Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long day, coming right up...

Well, it is 9:20 in the morning & in about ten minutes i leave for a very long work day. I am glad that we went to bed at a decent hour last night. My alarm was set for 8:30, but i got up feeling well-rested at 7:30. That allowed me to get ready, have time to get my stuff together, pack myself a lunch & dinner, and check my email. I am so glad i feel rested & not exhausted, because that would be a bad start to a long day! But i am actually feeling pretty good!

I'm working a 12 hour shift today. Maybe. I assume that is how long it will be. I work part-time at the Manship Theatre downtown. Sometimes i house manage - i like doing that most because it goes by faster & because you don't have to be there for a very long time. But today i am rep'ing, which is when i am backstage to do whatever the performing artist needs. Today it is 4 Troops, a group of singers who used to be in the U.S. Army! I am excited as i have read up on them online & think they sound interesting. They arrive at 10 am, so i have to be there at 10 am as well. There are two concerts: one at 2 & one at 7. A rep is there until they leave, so that is why i assume i am there until at least 10 pm, maybe later if they are signing cd's. If they leave to go to their hotel between shows, i can leave too. But they may not even have a hotel. They may be leaving town after their evening performance, so... yeah. I probably have to stay all day. Whew! The good news is - i can bring a book. As long as when they ask for something i don't just mumble something & keep reading...haha! Which i would never do! I am there to do whatever they ask. Even if it's something ridiculous like "go get me some green m&m's". But i have yet to see an artist do something ridiculous like that!

So i am all packed up...my recent Entertainment Weekly, the chic lit i'm currently reading ("two for the dough" by janet evanovich) & another book that i haven't started yet ("the kindness of strangers"). 

Note to those who are wondering: I DO HAVE MY CAMERA!!!! :) (I always forget it & regret it.)

I say that i won't need it, but i say that everytime & always regret not having it! I mean, i'm going to be spending the entire day with these people!

I am so excited, though, that Thanksgiving is so soon! Normally i would be freaking out about going into work tomorrow after working such a long day on Sunday. But we only have to work Monday thru Wednesday & then we're off for two whole days! Woohoo! ;)

Well, this was boring...i'm sorry...I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! Think of me today & pray that it flies by!!! Haha!


  1. I hope you have a great day!

    I'm so excited for Thanksgiving!

  2. Sorry I did not reply back to your email on Saturday! I try to disconnect from email/internet/cell phone use on the weekends!

    Your pages are lookin' good ma'am! It is very ODD that you do not have the option to edit them though! Hmmm I will try to investigate this a little more!


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