Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we went to Brad's Uncle Kenny & Aunt Annette's for lunch. Uncle Kenny is my mom-in-law's brother. We had a great time visiting with everyone!

I made sugar cookies. It's a long story but most of them turned out looking HORRIBLE. I figured frosting & sprinkles would make up for that. =) There was so much good food there. We had gumbo with all the fixings and boudin!! Mmmm! I looove boudin & almost never have the opportunity to eat any. It was from jerry lee's, which is the best boudin in the state or city or something (or so i hear...i've never had it from anywhere else!). 

 my sis & mom in law 

 my hub & father-in-law

 Brad being wierd. =P

l.o.v.e. <3

We had a nice time! Brad & I were SO sleepy, for whatever reason! We went home and took a LONG nap...2 & a half hours! Then we got up & went to Brad's parents for our own little Christmas. Really enjoyed hanging out with them. We exchanged gifts. We got Mr Stan a gift card to Home Depot, Mrs. Cheryl the new Francine Rivers novel she wanted (yes, francine rivers FINALLY wrote a couple more books!) & a cute memo pad, and Jaimie a gift card to La Madeline's & a necklace that says "sing". I got it from an etsy shop & thought she had to have it (because singing is her passion & she has an amazing voice!). She seemed to really like it! 

Jaimie got her mom the cutest apron! It says "Cheryl Jane". LOVE IT! 

My in-laws got me the earrings to match the necklace they got me for my birthday earlier this year. They have fleur de lis on them & i love them! I wear the necklace a lot. Yay!

I also got (from brad's parents): $100 cash, my happy heart perfume, & a cookbook of 400 Soups (mmm!). Jaimie got me a cute duffle bag with my initials monogrammed on it. And she got me & Brad a gift card to Zea's Rotisserie, which is sooo good! =) 

We had a wonderful time together with Brad's family. I love them! 

Had to include this pic of my OTHER sis-in-law! Her name is Fani. Isn't she gorgeous?! She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback & i just love her.

Merry Christmas!

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