Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Dinner with friends

Last night we had some friends over for dinner...6 guests! 8 people & a dog in our little trailer - it was packed! We had a really great time! I am so glad we got to do that! 

 Becca, Katie & Amanda

My good friend Amanda & her husband Matt are in town from California for Christmas. So we had them over, plus Adam & Katie, plus Becca & her new boyfriend Mike. I have seen Mike a few times, but i don't think i had really officially met him until yesterday. He is nice & funny & seems like a great guy! He better be, because Becca deserves the BEST. =) I was glad to finally meet him.

the girls - facing another camera - haha.

We had so much fun! I was a bit late on cooking... not due to procrastination either. I mean, i started cleaning the house at 10 am. Cleaned it top to bottom! Nothing like company to motivate you to finally do some GOOD cleaning (okay, that makes it sound really bad!! I cleaned it not too long ago but it was definitely that time again!). Then i ran to Walmart to get the stuff for the meal. Then we ran to my parents to borrow a table & tablecloths... by the time we got home, it was time to cook! 

 melbelle & becca boo!

Becca brought a DELICIOUS appetizer... it was like a cream cheese & pineapple dip & y'all... i don't even LIKE pineapple! And i loved this! Adam & Katie brought some delicious bacon wrapped appetizer thingies too. They were good! Amanda & Matt brought drinks & ice. Becca also brought a delicious salad to go with the lasagna. Yum! Amanda jumped in to help me assemple that lasagna (which was delicious, by the way!). Everyone was glad it wasn't ready right away... they were too full from the appetizers! =) 

 Playing Phase 10

The table mom loaned me fit all 8 of us, so we ate together on that in the living room. =) Then we played Phase 10, which was so much fun. I was winning... but then everyone started catching up! Adam won. =) We played with 2 decks of cards because there was so many of us! It was fun.

 brad & mel

 matt & amanda

 adam & katie

 Becca & Mike

Hope you are also having a wonderful Christmas week!! =)

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