Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

We had a fantastic time today at Brad's Aunt Paula's house for Thanksgiving!! I knew it'd be great (i love his family, and that includes his extended family!), but it exceeded my expectations. Haha. I mean, i think it might be my favorite Thanksgiving Day so far?! I don't know... but we had a blast!

My sister & her fiance Mike were invited to come as well... since my parents are in Mississippi & Mike's parents are traveling (visiting the Holy Land!). They had a great time. I'm so glad they got to come!!

We got there at 1. Michelle brought fudge pie & a tollhouse pie (kind of a chocolate pecan). I brought my green bean casserole & cinnamon blondies (so good!). The spread over there was ridiculous (as always!). I wish I took a pic. But it went like this: baked turkey, baked chicken, fried turkey, baked ham, scalloped potatoes, rice & gravy, green peas, green bean casserole, corn casserole, macaroni & cheese (homemade & amazing!), the best broccoli rice casserole ever (i got the recipe, it was soooo good!), sweet potato casserole, 7-layer salad, sausage bread, rolls, spinach quiche, gosh, i don't even remember what else!! And desserts! The cutest strawberry cupcakes EVER (i didn't get one! wah!), michelle's pies, my blondies, cream cheese pie (michelle & brad's FAVORITE, made by my mom-in-law), flan from Texas de Brazil, cookies, oreo balls, more than that, but i forget now! it was crazy/good!

We ate & it was delicious. Then we just hung out in the living room, talking, looking through the paper (black friday ads) & watching football. We went outside to the pond & laughed & goofed off. We piled up in the golf carts & road all up in the woods & everything! Had a blast! I laughed a LOT today. Here are some pics!

 me & my love on Thanksgiving Day


 chillin' on the front porch

 me & my sister

 Brad, Whitney, Granny, Mrs. Cheryl & Jaimie

 Jaimie, Whitney & Houston

 Michelle & Mike

 Uncle Cliff with his granddaughters, Kiersten & Rylee...Leah in the background cracks me up!

 me with Leah's canon rebel. that's right...those are puppy dog eyes. :)

 So...Leah & Whitney & Jaimie all started telling me to go see the geese. Apparently something had happened before i arrived?! It was very suspicious because they were like "melissa, go over & see the geese!" & were getting their cameras out?! I did...slowly & cautiously. I got a few feet from this one & it turned & CHARGED at me! Hahaha! I turned and RAN away! As if it was a bear or something! HA! We were CRACKING UP!!! Sorry, but the pics of me running away are on Leah's camera. But man - it was hysterical! PSYCHO GEESE!

 me & whitney - my cousin-in-law - i love her!

Aunt Bridget, Leah & Whitney

 riding on the back of the golf cart! haha.

Matt & Jaimie speeding along!

 After much golf-cart chasing through the woods, we all piled up on this one & took a group pic! Love it!

And take 2! :) 

Happy Turkey Day! Hope you had a good one!!

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  1. Love the group photo on the golf cart!

    We had a very cold, very rainy Thanksgiving day... but the food was good!


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