Tuesday, November 9, 2010

migraines, anniversaries & christmas cards...

This week is not starting out so great. Yesterday i was fine when i got to work, but by ten i felt "wierd" & by lunchtime i had a bad headache. By one, i had a horrid migraine. I closed the door to my office because all the noise outside was making it worse. I never close the door to my office. I ended up going home at 3. I was nauseous. I came home, took a nap & didn't wake up till 6:30. Went back to bed at midnight. Late for me, but that nap had me not yet ready for bed at ten!

This morning i woke up at 6:30 & felt okay. Once i was dressed, however, i started getting that clammy "wierd" feeling that i got yesterday before the migraine. I laid down in my bed - still fully dressed for work - & dozed off. I woke up & the migraine was back.


Now, it's 10 am & my headache isn't as bad. Just a dull ache. But i feel all feverish & "wierd" again. And i'm not running fever! (& i'm not pregnant. Since someone is bound to ask!)

Anyway, that is about how the week is going so far! Not fun! And this weather changing can't be helping! It was COLD. And now it's back up to, well, beautiful. Not HOT but back to the mid-high 70's! I mean, really? It's November!

I got in the dvd of images from the photo shoot we did with Amanda Blythe Photography. They turned out great! I took FOREVER to choose which card on Shutterfly...WAY too many choices! I finally picked one though & will order sometime today. I chose a folded card, which i never do b/c they are more expensive, but the 50 free cards with Shutterfly is for folded OR flat. I like the idea of adding a personal note if i want to. The one i chose has 3 pics on the front & one on the inside. It's cute. (Do not hold me to any of this. It has not been ordered & is definitely subject to change!)

I am really excited about this weekend! Sunday is our 2nd anniversary! I cannot believe it!!!! :) It has flown by. Seems like we JUST got married, and really? We celebrated our 1st anniversary already? I can hardly believe it. I LOVE being married. LOVE IT!!! Anyway, i had picked this restaurant downtown that i wanted to eat at for our anniversary. A bit more expensive, so not somewhere we'd go for any random occasion. They catered to the Manship for an event i was working & it was DELISH! Well, i found out they are CLOSED on Sundays! I was BUMMED. I really wanted to celebrate ON the day of. But you know...next year our anniversary is on Monday & i doubt we'll do much celebrating on a Monday. So i might as well get used to it! Then on Sunday, our actual anniversary, we will go eat with our family to celebrate mom & dad's birthdays (dad's is the 12th & mom's is the 19th). They would have done it on Saturday so we could celebrate our anniversary on Sunday, but noooo - i really wanna eat at Stroubie's, so we'll be celebrating our anniversary on Saturday. ANYWAY. Here is the plan:

2:00 - drop hubby off at bookstore; meet michelle & mom at bridal store next door so she can show us the wedding dress she found!! after that, pick up hubby & head to the mall. Why? Well, he just told me last night he set aside some money for me to get anything i want at Potterybarn! I thought that was SO sweet of him - he knows i love that store! of course, there is a price limit - but i wasn't expecting us to get each other gifts! Just a card, & maybe some flowers! But who am i to argue?! :) After that, we'll hit the movies & then go eat at Stroubie's. I am excited - we rarely go on dates - our dates consist of a quick bite at somewhere like La Madeleine's & a trip to the bookstore. I am typically okay with that because i am just as much a homebody as brad is! But I miss going to the movies (i used to go all the time pre-brad) & i want to go out to dinner somewhere nice. So i'm excited!!

Spend the morning with Brad - i'll make him breakfast, too. Then meet the parents & my sister & her fiance at a restaurant for lunch for mom & dad's birthdays. Yay!

Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me! :) Can't wait!


  1. I've only had one migraine and I was like 14, but I remember it being awful!

    Yay for upcoming anniversaries! That's so exciting. We used to go to movies all the time but now we rarely go. We're homebody's too and I have to literally pull Dylan out the door when I want to go out! Ha!

  2. I hope those migraines stay away!!!! I have hormone induced migraines & I HATE them!!!! Poor you :(
    Well, at least your weekend sounds fun!!! I can't believe you've been married 2 years already either!!!
    Have fun on your date and have LOTS of fun in Pottery Barn! I...Love....that....place.....(insert drool here)HAHA!!!! I wish my whole house was Pottery Barn!!!!! That was super sweet of your hubby :)

  3. We used to try to celebrate on the day of... but once you have kids you take whatever day you can get a babysitter! :)

  4. Happy Happy HAPPY Early Anniversary (week)!!!! It sounds like it will be wonderful! I hope your migraines are far far away by then.


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