Friday, November 26, 2010

weather, this weekend & ...eek...auditions!

It is currently 37 degrees here in Baton Rouge. It was in the 50's during the day today. Cold & Rainy.

Yesterday, it was 74 degrees. Which was beautiful, but not cold. And not rainy. I had to look it up to see what the temp was - i actually thought it was more like 80! Overnight it rained & poured & by morning it was cold. And you know what that means? Allergies! Everytime it changes temperature so drastically overnight - Brad wakes up the next day with his allergies out. of. control.

I am thinking he needs to see an allergist. Or an ENT. Or something. I mean, it isn't "mild". It's enough to make him miserable! He took some allergy medicine, though, and is doing fine. (Last time the weather changed like that, the medicine didn't help at all!)

I am feeling fine, though around 5:30 pm i got so sleepy, i took a nap! Kinda late for a nap, right? I always think if it's that late, i should just stay up a little longer or just go to bed for the night! But no, i took a nap. Woke up at 9. And woke up with an earache. Doesn't feel like an ear infection - those are awful & it's not that bad! - but the whole right side of my face hurts... i don't know what that is about!

Anyway, i'm THRILLED that it's colder out - makes it feel more like the holiday season - but I wish it could get colder gradually??? Instead of dropping 20 degrees or so overnight?!

We are having a lovely thanksgiving weekend! It is SO wonderful to be off work 4 days in a row! And then in a month, i'll be off three days for Christmas (we are off Thursday & Friday for Christmas, & i am taking Monday off too). Then we're off that Friday for New Year's. Wahoo!

Here's how this weekend has been -

Wednesday: I had to work, but they let us leave at 2:30 & Brad's work did the same! We went to Perkins Rowe that evening, had La Madeleine's for dinner & then saw Burlesque with a few friends of ours from church: Nolan, Amanda, Lizzy, Tim, Megan, Trey & Josh. I loved the movie. It's a typical story (poor small town girl with a big voice moves to LA to make something of herself...), but the dancing & singing is just awesome. Christina Aguilera - girl can SANG!! I loved Cher in it too. Had a lot of humor in it. Loved it. So glad we got to hang out with those friends - haven't gotten to do that in awhile!

Thursday: Turkey Day! Wonderful day!!!

Friday (today): Nothing at all! Slept late, blogged, ate, napped, & i did our Christmas Cards. Yep, that's about it! Haha!

Saturday: Brad's sister & her friend are coming over in the morning to go over a song they're singing at Jaimie's church in the morning. I may not be here. I need to run get a gift for my friend Mary's lingerie shower, which is 7:30 that evening. :) I also want to run into Border's & check out their planners. I never got those other ones i was talking about... I don't mind spending that much on a planner if it is AMAZING quality, but how can i know that buying it online!? I want to see it! Hopefully the crowds won't be AS BAD as today? But i'm not that worried about it. The two stores I want to go to are at the mall, but not inside the mall! I should be okay. :)

Sunday: Brad has to be at his sister's church at 7 am!! Thankfully there are two services, and i will go to the 2nd one! Haha! Brad's parents are picking me up at 10 am. Brad is playing a song for his sister & her friend to sing, so we're all going to hear them. I already know - it sounds wonderful. (They've been practicing here.) We're going out to eat afterwards. Looking forward to it!

Monday: it's back to work! Also, auditions for Crimes of the Heart are Monday & Tuesday night! Ahhh!

I REALLY want to get cast. I just would LOVE to be in this show!! So far, i have only done musicals but i really would love to do a play. I know i am "right" for the part of Lenny or Chickie. (There are two other female roles as well, but i would be surprised if he cast me in one of those.) The thing about auditioning is - it all depends on who else shows up. And i know a LOT of people are auditioning for this show that would be great in it! So that is the problem. I have sat in on casting for enough shows now to know that it is hardly ever personal & it hardly ever means you don't have talent (if you are not cast). So i wouldn't be offended or take it personally in any way. However!! Haha! I still would be a little sad if i didn't make it just because i want to do it so bad! I have no doubt i could play the role. And i'd learn so much working with Jack, the director. But even if i do great at auditions, so will a bunch of other girls. It will come down to who is the right age, & who "looks right" together. So, we will see! I always try to remind myself of this: "If it's meant to be, then it will be."

If i don't get cast,  i am thinking about auditioning for Guys & Dolls. Guys & Dolls is my favorite musical, and Adelaide is my dream role. I do not think i would get cast as Adelaide, though. I can act & sing her part, but not sure how much dancing she does. I figure if i could play one of the whores in whorehouse (which had a lot of dancing), then i could pull off any moves Adelaide had to do. But my weight is a problem. Thing is, i'm not sure about auditioning, because i doubt i would get Adelaide, & i wouldn't want to do "chorus". I did that in high school. Then again, i think i would be sad if i went to see it & wasn't in it. I just love that show!! So i don't know... i'm hoping i'll make Crimes of the Heart so i won't have to decide on Guys & Dolls! Ha! But if i don't make Crimes, then i might go for Adelaide. It's worth a shot, right? Guys & Dolls auditions are December 5 & 6. I'd have to come up with a song for auditions, which makes me HORRIBLY nervous. I'm not toooo nervous about Crimes, because you just get up there & read the script with someone... that isn't too nerve-wracking. But auditioning for a musical kills me!!

I'm just gonna take it as it comes. Auditions are Monday & Tuesday for Crimes of the Heart. Hopefully i'll know by Wednesday if i made it. If not, then I'll think about Guys & Dolls. Don't really want to think about it until then.

So - there ya have it! Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. Oooh... you haven't auditioned for a while! Hope it goes well.

  2. Adelaide doesn't dance nearly as much as the Hot Box Girls! :)

    GO FOR IT! Adelaide's Lament is one of my faves.


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