Sunday, November 14, 2010

happy anniversary! ++

We had a great day today for our anniversary! We spent the first part of it yesterday, having dinner at Stroube's (since they are closed on Sundays & that is where i really wanted to go!). We planned to have lunch today with my parents for their birthdays. Dad's birthday was this past Friday (the 12th) & mom's is this coming Friday (the 19th). They are a week (and two years) apart!

 mom & dad

We met mom, dad, my sister & her fiance at this little place in Central called Sweet Impressions. It used to be called Bon Bons. I went to Bon Bon's once & it was amazing! Sweet Impressions was, well, let me just say we were not impressed. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't great. I think the crew just is very new at running a restaurant & maybe doesn't know exactly what they are doing yet. The food wasn't bad though (except the potato soup...not good at all!).

 michelle & mike (trying not to get lip gloss on him! ha!)

mom cracking up - i love this one!

my beautiful sister

After lunch, we went to mom & dad's to give them their gifts & eat cake. Every year, my sister & i name a price & then one of us gets mom's present & one gets dad's (but they are from both of us). It's easy this way! We got dad a drill that he wanted & mom a gift card to Macy's. She had asked for a gift card from one of 5 places & Macy's was one of them. They loved their gifts!

 michelle & daddy

After that, Brad & I headed out for the second part of our anniversary! We were gonna do all of it Saturday, but Brad's allergies were AWFUL. Today he was feeling MUCH better (thankfully). He said he was taking me on a Potterybarn shopping spree! I was so excited! I gave him a gift card to Barnes & Noble (it's all he ever wants!). We decided to go to Perkins Rowe first, get our tickets to the movies & then go to B&N. We decided to go to Potterybarn after the movie. Well, we shopped for awhile. I went in Charming Charlies while brad was in B&N. Then i met him in B&N & looked around awhile. Then we went to see Unstoppable. 

WOW. Just...WOW. Unstoppable was GREAT. Sooo good. BUT, pretty stressful, ahaha. If you watched the previews, you'll know what i mean. Yikes! I wanted to strangle a couple of people in it too. Denzel Washington & Chris Pine were amazing. So was the chic that played Connie. We really enjoyed it. I was looking at the scenes too since some of my blogger friends live near where it was filmed. ;) It was a very good movie. But yeah. I think i squeezed Brad's hand off. ;) 

Then we headed to Potterybarn, but guess what? It was CLOSED!!! I was SO VERY SAD! They close at 6 on Sundays, apparently. I had no idea. It was 6:30. I was bummed. I pouted. Then i got over it. Ha! 

Brad got the worst migraine on the way home. I have never seen him have a headache like that. He came home, took some advil & laid down on the FLOOR in the den & fell asleep! I have never seen him just lay out on the floor! HA. But it kinda scared me for a minute... it was BAD. :( He woke up about 20 minutes later feeling much better. 

We'll have my Potterybarn shopping spree another day. Or maybe Williams Sonoma. 

Happy Anniversary Day to Us!

P.S. You should read my post on Marriage. Penny for your thoughts! :)


  1. awww, what a fun weekend!!!! Dan & I had lunch at Sweet Impressions on Friday for the 1st time(we were HUGE fans of Bon Bon's too) and our sandwiches were good, but it took FOREVER for us to get them! I think the place lost alot of it's charm too when it switched owners. :(

  2. Sounds like a great day! Until the end at least. I'm just now catching up on your blogs! I've been too busy.

  3. Sounds like a great time!

    I think I heard the Unstoppable was filmed in/around the Pittsburgh area? Is that right? I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD to see it. The only movies I get to see in theaters are "kid" movies. :)

    (The word verification is "mortal". An actual word!) :)


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