Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} Do you still use a checkbook?
Only to pay the groomer, really? Other small things like that? Not very often.

{two} What size shoe do you wear?
8.5, 9, 9.5, or 10. Depending on the shoe. I have all those sizes in my closet & all of them fit. I think clothing & shoe companies should go by the same sizing standards. Or something.

{three} Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy Endings. No doubt!

{four} Do you prefer spontaneity or stability?
i like spontaneity. But too bad for me, because i'm not very spontaneous. And Brad definitely isn't. Ha!

{five} what is the most embarrassing cd that you own?
i am not embarrassed by any of them!

{six} do you watch reality tv?
i like American Idol & i sometimes watch The Biggest Loser.

{seven} what is your favorite home-made meal?
breakfast, courtesy of my mother-in-law. Mmmm!

{eight} do you have any allergies?
well, i seem to have developed them in my thirties. i've sneezed more since becoming 30, than i have in my whole life! i kid not. But i have no idea what exactly i am allergic to.

{nine} if you could open your own restaurant/store, what would it be?
I would open a Panera in Baton Rouge. Somebody, please!!!!!! Do it!!!!!!!

{ten} would you ever go skydiving (or have you been)?
I think i would want to... i also think i would have to have someone push me out of the plane!

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  1. Love these! I use a checkbook more often than I thought I would!

    I've learned the difference in sizes in different brands of shoes, much like clothing! Every one is a little different and it drives me crazy.

  2. I think they need standard clothes sizes as well! Drives me crazy!

  3. Sizes suck! Sometimes I'm a regular size, sometimes a petite. I have sizes in 6, 8 and even 12 petite. How insane is that?!?!?!?!

  4. I agree I like Happy Endings! And don't really care to watch scary movies now! lol


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