22, 2010

4 Troops & a DX7

Well, in case you are wondering, I did survive the 12-hour (& 15 minute!) work shift on Sunday. :) It wasn't too bad actually. It flew by & the group (4 Troops) were very nice & easy to work with. Yay!!

photo from we heart it.

What i didn't consider is that MONDAY would be the worst of it. Not Sunday itself. My workday Sunday was 10:00 am to 10:15 pm (on the dot!). I figured the worst was over. Wrong. The worst of it was Monday morning. Today was awful. I couldn't get up. When i finally got up, i went & took my bath in the dark. Why? Well, i just couldn't deal with the bright bathroom light at that point. There was just enough light from the hall peeking in that i could see which was my shampoo & which was the conditioner. Ha! I was a total GRUMP at work - everyone was too loud & everyone got on my nerves. (I didn't say anything - i knew it was TOTALLY me & not them!). The day took forever. When i got home, i crashed for about 20 minutes.

Woke up & we went to the in-laws for dinner. Mother-in-law was making chicken & sausage gumbo. YUMMM. Love me some gumbo!! We just got back from having dinner over there.

Brad is currently playing his Yamaha DX7. Funny story.

Usually, when i work backstage at the Manship, i am...um...well, i just have hard time being outgoing, which i kind of need to be. The part of the job that i like least is at the very beginning: the introductions. I hate going up to someone & saying, "Hi, I'm Mel...{shake hands} I'm your Rep for today, so anything you need, anything at all, just let me know." Doesn't seem that hard, but that is just part of my personality...a part that i hate! I wish it was easy for me to be outgoing! Don't get me wrong... i have no problem being friendly & outgoing if i know the majority of the people i am with. Or if it's, say, at my house (like if i have a party & a friend brings a friend that i don't know). But if it's me & a bunch of people i don't know... kinda makes me nervous! I do it & i do it just fine, but you know what i'm saying. It's out of my comfort zone. Once that is over, i'm fine. Although some groups i am more comfortable with than others! Some groups there is a bit of awkward silence. :) But 4 Troops was NOTHING like that. By the end of the day, they felt like friends. :)

Anyway, back to the story. When i first got there, there was just Stephen, who works there. I was talking to him when our guests drove up. I immediately met Dexter, their Tour Manager, & Tom, their sound guy. They actually came straight up to me & introduced theirselves...that always makes it easier. :) We did a sound check which lasted a couple of hours. That was where i basically sat around & did nothing - except get coffee for Tom, while he was working. I also heard them rehearse at this point....& was BLOWN AWAY! They sing SO GOOD! :) They are truly amazing - gave me chills & made me teary! I know i have a lot of military wives that read my blog (& vice versa) - you should go see them if they come to your area! I know they are in South Carolina next (November 30th) & around that area after that.

After sound check, i was standing on stage with Susan (one of our techies) & Ron (one of the guys in the group). They were talking about keyboards & i was just kinda staring off into space. Ron was saying how everywhere they play, they always have the Yamaha, the something else (mind went blank!), or the Korg. Then i heard him say, "But what I want, what i REALLY REALLY want, is a vintage Yamaha DX7."

Say What?!?!

Ok, my husband LOVES the DX7. They stopped selling them in 1996, i think, but Brad has several of them & loves them. Our groom's cake was a DX7, after all! Brad always says they don't get the respect they deserve haha. I have never heard anyone talk about the DX7, ever, except Brad! And here was this guy saying that he wishes he had one & can never find one! I was like "are you kidding me?!" & Ron looked at me & i said, "My husband has like 8 of those!"

Brad's Keyboard Cake!!  
photos by Amanda Meyer.

He said, "What?!?! Are you SERIOUS?!" Then he went on & on & on, "Would he sell me one? Oh, man, i would kill for a DX7! Those things are tha BOMB!" I told him i doubted he would sell, someone had asked before & he said no... he is pretty attached! He said, "i just wanna TALK to the dude! I mean, the dude owns a DX7!!!!!" Hahahaha!

I was no longer shy. We totally bonded over the DX7. Hahaha.

I ran & called Brad. "You are not going to believe this!" I said & told him. He didn't want to sell, but told me to get his name & number & let him know he'd be the first call when he was ready to sell. He also said he'd look for him a good one. I told Ron & he was just cracking me up with his excitement. At the end of the day he gave me his contact info for Brad. Under it he wrote a little note for Brad. Shoulda taken a pic! It said, "Please sell me a DX7. It's for a soldier!" Hahahaha. Too funny!

I told him he better keep that phone number, because it may be years before Brad is ready to sell. He said, "That's fine, that's fine, just tell him not to wait until i'm a Senior Citizen!" Ha!

The cool news is... he might be hearing from Brad sooner than he thinks! Long story, but... it's actually a possibility now!

I DID bring my camera yesterday but never took it out! How silly!! Of course, NOW i regret not having pics of them, but at the time i was busy & told myself i didn't have to have a picture. When will i learn?! Oh-well. At least i brought my camera! That is a step in the right direction!

Here is a video i found of the group... it's an interview with some singing. They sing songs that are already out. And they sing every style - country, R&B, rock, etc. I think they do have some original songs, but if not they need to write some! They sing patriotic songs, too, of course, & sound amazing. I think this video is mostly country, which is a let down. I wanted you to hear Meredith sing Christina Aguilara! HAHA. She can SING! They all are really really good. Ron (The DX7 lover) is the big black dude. :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long day, coming right up...

Well, it is 9:20 in the morning & in about ten minutes i leave for a very long work day. I am glad that we went to bed at a decent hour last night. My alarm was set for 8:30, but i got up feeling well-rested at 7:30. That allowed me to get ready, have time to get my stuff together, pack myself a lunch & dinner, and check my email. I am so glad i feel rested & not exhausted, because that would be a bad start to a long day! But i am actually feeling pretty good!

I'm working a 12 hour shift today. Maybe. I assume that is how long it will be. I work part-time at the Manship Theatre downtown. Sometimes i house manage - i like doing that most because it goes by faster & because you don't have to be there for a very long time. But today i am rep'ing, which is when i am backstage to do whatever the performing artist needs. Today it is 4 Troops, a group of singers who used to be in the U.S. Army! I am excited as i have read up on them online & think they sound interesting. They arrive at 10 am, so i have to be there at 10 am as well. There are two concerts: one at 2 & one at 7. A rep is there until they leave, so that is why i assume i am there until at least 10 pm, maybe later if they are signing cd's. If they leave to go to their hotel between shows, i can leave too. But they may not even have a hotel. They may be leaving town after their evening performance, so... yeah. I probably have to stay all day. Whew! The good news is - i can bring a book. As long as when they ask for something i don't just mumble something & keep reading...haha! Which i would never do! I am there to do whatever they ask. Even if it's something ridiculous like "go get me some green m&m's". But i have yet to see an artist do something ridiculous like that!

So i am all packed up...my recent Entertainment Weekly, the chic lit i'm currently reading ("two for the dough" by janet evanovich) & another book that i haven't started yet ("the kindness of strangers"). 

Note to those who are wondering: I DO HAVE MY CAMERA!!!! :) (I always forget it & regret it.)

I say that i won't need it, but i say that everytime & always regret not having it! I mean, i'm going to be spending the entire day with these people!

I am so excited, though, that Thanksgiving is so soon! Normally i would be freaking out about going into work tomorrow after working such a long day on Sunday. But we only have to work Monday thru Wednesday & then we're off for two whole days! Woohoo! ;)

Well, this was boring...i'm sorry...I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! Think of me today & pray that it flies by!!! Haha!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Comfort food for you...

I got this recipe from Simple Recipes & it was yummy! Below is my adaptation. It is pretty much the same as the original recipe, except i added the garlic & cheese. I also used ground turkey instead of ground beef, because we were having Brad's family over for dinner & his sister is allergic to beef! It turned out really good.

picture from Simple Recipes

Hamburger & Macaroni
*adapted from Simple Recipes
Serves 6.
  • 1 pound ground beef (we used ground turkey)
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped (or mixed chopped green onion greens and yellow onion) 
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • Dash crushed red pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery seed
  • 1 large can (28 oz) of diced tomatoes
  • 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley (i didn't have this)
  • 2 cups uncooked whole-wheat elbow macaroni
  • 1/2 cup shredded parmesan-romano cheese
1. Cook pasta according to package directions.

2. In a skillet, brown the ground turkey, onion & garlic. Add the red pepper, celery seed, canned tomatoes & worcestershire sauce. Bring to a simmer & let simmer for 5 minutes. Mix in the drained & cooked macaroni & parsley. Simmer for another 5 minutes.

3. Serve with a crusty bread & salad.