Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mary's lingerie shower! Ooh, la la!

Tonight was Mary's lingerie shower! Woohoo! :) 

 Mary with her "bride" wine glass.

We just met for dinner in a private room at Capital City Grill. It was a small group - just 6 of us, including the bride. We had Mary open her gifts while we waited for our food. Since we were in a private room it was okay...no worries of other people seeing the lingerie, haha! But no one got her anything gaudy hahaha. Wellll, except this santa "suit". (Her wedding day is December 11th, right before Christmas). Everything else was just pretty nighties. ;) We had a great time!

Curious: My friend Laura commented on my last post that she had never been to a lingerie shower & didn't have one either! Is this a southern thing or something? Every one of my friends had a lingerie shower, including me! You just invite your closest girl friends (well, some invite more than that, but i just invited my closest girlfriends... haha!). We played games & such, too, at mine. Had so much fun! Lots of cracking up!!

Mary & Susan

Anyway, Mary's maid of honor Amanda brought a cake too. Cutest lingerie shower cake EVER!

 i absolutely love this cake!

 look at the side of it! so cute! & delish!

the 6 of us!

me, mary & susan!

I absolutely cannot wait till Mary's wedding! I met her & her fiance, Chris, in my first musical at BRLT, Beauty & The Beast. It was their first musical there, too & also where they met! Chris was interested in Mary for a long time before the feeling was mutual! I remember thinking, "are you crazy?! Chris is a great guy!!!!" Seriously, he has a heart of gold & i think any woman would be lucky to marry someone like him! He's a nice guy & sometimes those are rare! He's funny too. If something funny happens in a show, i can hear him from backstage... if he's in the audience... i kid not (his laugh is like a LOUD woman's. It's hysterical!) Yeah... i'm sure he'd love me sharing that! HA! Anway, i am excited to see them get hitched in 2 weeks!

one of Chris & Mary's engagement pics
taken by Kyle LeMaire


  1. I have heard of them... and I am from Virginia (which I don't consider the south at all!) My family has done them, and we stem from Philadelphia. I don't think it's a southern thing, but I can see some families not joining in and passing it down for religious reasons, or the taboo of it. I can see how it could be considered "prude"ish, but I've never been to one, and I declined to go to my friends "toy" bachelorette party. You all looked like it was kept classy and fun though! That cake looks AWESOME!

  2. All my friends had them & some of them are very religious. I'm from a christian family but i definitely see nothing wrong w/ a lingerie shower - you're getting MARRIED! I was a virgin, so i'm sure i blushed at some parts of my shower hahaha, but i was w/ my close girlfriends only. Had SO much fun! And you're right - you keep it classy. Most of the ones i have been to have been that way. Now...BACHELORETTE PARTIES on the other hand - i didn't want one of those. Those are a bit much for me! In fact, tonight they took Mary out for the bachelorette part of it - but i went home! HAHA.

  3. I've heard of them. My sister had one at school in Virginia. I think that was the first I heard of it. I am sure people around here have them... just no one I've been friends with. :) And I said I am glad I didn't have one because I would have been all embarrassed haha. Plus I don't care a ton for lingerie. :) I like my shorts and tshirts mostly.

  4. I don't remember ever hearing of a lingerie shower. At least I've never been invited to one. I did receive some lingerie at one of my showers (I had a few). And I believe it was from the shower with the "church ladies". :) Nothing obscene or anything. Just a silky nighty thing. Can't say that I've worn it much. Just gets in the way. :)

  5. I LOVED my lingerie shower! Probably my favorite shower of all!!!! Plus, I'm a sucker for lingerie anyway! That's one expense the hubby will never complain about ;)


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