Sunday, November 28, 2010

tomorrow. auditions.

I have not auditioned since 2008, when i got the role as Ruby Rae in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. I have only stage managed since then, as there never came a show where there was a role i REALLY wanted & really thought i was right for. Whorehouse was also a musical. I have only auditioned for one play, Mousetrap, & that was in 2006 (I did not get cast in Mousetrap, but was asked to Assistant Stage Manage...& so my love for backstage began).

Tomorrow & Tuesday night i will audition again. For a play, not a musical.

I am really excited & a bit nervous. Not TERRIFIED, which is how i get for musical auditions. Something very unnerving about singing in front of 3 or 4 people with an accompaniest that has never played for you before. And nailing it. Not to mention that nerves wrecks havoc on your vocals. :o/

But play auditions, you just get up there & read a script. I have the script & have been reading it over & over. Sometimes they have you do monologues for play auditions, but BRLT doesn't do that anymore. I think because they got sick of hearing so many monologues! And really, they just want to hear how well you do a part in the actual play! Haha. I'm so glad i don't have to do a monologue (I did have to do one for Mousetrap. It went well, but still - nervewracking!)

So. 7:00 tomorrow night & 7:00 tuesday night.

I HATE how your thoughts go crazy right before and during auditons. And after until you know the verdict. I hate it! All you think about is (a) what the director's vision for the show might be, (b) if you are good enough, & (c) who else is auditioning & if they are any real threat. This is just the honest truth. Anyone who says they don't do that is either lying to you or has been auditioning for so long that they have finally learned how to NOT do that! And i can assure you, no one at BRLT has reached that sort of level! Even the ones i consider most experienced or most talented - they do it too.

It's just the way it is! And no matter how bad i want this, it's all up to (1) God & (2) the director. :) Which is why i will be FINE if i don't get in. I'll be bummed, sure, but certainly not mad & definitely not depressed over it! I will understand that it wasn't in the plan for me.

But i still want it. Haha.

My friend Brittany (who played Lenny - the part i want - in college) gave me the best advice:

"The number one thing to remember is to BE WHO YOU ARE! You would be a great Lenny, but you can't control what the director wants. So all you can do is BE YOURSELF & contol what YOU can control. You can't change his vision for the show. So show him YOU. Don't psyche yourself out. You are such an individual person & a very different type than some of the others auditioning. So it just comes down to what kind of Lenny he wants. Don't be too hard of yourself. Show him You. And, HAVE FUN!"

Fabulous advice from Brittany (who is, by the way, currently in NYC pursuing her acting career. And she is awesome.)

Anyway, think of me tomorrow as i audition!! Fingers crossed!


  1. Break a leg, Mel! I haven't auditioned for anything since 2005, but I can remember what you described about musical auditions. I am HORRIBLE when it comes to auditioning for musicals. I get so terrified that my voice won't even work. I've only ever gotten chorus when auditioning for big musicals. I got a few solos in Children's Theatre, but those were student directed by people who knew I could sing. Haha. Anyway, I'm just glad to hear someone else can relate. Break a leg!

  2. I know you'll do wonderful! :) Thinking of you!

  3. Praying for you! I know you'll do great!!


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