Tuesday, November 30, 2010

auditions, annoying clients & christmas trees.

Well, since i know you may be wondering about how auditions went... they went okay. I think if he were to cast the show right now, i would not get in. I didn't get to read for the part i wanted (Lenny) & the parts i did get to read for (Chick & Babe) went well, but there were a LOT of other good people! I was the only one who didn't get a chance to read for Lenny, so i told him i wanted to & he said he will have me read for her tonight. So i still have a chance. But honestly - i do not have my hopes up too high!

Work is annoying. There is a certain client who left me 6 voicemails over the weekend. Every single step of the process, he calls me again. I kind of want to tell him that the job is happening just like it would for any other client & that his hovering is not helping! He called me yesterday approximately ten times & this morning he called me twice already! It's only 8:55!!! I mean, really?!

My baby fever is out of control. That's all i'm going to say about that.

I went back to the gym yesterday! MIRACLE!!! I felt so good too. All i did was 30 minutes on the elliptical, but i was oh so proud for getting my butt back there! And i'll go again today. Woohoo!

Hmmm...what else? Well. I am thrilled that it's the Christmas season. Officially. (Because i am not one of those crazy people that starts their Christmas before Thanksgiving! HAHA.) Anyway, i have yet to put out my tree. We have a little mini one & will use it again this year. It's fine. It's cute. It's perfect for our little trailer. BUT! But i want a new one next year. We will get a fake one. I know, sooo sad. Just kidding. My family always had a fake one growing up, because mom was allergic. When i moved out on my own, my roomie got a real one & i LOVED IT!!!! But she did all the hard work...transporting it in & out of our apartment, sweeping up the pine needles, etc. I told Brad when we were engaged that i wanted us to get a real one & he was, shall we say, not too happy about it. I told him i wanted us to have that fun tradition of going out in the cold & picking a tree. He was just not thrilled. And after 2 years of using the mini-tree that he already had - & realizing that decorating our place for Christmas takes about 15 minutes tops & i kinda like it that way?! I thought, who am i kidding?! There is no way i want to deal with a real tree! I am pretty low maintenance. So we shall get a fake tree. But next year i at least want a nice big real-looking fake tree. Anyone out there have a beautiful fake tree or can tell me where to get one?! Don't hate on me for wanting a fake one... ;) I love real ones, i do... but i have seen some pretty fake ones...

Well, i guess i shall get to work. So much to do, so much to do!

Think of me at auditions tonight!


  1. I have NEVER had a real Christmas tree. I'm not sad about it either. A fake tree is sooo convenient. You don't have to worry about it dying, you don't have to keep watering it, you don't have to haul it off afterwards and most of all you don't have to pay for it every single year :) I'm all about that last part. Anywho, I got a tree last year at Target before Christmas, but its kinda small. I guess about 5 1/2 ft or so..But we elevated it on a box and its looking pretty tall these days ;) Anyway, I suggest a prelit from Target..and maybe after Christmas! You can get a really good deal on it. My friend got a prelit one from Target and it looks great! So good luck with the tree hunt. and thinking of you during auditions tonight..love ya

  2. We have a fake tree too, although I miss the yummy smell of the real stuff. Maybe we'll do some real garland to get the smell. :)

    Good luck at your audition, you can do it!! Great job getting back to the gym too!

  3. We've done both real and fake. Currently fake. It is much less hassle. Although our clearance we got last year is a little pathetic this year. Thankfully I didn't pay much for it and will probably be scouting for another one after Christmas this year.

    Baby fever. :)

    Sorry about the annoying client! If I could tell him to lay off, I would. :)

    Hope you get the part you want!

  4. Oh, and yay for getting back to the gym! I haven't been there as much as I would like either. It feels good to exercise!

  5. baby fever :) yay :)

    Hey, my mom wants to know where the Panera is going to be? I just told her about it and she nearly peed her pants...LOL!

  6. Yay for getting back to the gym! Good for you!

    And we have a fake tree, and I love it. It was also free, so I love it even more haha. My parents moved to a house with higher ceilings, so they wanted a taller tree than the one they had, so we got the old one. My favorite part is that it's prelit, so it removes the hassle of stringing lights ever year so we just get to do the fun part of hanging the ornaments! :) I hear they have some good inexpensive ones at Target.

  7. I'll never have a real tree. Work. I don't like work haha. We will use our three foot fake for as long as we live here. Maybe someday we'll get a bigger one. :)


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