Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: a year of celebration!

2010 was a pretty good year. Sure, some hard times & such, but overall - I'm thankful. =)

Here is a look back! {Warning: it is quite long. If you skim or skip it entirely, i will never know! HA!}

Stage Managed The Elephant Man at BRLT
{with my crew: Robert, Mika, Chelsea, & Valerie (my ASM)}

Celebrated Robert's birthday at Superior Grill 
{with girlfriends Natalie & Emily}

Acted silly with my man at The Elephant Man cast party

Celebrated Valentine's Day with my sweet husband.

 Celebrated my 32nd birthday with friends & family - dinner at The Cheesecake Bistro & Little Shop of Horrors at Ascension Community Theatre. Fun night!

 Stage Managed Queen of Bingo (which you should definitely see if it comes to your area...these guys are HILARIOUS!)

Celebrated Granny's Birthday. =)

Celebrated Easter with Brad's family at his Aunt's house
{Kiersten, Rylee, Whitney, Me & Brad}

Started walking the LSU Lakes with Brad (or at least started taking pics there!)

Finally went to the Red Stick Farmer's Market, which i LOVED.
{my friend Jenn went with me for my first trip there!}

 Went to the wedding of my beautiful friend Liz. 

 "Walked like Madd" to fight drunk driving in honor of my friend Ashley's sister, Amber. 
It was a 5k, by the way. I was proud of myself! HA! 
{Me & Ashley pictured above}

 Went to Megan & Trey's wedding shower! 

 Survived "Audition Extravaganza" week, where we auditioned 3 shows at once. It was crazy, y'all! {Susan, Jack & Chris!}

 Bought a dresser for our bedroom, which i LOVE. =)

Went to a Crawfish Boil mainly to see Tiffanie, a long-time family friend who lives in England {my sister with her BFF Tiffanie}

Chopped off my hair & went to Beaux Arts Ball, where i won Backstage Volunteer of the Year award {Pictured with Tim & Marion who we love & miss!}

Went to Amanda's bridal shower 
{Amanda with her beautiful bridesmaids!}

Had our annual Perry-Venable shindig
{A celebration of Brad & Michelle's birthdays & both dad's Father's Days} 

 Ate, slept & breathed Sound of Music as rehearsal Stage Manager
{Baylie & Katelyn}

 Had a BBA Reunion! Met up with tons of elementary friends after finding each other on FB!
We had a blast! Loved it! {Lea & Jenni, 2 of my favorite elementary school friends!}

 My sis got engaged! In NYC on top of the Empire State Building, i might add! =)

 Went to Megan & Trey's wedding! We had a wonderful time!
{Megan & her sister Erin; us with the newlyweds!}

 Went to Amanda's Bachelorette, where we painted at Corks n Canvas & had dessert at The Melting Pot. FUN! {Amanda & her mom}

Went to Amanda's wedding! It was beautiful & so much fun!

 Went to Jennifer & Kirby's wedding!

Had a FANTASTIC weekend with family & friends at the Beautiful Conference at Istrouma Baptist Church! 
Top pic - cousins (in-law) Megan & Whitney
Middle pic - Me & my sweet friend Robyn
Bottom pic - Me, my mom & mother-in-law

 Had a lovely dinner with good friends Charlynn & Danielle

Britt K came in town from NYC! Met her & Rachel for dinner!

We went to Destin for a whole week with the fam!! It was PURE HEAVEN! =)

 Had breakfast with Becca...without telling her that Amanda was in town!! She cried with joy! It was awesome!!

 Went to Natchitoches to see our friends Tim, Tim & Marion in Chicago. Didn't stay overnight because our hotel had no a/c & it was HOT! But the drive was worth seeing Tim propose to Amber on stage after the show (his girlfriend of 6 years!) {me & amber, above!}

 Served the elderly at my work's annual meeting. 

Went to the annual Sandifer family reunion
 Went to Blake & Andrea's wedding - GORGEOUS!!!

 Had family pics taken by Amanda Blythe Photography!

 Celebrated our 2-year anniversary!

Celebrated mom & dad's birthdays (they are a week & 2 years apart)

Celebrated Thanksgiving with Brad's dad's family - SO much fun! My sis & her fiance came too!

Went to Chris & Mary's wedding!! So exciting!

 Had a dinner party! 
{Becca, Katie & Amanda came with their significant others!}

 Celebrated Char's birthday at Zippy's!
{& brought her the requested Brownie-covered-Oreos}

Had a wondeful Christmas!!!!
{Which was more than about money - haha - but there were too many family pics & i couldn't pic just one! HA!}

It was a great year & when i look back, i love how much time was spent CELEBRATING. Birthdays, Anniversaries, WEDDINGS (So many in 2010!), friends visiting, holidays, etc! It was fabulous year of friends & family & celebration. 

Here's to 2011!!!


  1. What a great year for yall!! And I LOVE your hair in the first June picture, just by the way :)

  2. You did a lot this past year! When you put it all together like that it seems like one fun year. :)

  3. You had a fun year! You guys were busy!


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