Saturday, November 6, 2010

this weekend

Well, i have missed a few days of the Gratitude Challenge. I am here to play catch-up!!

But first. Boring tidbits about our weekend. :) Yesterday I had to work at the Manship again. 2 LSU Jazz Performances. An hour each, but with an hour between. My friend Shannon was also house managing so we got to talk all night. She is a good friend, and the one who got me the job at the Manship. The jazz band was good & I came home trying to describe an instrument to Brad. We ended up googling it because everything he suggested was not the one i saw this girl playing. He showed me picture after picture of instruments & i kept saying, "no, that's not it, that's not it...". We have finally decided that i made this instrument up. :)

I also heard a Xylophone & it was FANTASTIC! I thought, "Oh yes. i'm definitely thankful for the Xylophone!" (If that made no sense, go here & skip down to the letter X.) But i came home & brad told me that was probably a Vibrophone, which is similar to the Xylophone. What do i know?!?!

Today we got up & went to the Farmer's Market! I got some delicious looking lettuce, tomatoes & bell peppers. I got the bell peppers to make this sometime this week. Doesn't that look yum!? After that, we hit Walmart & got a ton of groceries. Then we came home & i cleaned this house like crazy! I'm so glad! It looks & smells very nice! Lissa is a happy girl. I have been relaxing ever since. :) Ooh, we got our pictures in from the photographer for Christmas cards & they look great. I can't wait to order my cards! I also got my coupon code for my 50 free cards through Shutterfly. Yes, indeed. Love free stuff. Ha!

For dinner, we had sandwiches. I know that doesn't sound like fun, but oh-man, they were delicious. Turkey & thinly sliced mozzerella on whole wheat, with mayo & little mustard, & lettuce & tomato fresh from the Farmer's Market...oh, yum. Well, no tomato for Brad, he doesn't like them. He is missing out! Fresh ripe tomatoes are my FAVE!! We had that with chips & salsa. I heart salsa.

Tomorrow we will have breakfast at Brad's parents & i can't wait. I will have to practice some MAJOR self-control around those homemade biscuits, though. One or two would be okay, but i usually eat at least six three of them. :)

Well, i guess i have made this post wayyyy too long as it is. I will write about gratitude in another post.
Happy weekend!


  1. Ha, are we the same person?? My husband thinks I make stuff up all the time because I have a horrible time explaining everything. My husband hates tomatoes, too! I've loved them my whole life. I think he's so weird for not liking them.

    I love Farmer's Markets and a good sandwich is awesome!

  2. I'll be the odd one out and say I also hate tomatoes :) But I love tomato sauce, and ketchup. Just not the tomato. I have a problem with the texture.


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