Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chris & Mary got married!! (aka: cogsworth & a plate)

Today we went to a wedding of two very dear friends of mine. I met them both when i was a part of the musical Beauty & the Beast. My first BRLT audition, and theirs also. It's where they met. I was a placemat & villager, Mary was a plate & villager & Chris was Cogsworth! That's where i met so many of the theatre people that i have stayed close with. Of course i've made many more friends since that show, but it seems the cast of Beauty & the Beast was very close & a huge group of us continue to stay in touch.

Today's wedding was like a BRLT reunion. It was so much fun talking with everyone & reminiscing. The wedding was beautiful & sweet. It was at Oak Lodge, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas. Their first dance was to...take a wild guess...Beauty & the Beast. :) They actually had it choreographed & it was so cute! We had a great time celebrating with them!

Walking down the aisle...Mary & her daddy

Just Married!! 

Us with the lovely bride!

Chris is a music director now...& a conductor. 
There couldn't be a more perfect groom's cake for him! i LOVE it!

 Tim & Marion - another couple who met during Beauty & the Beast! 

 Evan & Eryn...cuties!

This picture cracks me up...they'd probably kill me...haha...
Natalie, Ernest & Susan gettin' down! 

Me with Megan & Natalie - love these girls!

Ernest & Susan

i just LOVE this one...4 of our leading men from Beauty & the Beast 2006!
Our LaFou, Lumiere, Cogsworth & the Beast! 
(aka Tim S, Tim C, Chris & Scott)

 This pic cracks me up! For some reason i felt like i was covering Eryn's face so i had to make sure. Somehow i was smiling as well. I know there has to be a humorous caption for it, but i just can't decide...

3 of my favorites from B&B! Marion, Natalie & Tim!

And me & my love! 

We had a great time! So much fun! So happy for Chris & Mary & wish them many years of happiness together!


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