Thursday, November 25, 2010

my cup runneth over...

Once again, i find myself truly thankful for everything that God has given to me. I am truly blessed! I am always amazed at all that i have & how everything always works out for good (even hard times). And even little things i am thankful for! Today i am reminded not to take these things for granted. 

Just thought i'd share some of the things i am thankful for, as they come to me!

{my relationship with Jesus}
Of course, this one tops the list - He is so good to me, even through my struggles & doubts. This year, i may not have been as faithful in church attendance, and it took me awhile to get into reading His word, but even through all that, i never felt unloved by Him or condemned. He knows me & loves me just the way i am. I have full confidence that he will continue the work He started in me & i am thankful for that. He is the best of friends, who believes in you like no one else. Thank you, Jesus. :)

{my husband}
You know this from my recent post on marriage. I love this man, he is truly the best thing that's ever happened to me! Every once in awhile i say, "i cannot believe i am a married woman!" & i can't believe i've been a married woman for 2 whole years! HAHA! I said that just this morning. I love love love being with Brad everyday. We are the best of friends & i truly cherish our relationship. I am so thankful to God for putting us together. I love how Brad is always there for me, always listens to me, always humors me. :) I love how he is willing to talk things out, even if it's something that isn't easy to talk about. I love how he makes me feel. I love that he gives the best hugs ever. :) 

{my family}
I love my parents & my sister & i hope they stick around for a very long time!! This year, 4 of my friends lost their daddies... all men around my dad's age. 2 in October, 1 last week & 1 just last night. So tragic, and i think about if that happened to my dad. It is a horrible thought & i just hope to have him, my mom & my sister around for many years to come. I love being around them, they crack me up & listen to me well. They know how to relax & how to goof off. So thankful that God put me in their family. My sister & i are very close, too. Love them! 

{my in-laws} 
I was so blessed with the in-laws i got! So many people i know cannot stand their in-laws. Many times i hear mother-in-law stories & i am appalled at the way some people are! Haha! But i absolutely LOVE my mother-in-law - she is so kind & she always makes me laugh - and i love my FIL & SIL, too! Jaimie is hilarious & fun to be around. She always cracks me up. Brad's dad is kind-hearted, he prays for friends of ours (people he doesn't even know) & he is HILARIOUS. They all have such a great sense of humor. I constantly want to be around them & tell Brad to have them over for dinner! My favorite thing about them is that they are unpretentious. They are who they are & they love you the way you are. I know that they would drop everything if i needed them. They have each other's backs. I am truly blessed to have them for my in-laws & i do not take it for granted at all! :)

I am so thankful to have the friends i have!! So many different ones, too. I have my BFF, Sarah, who has been with me through thick & thin since 5th grade! We can get together anytime & talk for HOURS & HOURS with all we have to catch up on! I can tell her absolutely anything. I have Aimie, Shana, Amanda, & Becca - more friends who have been with me through so many situations...who love me as i am & who are so encouraging to me. They believe in me. Then i have more church friends - some i went to church with at Victory where i grew up, and some from HeartsEase, where i've gone since 2006. And let's not forget my theatre friends! They are hilarious! They support me & believe in me. They are SO sweet & non-judgemental. They accept everyone the way they are. I love that about them. Also, my bloggie friends!! I know some people who would laugh at that, but they have no idea how long i've been talking to some of these people: Laura, Nicole, Rebekah, Krystal & Patti - i love you all & am thankful for you! There are other bloggie friends too & random friends who don't fit into the above categories but who i am just as thankful for (Brooke & Robyn, thinking of you!). I am crazy/blessed with all these friends, and thankful that God put so many different kinds of people in my life! I love that!!

{my jobs} 
Especially the one at the Manship, because i truly ENJOY working there. I love EVERYONE i work with there, and it's a fun job, the time passes quickly & the money ain't too shabby! Too bad it's only my side job! I am also thankful for my regular job, believe it or not. :) Yes, sometimes it is stressful & sometimes i want to cry haha, but overall i have a great boss, some wonderful coworkers, i get paid holidays (like today & tomorrow!), i have great benefits, i have my own office, i am able to work alone without someone hovering over me - yes, it can be Challenging & the phone calls can annoy me to no end, but there are a lot of positives about it too & i am thankful. :) 

I have struggled & i have cried over my weightloss journey this year. But i have learned a LOT. I have begun strength training. I have lost a few more pounds. 23 total. Maybe it has been SLOW as can be, but i am thankful to have learned so much about nutrition & about exercise. I have been struggling with this lately, but i know i could never go back to where i was before. It feels good to eat right & exercise! I am going to keep on going & be as healthy as i can be! I am thankful for my body because even though i don't look exactly how i want to... (a) i am getting fit & feeling better, & (b) my hubby likes me just the way i am! I am thankful for the journey i have started & that i haven't quit!

 So many more things... just to name a few of my favorites...

my cozy bed
sharpie pens
my little point & shoot
contacts & eyeglasses
musical theatre
Panera is coming to Baton Rouge!
Fievel :) 
a great vet
a great dentist
cooking & that i love to do it!
days i don't have to set an alarm
comfy shoes
down comforters
a hot bath
peace in my heart
Praise & Worship
Barnes & Noble
the holiday season

...& so much more! What are you thankful for? 



  1. :D I love this post!!!!!!

    You have so many blessings in your life and it just makes me smile to hear about them :D

  2. That is a fabulous list of things to be thankful for! You are truly blessed!


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