Wednesday, November 24, 2010

downtown baton rouge

Last night i was meeting some girlfriends at Capital City Grill for dinner. The restaurant is a part of the Shaw Center, which is also home of the Manship Theatre, where i house manage & rep a few times a month. While i was waiting for the girls to arrive, i took some pics. Just thought i would share!

This is the backside of the Manship Theatre, where i work. I got a parking space right there, score! You can go in either way. Took a shot of this sign...thinking they should replace some light bulbs?! 

 You walk through the Shaw Center, out the front, & look right & this is what you see. Pretty! That castle-ish building in the back i believe is the old state capitol. I should know that offhand, shouldn't i? :) The other building is the Shaw Center.

 The fountains! Everyone loves the fountains! Unfortunately they were turned off when we had our engagement pics down out here...my photographer was sad! Lots of photographers love taking pics in front of these fountains! Pretty cool. :)

My favorite shot. :)
So there is a little taste of downtown baton rouge. There are many great photo opportunities...one day i will take a bunch! Like, when i get my canon rebel! Ha!

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  1. Don't wait for the dream camera to take a bunch of photos... do it now and that way when you do get your camera you can do it again and watch your growth.

    I really like that last picture!


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