Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lots to love this Wednesday!

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Oh my goodness! So many things to love today!!!
And yes! It is a work day! HAHA! But it's a good one!

here is what i am lovin' today.

The workday wasn't too bad at all! The phone was fairly quiet. Yay!

After work my hubby took me on a mini-date! Sometimes when i have theatre, Brad will take me to dinner or something after work before rehearsal. I call those mini-dates. :) Anyway, tonight he was the one who had to be somewhere at 7:45. So we met at La Carreta for dinner after work. Then we headed to the mall. He told me i could spend $50 at Potterybarn for our anniversary! And i didn't even think we were doing gifts! How sweet! We had decided i'd pick something in Potterybarn or Williams Sonoma. I ended up getting these bowls from Williams Sonoma. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! SO CUTE! I have always wanted these kinds of bowls with the double handles. I found out these are dishwasher, microwave AND OVEN safe! I can make pot pies in them & everything! Love!

I'm not sure if you know this, but i am a huge calendar & planner freak! Love them & always have! (When i was in school, i loved my assignment pad. I know. Scary.) I always get more than my money's worth, too...i use the heck out of them! Today i decided to find the ones i wanted for 2011. I found the cutest COFFEE calendar for the side of our fridge. I love it. Brad is a HUGE coffee lover & he loved that i got a coffee one! HAHA. You can see it here - isn't it cute?!

And i found the planner i want, too! Actually, i sorta can't make up my mind. I found these at Sarah Pinto. They are my faves & i was happy to see that it is for a good cause, as her son has a heart defect. You can read more about it at her site. Do not freak at the price tag... just know that it is a LOT less than the one i got last year (will never spend that much on a planner again!). But at least i use them like crazy!!

Aren't they cute? My faves are the first two, and i really can't pick! The problem is that i like Polkadots best & Kelly Green best! I'm not sure if i want to see pink that much all year! HAHA. So i may go with the green one. However, Brad's favorite is the pink one. And about a million people voted for me on FB. HAHA. I am truly torn. And, really, this is a huge decision, as this planner will be with me for an entire year! ;)

Which one is your favorite?

A dear friend who reads my blog (hi, dana!!!!) just emailed me to inform me that a Panera Bread is opening here in Baton Rouge!!!! Ohmygoodness, my prayers were heard! HAHA! I am so excited! If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you should know that i REALLY want a Panera Bread here. I just LOVE that place & their food is oh, so good! That news TOTALLY made my day! (thanks, dana!!!)

The article was in BR Business Report & it said that they expect it to open sometime in 2011. They are looking for the right location, and i'm kinda thinking "duh! towne center or perkins rowe!" ~ I will be surprised if that's not where it ends up! (I hope so!)

Speaking of, i saw that Panera Bread has a COOKBOOK!?! Whaaaat!? :) I will have to check that out some later! It's time for my mini-date!! :)

What are you loving today?


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm loving lots of things you're loving too...planners, the Panera Bread that will be opening in our town soon too, and Pottery Barn!

  2. my mom is going to be SO happy that Panera is coming to BTR! I can't wait to tell her. And those planners are ADORABLE! I usually just print off a google calendar for each month and put it on the fridge... I know, I'm lame like that :)

  3. the planners are so cute! I would get the one with the anchors on it for sure!

  4. I am so inlove with those bowls!!! I want to get some for myself now! I love calanders too..my sisters and I love the Vera Bradley Planners, we all get each other one for christmas and we always pick the patters we like the best, that way if we don't like the one our sister bought us we can just trade ha!!

  5. You have been dying for a Panera Bread near you! Congrats to finally getting one wooohhhooo!

    P.S. Go with the GREEN!!!!!!!

  6. Your planner posting totally appeals to my heart.

  7. I vote green planner! :)

  8. JEALOUS! I love those bowls.

    I am a huge planner/calendar addict. I have 3 planners, my favorite being my MyAgenda. I'm working on designing a calendar from Shutterfly and I'm excited!

  9. Love those bowls! I think I need them now. Will have to wait though since I just bought new dishes yesterday. :)

    The pink polka dot planner is def cuter.

    And hooray for Panera Bread! I'm going there tonight for my craft night with friends. Favorite!

  10. Oh... and I have a Panera Bread cookbook... but I've never made anything from it yet.

  11. YAY!!! PANERA BREAD!!!!


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