Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chris & Mary got married!! (aka: cogsworth & a plate)

Today we went to a wedding of two very dear friends of mine. I met them both when i was a part of the musical Beauty & the Beast. My first BRLT audition, and theirs also. It's where they met. I was a placemat & villager, Mary was a plate & villager & Chris was Cogsworth! That's where i met so many of the theatre people that i have stayed close with. Of course i've made many more friends since that show, but it seems the cast of Beauty & the Beast was very close & a huge group of us continue to stay in touch.

Today's wedding was like a BRLT reunion. It was so much fun talking with everyone & reminiscing. The wedding was beautiful & sweet. It was at Oak Lodge, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas. Their first dance was to...take a wild guess...Beauty & the Beast. :) They actually had it choreographed & it was so cute! We had a great time celebrating with them!

Walking down the aisle...Mary & her daddy

Just Married!! 

Us with the lovely bride!

Chris is a music director now...& a conductor. 
There couldn't be a more perfect groom's cake for him! i LOVE it!

 Tim & Marion - another couple who met during Beauty & the Beast! 

 Evan & Eryn...cuties!

This picture cracks me up...they'd probably kill me...haha...
Natalie, Ernest & Susan gettin' down! 

Me with Megan & Natalie - love these girls!

Ernest & Susan

i just LOVE this one...4 of our leading men from Beauty & the Beast 2006!
Our LaFou, Lumiere, Cogsworth & the Beast! 
(aka Tim S, Tim C, Chris & Scott)

 This pic cracks me up! For some reason i felt like i was covering Eryn's face so i had to make sure. Somehow i was smiling as well. I know there has to be a humorous caption for it, but i just can't decide...

3 of my favorites from B&B! Marion, Natalie & Tim!

And me & my love! 

We had a great time! So much fun! So happy for Chris & Mary & wish them many years of happiness together!


  1. How fun! And you look so gorgeous! :)

  2. That Grooms cake is so cute!! How creative!

  3. love, love, love that last pic of you guys! You look great!

  4. Great pics! Love the one of you and Brad!


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