Saturday, November 27, 2010

i remembered why i hate the mall...

Ok. I hate the mall. Just sayin'. I hardly ever go there anymore, because over the last few years Baton Rouge has added places like Towne Center & Perkins Rowe, great shopping centers & those are the places i usually shop. Which, by the way, i'm not a big shopper. I'll buy online or not at all. If i need clothes, i'll run to Cato or Lane Bryant, both of which are outside the mall. 

The Mall of Louisiana now has all kinds of stores outside of the actual mall & i go to those too. The last time i went to the mall was our anniversary weekend when Brad took me to Williams Sonoma. It is the first store on the right in one entrance, so i was in & out. The time before that was probably years ago (other than running in & out of, say, JC Penney's, but not actually entering where all the stores are. Which is funny because when i was little i hated when mom spent so much time in the department stores! I wanted to go into the 'mall hall', as i called it!). 

Today i had to run find my friend a gift for her lingerie shower, which is tonight. I was hoping & praying that all those crazy Black Friday shoppers would be too exhausted to shop & that it wouldn't be as crowded as yesterday! Thankfully that seemed to be the case. Don't get me wrong, lots of people were there, but i got a good parking spot & was never trampled. (Except by those kiosk people, but that's a different story!) 

 I wanted to run in Soma Intimates, which is outside of the mall. Borders is right by it & i wanted to go in there to look at planners. I have never been in Soma Intimates, but always see their stuff in the windows as i pass by...gorgeous stuff. Uh, nevermind! More expensive than Victoria's Secret! Yikes! I was out of there in no time! (Don't get me wrong... i appreciate great quality & soma definitely has it! It's just that i can't afford to spend $65 on a nightgown!)

Well, since that didn't work out, i had to go into the mall. Eeeek!

 (just so you know...this was the safest pic i could find in google images. ha!)

Ran into Victoria's Secret. Was reminded 3 times that their bra's are buy one get one half off & by they way, have i been measured for a bra there? I wanted to say "i can't FIT into y'alls bra's! Can't you tell that?! But i have been measured at Lane Bryant, thankyouverymuch!" And, "YES, i KNOW, your bras are buy one get one half off!" I'm mean, i know. It just, you know, gets annoying after awhile! Let me shop in peace! 

Went to JC Penney's. They don't annoy you there & they have great sales. Got stopped by kiosk guy on my way there! UGH! That is why i hate Mall of Louisiana, i'd forgotten! Usually it's the flat iron kiosk that gets me...i want to say, "look - i didn't fix my hair this morning! But i do own a flat iron & i know how to use it! Thanks anyway!" Ugh! Usually i pull out my cell phone & pretend to talk. Seriously - you laugh - but it works. Usually! This time it was a lotion nail kiosk. This (cute & gay) guy waved at me like he knew me. He was hard to be rude to haha. He pulled me aside & was talking so fast & putting lotion on my hands & showing me how shiny my nails can be - i had no time to get away! He asked me if my nails were real. Y'all. I bite my nails nearly to the nubs. Of course they're real!!! I did tell him, though, "you kiosk people drive me crazy!" haha. I was laughing though! He was like "oh, you don't like me?" I was like, "oh, no, i like you just fine! I just hate that y'all attack everyone!" or something. He laughed & let me go hahaha. 

oooh...i like this one! (a chemise)

Went to Macy's. Found 2 pretty chemise's. I hate that word, by the way. It sounds wierd. And like no one will know what i'm talking about. I call them "nighties". But you know what i mean - those satin, cotton or silky short things. i love those. They are sexy AND comfortable. Can't beat that! Before getting married, i wore nothing but pj pants & t-shirts to bed. After getting married, though, i got all those cozy chemise's at my lingerie shower & i wear them all the time. I love them! Anyway, i got 2 of them for my friend - one in purple & one in navy. They were $25 marked down to $20. I didn't want to spend that much, but this was my fourth store & i was SO done. Got to the register & WAHOO!!! They were $8 bucks each! Yes!! 

Went into Bath & Body Works & Hallmark after that. Geez. 5 times in each store i was asked if i was looking for anything in particular. 

Grabbed some lunch & then ran to Border's, which is outside the mall. Checked out the 2011 planners. They didn't have very many at all. I ended up getting this smaller monthly calendar. I'm not sure if i will like it or not. I love how it looks & that it is small, but i usually get the weekly calendars & this one is just monthly. I kind of think i will like that, but i just am not 100%. It was $6. If i decide i'd rather the weekly one, i can give this one to someone else. It's cute. My regular size calendar came in today also! Woohoo! I got that, a couple magazines (Rachael Ray & Martha Stewart), a card for a friend, & haha - the christina aguilera christmas cd! They had a rack of christmas cd's for less than 6 bucks...saw hers & had to get it. Saw her in Burlesque friday night, so i'm kind of in love with her voice. :)

Came home but had to stop at Wal-Mart for a few groceries. Ran into CATO first, next door. Got a new purse, some CUTE dressy denim pants & a nice red shirt. I NEED clothes right now. And my purse? Well. The red one i got recently - the lining tore up all in the bottom. Ugh. Sometimes i really do believe 'you get what you pay for' is true. I was not happy it tore up so much. It's awful. Keys & everything gets lost under there! Hopefully this one will last a little longer (though it was less than the last one i got!). 

Ran into Wal-Mart & picked up shampoo,sharpie pens, OJ, bread, pizza, brad's root beer & my sprite zero. Now i'm home & whew! Exhausted! Lingerie shower tonight. Looking forward to it!


  1. I have never been to a lingerie shower and I am glad that no one thought to have one for me! :)

  2. I hate the mall also, but for very different reasons. I'm not a shopper and there are very few stores I even like at our local mall. My favorite places there are Auntie Anne's pretzels (yum!) and JC Penney. But you don't need to go into the mall to get to Penney's so it's all good. Glad you made it out alive. :)

  3. I hate the mall so much, that we moved in April to California (San Diego County) and I still have NO CLUE where a mall even is! If I can't get it at Target, Michael's of the store on Base, then I'm looking on-line babies!

    I also hope you have an awesome time at the shower! Awkwardly enough, my mother (who I've not lived with since 14) wanted to throw me a lingerie shower for my wedding. Ummm NO, butthankyouverymuch.

  4. I also hate the mall. Really, shopping in general is the problem, but the mall especially. Those kiosk people always drive me crazy too, especially when they yell "CAN I ASK YOU SOMETHING?!" at you. Ugh!


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