Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 years ago today...

14 years ago today, I had my first date with Brad. I had known him {off & on} my whole life, as our parents met in church when i was just a baby & when Brad was three. Some of you already know this story... our parents became good friends & began to hang out, so i remember playing at their house (& them playing at mine). We didn't see them for several years (around middle school), but in 1996, my parents began to attend Covenant, and the Venable's went to church there. I stayed at Victory, where i was, because i was very much involved in the youth group there & i loved it. I had a minor crush on Brad, and went to church with my parents at Covenant a few times, for that reason. After several Sundays of this, i got a clue & went back to my own church & forgot about Brad {as more than a friend}.

Then, one day in November, the phone rang. I remember sitting on the couch watching TV. My parents were in there & my sister probably was, too. Someone told me i had a phone call & handed me the phone. I was shocked to hear Brad's voice. I was even more shocked that he asked me out on a date! I was 18, but that was my first "real" date. I'd had boyfriends before, but not ones with cars. :) Ha!

His work was having a Christmas Banquet & they were supposed to bring a date. He wanted to know if i could come. As his date. I said yes. We hung up. It was not a very long conversation. We are both kinda shy until we get to know someone. But i just about died of excitement after we hung up the phone!

He asked me well in advance. I could hardly wait. Weeks later, we had our first date. It was a dressy christmas party, and i wore my long dress that had black velvet from the waist up & was red & black gingham on the skirt part of it. YES! HAHA! (It wasn't out of style at the time...lol). I was thankful we were seated at a table with about 4 other people, including Brad's sister & her date (they worked together back then). It was less awkward that way! But the next weekend he asked me out again... & the next weekend again. And we were inseperable for the next year. Until we broke up on January 4, 1998.

And God brought us back together February 16, 2008 (officially...he made contact with me in December 2007).

CRAZY STORY! But a good one! Even now, i will sometimes look at him & say, "I can't believe we are married!" Hard to explain, but if i'm not thinking about it, it's just like he's a guy i met in my late 20's. And then i remember our history... our first date... our first relationship... our breakup... trying to get over him... and then a call from him after not hearing from him in 11 years!?!? And still not thinking he was "the one"! It's all pretty crazy, really. :) But a good-crazy.

Brad & Melissa - ages 22 & 19 - October 1997

P.S. If you haven't heard our story before, you can read all the crazy details by clicking on the tab at the top that says, "our love story". :)

P.P.S. Get a good look at that hair color...that would be au naturale. I had never highlighted my hair at that point. I may have to go back to that in order to save some extra money...been a LONG time since i've had brown hair! :)


  1. You guys are like a movie! An adorable, romantic comedy movie. Kind of like When Harry Met Sally! But different...

  2. SO cute! I love looking at old pictures...even thought the "old" ones my hubby and I have together couldn't be considered old...at all. haha. But it still seems like so long ago, I can only imagine how it feels looking at photos 14 years old!

  3. How special that you all have known eachother so long! Hope it's a special day remebering your first date.

  4. You guys are too cute....you are SO young in these pictures!! I love your story, would make a great chick flick. :)

  5. Haha, I'm commenting on your P.P.S... Your hair looks pretty brown! Not that it doesn't look pretty blond, it does. I'm just sayin' I like it natural too. :-)

  6. Awwwww so sweet!!!! You look like a kid......well, you were!!!!! Yalls story really is amazing!! Love it!!!

  7. What a great story! I've never taken the time to read your love story. I must do that! And I love the brown hair!

    I have friends who have a similar story. Dated many years ago, broke up, got back together like 15 years later, got married and have been ever since. Crazy! But very cool!

  8. I never get tired of your story!

    And I like your natural hair!


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