Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Gratitude Challenge...

Hi, friends!

Just today I heard about the Gratitude Challenge over at Keeping Up with Kelly & Co. & The Adventures of Josh & Britt. I just recently started following both Kelly & Britt...you should check them out! i thought the Gratitude Challenge sounded fun & like something i would like to participate in. It is a 21-day challenge & there is something everyday that you do to express your thankfulness.

It is so important to be thankful! And to be honest, sometimes i forget all about how great i have it. I mean, i have an awesome husband, wonderful family & true friends...not to mention food, clothing & shelter! Seriously, it sounds so cliche, but not everyone has those things. And yet, i sometimes allow such a state of "wishfulness" to come over me that i forget about all the good things in life! I am truly & abundantly BLESSED! Lately, I have felt like something is missing... there are lots of reasons why, but i choose to forget about all that i "want" or even "need" & think about what i HAVE!!

Want to play? You should. It'll be fun. There may be a blog hop to go along with this at Britt's, too! Here are the challenges for week one... you will have to click the pic to see it larger!

I was going to start right here, right now, in this post, but my lunch break is now over. But i will be back with Day 2's Challenge (i'm skipping Day 1 - because it's my blog & i wanna...ha!).

The ABC's of Gratitude, coming right up!


  1. Cute idea! I loved how you skipped number one :) I probably would too :)

  2. Oooh. I like. I think I saw this last year too but didn't do it. I'll join in this year.

  3. I'm so THANKFUL that you posted about this! :) I really feel like I am in need of this activity in my life right now as I'm a little caught up in wishfulness myself! (and lets be honest, maybe I'm a lot caught up!)


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