Friday, November 26, 2010

fill in the blanks: shopping

Morning, y'all! It is after 10 in the morning & we just woke up not too long ago! Brad is usually up by 7 on days off, & me by 8, 8:30 at the very latest, so this is crazy! But we stayed up till 2 am last night. I remember saying at 11:30 that i was wide awake & who knew when i'd be ready for bed. Well, i was finally ready at 2 am! Which is late for us! Good thing we're off today! :) 

Yesterday it was hot. When i say hot, i mean probably 80 degrees. Everyone had short-sleeves & jeans on, some people had shorts on & some had flip-flops on! It is usually cold by Thanksgiving but not this year! (& when i say cold, i mean 50 degrees. I realize that is not very cold to some of you!) Well, around 2 am it got SO WINDY - i thought it was pouring rain, it was so loud - turns out it was just wind. Then the rain came & it rained ALL NIGHT LONG. This morning? It's chilly outside! YAY!!! (Christmas season is just not right if you are wearing shorts & flip-flops!!) I was so glad to NOT be a black friday shopper when i woke up & heard the pouring rain! There is nothing i want that bad! (Except maybe a Canon Rebel. But it'd have to be like $250 for me to get up & stand in line in the middle of the night!) 

ANYWAY. Time for Fill-in-the-Blank Friday. And the theme? Shopping. I mean, it is black friday after all! 

Black Friday is crazy! I just have no idea why people would want to get up that early & stand in line for hours for something!! There is NOTHING i want that bad! There is no sale that good! I told Brad the only thing i'd do that for would be a Canon Rebel...but it would have to be a HUGE discount. I found some that were only 20 bucks off! Nope. I'll pay you 20 bucks extra to let me sleep in!! 

Christmas shopping this year will include buying for just a few people: my mom & dad, brad's mom & dad, brad's sister & my sister & her fiance. Not too bad!

Holiday shopping makes me happy! I am not a black friday shopper, but otherwise i'm okay with it. I love the smells, the christmas music & the excitement in the air. It's fun! There is nothing stressful to me about it, at all. 

This year my Christmas list will include: A Canon Rebel (or money towards one haha), i could use some new casserole dishes, clothes, cd's (i want the newest Sara Barreillis & Michael Buble one), & books (i want Decision Points by George W. Bush & the new Mark Twain autobiography. And cookbooks, of course). 

Bargain hunter or full price shopper? 
I love a good sale & i definitely look for those! Sometimes i pay full-price though.

The best & worst things about shopping: I love spending money on others...finding that perfect gift that you know they will just LOVE. I hate seeing my money dwindle...haha.

On-line shopper or in-person shopper?
Mainly in person. But i have no problem shopping on-line for some things!

Well, that's all! Link up here if you want to join in! Hope you enjoy your day!


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    - Jessica.

  2. Do you use Swagbucks? I was able to save up about $50 for my Canon dSLR, bought a $100 lens almost free and had another $100 towards my telephoto lens. I just trade my bucks in for amazon cards.


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