Sunday, November 7, 2010

All i want for Christmas!

Every year, around October or November, my family will ask me to email them our wish lists for Christmas. Brad's family asks the same. We ask for theirs in return. This takes the guess out of buying gifts. And it's still fun, because even though we sent those lists, there are no expectations or obligations. And not everyone "sticks to the list"...they are just ideas. I like ideas. I like getting what someone REALLY wants, instead of having to guess. We were reminded again today to hurry up & send our wish lists, so i've been working on mine. I hate it because i always have a million things i'd like & Brads list always says the same thing: "Barnes & Noble gift cards". It's all he wants. This year he decided to be a little more helpful. He added "Guitar Center gift cards" to his list. :)

Thankfully, we do not have too many people to buy for! I remember the days of buying every single friend a gift...in high school & college. Yikes! That can add up! Especially when you are going to school & therefore, not working full-time! I don't know why we felt we had to buy ALL our friends something! That is crazy talk! HAHA. The last few years, i have just bought gifts for my parents, brad's parents, my sister & brad's sister. This year we'll be adding my sister's fiance to the list. :)

Of course, at some point, we will be adding kids into the mix. And hopefully my sister & brad's sister will as well. At that point, maybe we will draw names. That's what we did growing up with extended family & it was fun!

ANYWAY. I thought i'd share my wish list. Feel free to buy me anything. (Just kidding...truly kidding haha.)

Mel's Wish List - 2010

1. A Canon Rebel (please oh please oh please oh please)

I really really really want one of these. I asked for one last year & didn't get one. Then i saved for it & when i had enough money, i ended up getting a new dresser instead. At the time i was still learning how to take better pics with my own point & shoot. And that was great at the time, but now i'd really like a Canon Rebel! :) We'll see! 

2. Happy Heart Perfume (by Clinique)

This is the perfume i wear & i love it. I'm out of it too. I need some more. Brad wants me to wear the girl-version of the cologne he wears (i forget the name of it), but i have never smelled it! I say he is perfectly welcome to buy it for me. Heeheehee.

3. Anything from the EMMA collection (Potterybarn)
I registered for EMMA dishes & got a lot of the plates, bowls, mugs, etc. But i'd be thrilled to get more of their serving pieces! 

4. Mini Casserole Dishes (aren't they cute?!)
I have been wanting a mini casserole dish to make individual pot pies & stuff like that. (I think i would be most excited about this one...except of course, the camera!)

5. Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven?! (I mean...I just couldn't resist!)
 Total cuteness. 

6. The Sharpie Pen (i kid not. i am obsessed.)
I love these pens!

7. The latest Sara Bareilles or Michael Buble cd - i heart them.

8. This print. It's something Brad & I always sing to each other. I love it. 
I found it here on Etsy. 

Okay, so there is my way-too-long list! And p.s., i would also really love a Garfield mug. He makes me smile. But my list is already wayyyy too long! HA!

What do you want for Christmas???


  1. What etsy shop? I LOVE that print and I want one!

  2. I've been a clinique girl since my sweet 16 and LOVE Happy Heart! Great list, and if you don't get the mini casseroles, I strongly reccommend making the purchase. I have the Rachel Ray ones and use them sooooo much! We do tons of dinners in them, and I have ordered the le cruset ones for heartier meals. You will love having them!

  3. Hope you get the Rebel!! I have one and LOVE it!! I still don't really know how to use it but it takes great photos...

    Love the casserole dishes and the dutch oven!!!

    That sign is so cute!!! What Etsy shop is that from?

  4. What a great list! I have the hardest time thinking of what I want...I can always think of it before holiday season, and after, but never during!
    I think it's a good idea to make a list, too. Because then you don't buy something they don't want at all. (Like, when you ask your husband if he would want a blender for Christmas and he basically says "WHY THE HECK would I want a blender?"...that could have been avoided if you had a list! HAHA even thought I do still feel it was a reasonable suggestion since he likes smoothies and protein shakes!) :) I think I'm going to suggest this list making to our families!

  5. OH.my.gosh. I want a Rebel so bad! I will be crossing my fingers for you! Drop lots of hints ;)

  6. very nice list. And if you don't get the rebel, I would encourage you to look on craigslist. I've found some super good deals on used cameras there. I almost bought one it was so good!

  7. I love your list! I hope you get the camera soon. That would be awesome!

    We have so many family members now that we buy for the kids (our nieces and nephews) and for our parents. Although buying for our parents gets harder each year because they "need" nothing.

  8. I want a Rebel, too! But I think that might have to wait until after we have kids. Ha it's a good excuse.

    I've been wanting individual dishes for awhile! I might have to get some.

    That's an awesome idea of doing lists! We never have. But that would definitely help! I know mostly what our families like, but sometimes it's good to know exactly what they want!

  9. Mmmm, Happy Heart is on my *long* list as well!! LOOVE that perfume and I haven't worn it in a few years!

  10. I HIGHLY recommend the Canon Rebel T1i. I did a lot of research before I bought a DSLR, and decided that I had to have that particular one. I think its worth ever penny!

  11. The Sharpie pens are cracking me up! Seriously, I have one and we all fight over it, they are the greatest pens EVER! We even talked about buying a pack per kid for their stockings this year! And of course Mike and I want out own too.

    And Sara Bareilles! She's so awesome! My daughter loves her.

  12. I am lusting over that camera as well some kind of bad... I just hate to ask for it.

    And I have used that perfume before, good choice because it is fabulous!


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