Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What would i do with 500 bucks?

Girl Talk is an awesome fun blog where we talk about girly things - pregnancy, being a stay-at-home mom OR a working mom, the joys/woes of singleness, shopping, our mother-in-laws, our hubbies, & just about everything else. It's a lot of fun & i just want to say - you are missing out if you are not a part of it. Check it out!

On Tuesdays, they do blog hops & today's hop asks a fun question:
"You have just been given $500. You have 24 hours to spend it & you can only spend it on yourself. How do you spend it?"

Ooooh, fun. Please refer to my All I want for Christmas post. Haha, just kidding. But yeah. I'd go out immediately & get the first thing on my wish list: A CANON REBEL.

I really really really REALLY want one of these. They take great pictures. I currently use a point & shoot, and while i've learned a lot about it - how to take better pictures - how to use other settings besides "manual" & how to edit some - i'm ready to move on to the camera i REALLY want. I use Kodak Easyshare & it's a great point & shoot. But i am beyond ready to start taking pics with one of these!!

Now, i do know that these babies are a bit more than $500. But i'm thinking i could spring for the rest. :) Actually, maybe i couldn't... but i would save it until i had the rest! Oh, wait, 24 hours. Crap. I'm cheating. But yeah - i really want this camera! So i'm sticking with it!) By the way, i was looking at the Sunday paper this weekend & saw one for $499, one for $699, one for $849 & one for $999. These were all DIFFERENT versions of the Canon Rebel - leaving me kinda confused. So if any of my blog buddies (laura? linds? jenna?) have ideas on which is best, let me know. I'm kinda clueless! Not TOTALLY. But kinda. :)

So that's my $500 shopping spree!

What would you buy? Head on over to Girl Talk to link up! :)


  1. The Canon Rebel XS is a good starting dSLR for someone who's never used one before. It'll come with an 18-55mm lens - a lot of people whine about that lens, but I actually really like it and find it to be extremely versatile. I have the Canon Rebel XSi, which has a higher number of pixels and well as some other features. It's a little bit more expensive, and honestly the XS is a great camera if you're just starting out with it.

  2. Nice!

    Here's the deal with cameras... I have the Canon Rebel xs. There are a lot of versions of the rebel. I think of it like a car... they come out with something new the first year. The next year they change just a few things and up the price, while the older version goes a bit cheaper. And they continue to do this every year. The changes aren't major... just some things you MIGHT like more.

    Example... the rebel xs has 10 megapixels and I think the xsi has 12. (I don't need 12.) And the xsi has a slightly larger screen... all for a lot more money. (It's been a while since I've looked at the two cameras together so I might have something slightly wrong but that's the idea anyways.)

    I think the xs is one of the cheapest and I love it just fine. You do not need the expensive ones if you don't plan to go pro with it.

    Those are my opinions on it. Hope you get your camera sooooon!

  3. I would totally buy a new camera!

  4. Wow, that is 3 of us for a new camera and all canons! Great choice.

  5. Obviously we've camera lovers have good taste. ;)

  6. personally, I'd probably get the midgrade. I have the Rebel XT. The second generation. And it's only 4 years old. You will always want the new one, I can promise you that. I like some of the newer ones that offer some of the same sensors as the bigger Cannon cameras. Also, some of the newer ones shoot HD video, which I would LOVE to have so it's all in one and you're not lugging stuff everywhere to shoot video AND pics. The big thing is to make sure you don't get the kit lens; purchase the body and then spend a bit more $$$ on the lens. You'll be glad you did (And FWIW, Laura and I both shoot with the 28-135, and both love it).

  7. That's a great camera! That seems to be the theme today ... cameras and their equipment. :) I'm feeling a bit in the minority over here since I have a Nikon while everyone else has/wants Cannons. But I still love it.

  8. Ooo I love my Rebel. It's so easy to use and you can't go wrong with a Canon. :)


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