Tuesday, November 30, 2010

auditions, round two

Auditions went really well tonight. I read with this chic, Blanche, first. She was in Agnes of God, which i SM'd & it's always good to read with someone you know. :) The scene is where Lenny gets a bit of confidence (for once) & tells the mean cousin Chick to not talk about her sister that way & to get out of her house. In the end, she chases her out with a broom! We laughed so much, the director said he should have started with that scene (last night) because it was definitely breaking the tension! We were having so much fun. I read as Lenny, then we switched & i read as Chick. I think i did well & it was fun! It is hard to try to read a script while running from a crazy woman with a broom, though! At least in the real thing, we won't need the script! Haha.

Later, i got to read again as Babe. He had me read with Charlynn, who is one of my bestest theatre friends & who i LOVE. I was thrilled to read with her. We had a connection. :) That is the scene where Babe tells the story of when she murdered her husband (yes, she murders her husband!). It is a long monologue & i felt totally "in it" & like it went really well. He said we needed to see Babe's vulnerability & i feel i showed him that.

Tomorrow he will have callbacks. He will call us sometimes during the day tomorrow to let us know if he wants to see us at callbacks. I honestly have NO IDEA if i will get a callback. I have been praying & praying i get cast, because i REALLY want to do this. I just think it's a great thing for me, at this time in my life, for many reasons. But you know...if it's meant to be, it will happen. If not, i will be sad, but i'll get over it. :)

I must say, it is so strange being on this side of the table. I usually am stage managing... so i know exactly what is going on with the casting. Not this time! Haha.

Anyway, i will know tomorrow if i get a callback. I really & truly hope so! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

He said he will be pairing us with people, trying to see who "goes together" as sisters - either a physical or emotional connection. And he will also be giving direction (to see who can follow it!).

Our first read-thru will be Friday night - if i make it. Problem. I am signed up to work the Manship Friday night! It is the only day in December i'm scheduled to work... i left the rest open in case i got cast! But i figured this week was safe, because he wouldn't have auditions until Sunday at the earliest! WRONG! Oh-well. If i get a call-back then i will email some reps at the Manship & see if they can cover my shift...

Pray for me!! I REALLY want this, but there are wayyy too many good people auditioning. :)

Hope you're having a great week!

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