Wednesday, November 24, 2010

better late than never?

So...once upon a time i had a formspring box on my blog. People could ask questions anonomously & i would answer them in a blog post. It was fun for awhile... but then the questions ceased & i had plenty else to blog about. So i took the box off my blog.

I recently had Formspring email me saying questions awaited me! I thought that was strange, seeing as how I took the box off my blog ages ago. But when i logged in, it showed they were written 7 months ago!!! Yikes! How did i miss that?!

My apologies to those who asked the questions... but i thought, hey! It's better late than never!

How do i grab your button & put it on my blog?
Thanks for asking!! You might have already figured this out, since you asked me so long ago!! I am really sorry...

1.) Find my button in the sidebar -----> (or just look above!)
2.) Copy the html code underneath the button. Just highlight it & hit ctrl & the letter C at the same time. Or right-click & hit Copy.
3.) Go to your Dashboard. Click "Design".
4.) You will see your blog's basic design now. Click on "Add A Gadget" in the sidebar area(s). Click on the one titled "html/javascript".
5.) An area will come up & you just paste the code from my button there. You can put "Blogs i like" or something else as the title (or just leave it blank). Hit Save.
6.) My button is now on your page! It is likely at the top of your sidebar. Drag & Drop the new html to anywhere you like on the Design Layout. Hit Save again. View your blog & make sure it's how you like it!

I hope this is a good explanation! Feel free to comment to this email if you have any questions. If your email is not linked to blogger, then please put your email addy in the comment & i will reply to you! I also have an email button in my sidebar. :)

I've been reading your blog a little bit and I think its awesome. I just discovered we have the same name. My name is Melissa Rae but every one calls me Lissa. I only got called "Melissa" when I was in trouble and usually it was"melissa rae" -MelissaRae

That is too funny!! I have always been called Melissa & it wasn't until my early twenties that people started calling me Mel. Now, i am most often called Melissa or Mel. However, my mom & sister & a few others have called me Lissa my whole life!! :) Thanks for sharing, MelissaRae!!

Again, sorry to have just now answered these questions! Thank you for asking!

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