Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Time

It's been a really good weekend. I really enjoyed the wedding yesterday. It was beautiful & so much fun! I told Brad that it seems we have finished our wedding marathon for awhile. 2010 was just FULL of weddings. And I love weddings! But i think Brad is relieved the marathon is over. Ha! There were a lot, i think. Let's see... Blake & Liz (April 17), Trey & Megan (July 10), Matt & Amanda (July 17), Kirby & Jenn (August 6), Blake & Andrea (October 30) & finally, Chris & Mary (December 11th). It's a good thing there are not this many next year, as i will be doing a lot already for my sister's wedding. I am the Maitron of Honor for hers! It will be November 12, 2011! 2 days before our third anniversary & the same day as our dad's birthday. :) It is going to be so much fun because it's in New Orleans at St. Louis Cathedral... a family tradition on the groom's side. We'll spend the weekend there. I'm looking forward to it!

Today we went to my old church, Victory, where i went for 16 years. I am so glad we went & i think we will keep going! I have done a lot of flip-flopping this year, and i'm ready for that to end. I'm ready to be able to call a place "home" again. More about this later, but i am so glad we went this morning! It seems like God may be directing my steps back there. :)

Well, it seems Christmas is just around the corner here! My side of the family always just picks a date as near to Christmas as we can to do our own little Christmas. Mom & Dad are likely going to Mississippi this year, and Michelle is spending it with Mike's family. So today she calls & says, "hey. are you cool with doing our family Christmas on Saturday?" Um...THIS Saturday?! Haha. Well, we have nothing on the calendar for that day, so it works out perfectly! Except that was going to be my Christmas shopping day! (I'm pretty last minute.) Oops! Guess i will get some shopping done during the week instead! HA! But i'm looking forward to it now. We usually just eat appetizers & desserts (yum!), open gifts, and listen to Christmas music. Sometimes we play games or watch a movie. And i just added ELF & A Christmas Story to my Netflix (i have not seen either one of these & think it's about time i do!).

So, even though i have a full work week, it'll still be a fun week! Tomorrow i have the Christmas party at the Manship Theatre. It's at 6. I'm bringing shrimp dip & i may also make these Brownie Covered Oreos. I'm bringing some Shrimp Dip to work also. People bring treats all throughout December at work. My coworker's birthday is Tuesday & she heard i was making shrimp dip for the Manship party & gave me puppy dog eyes. Lucky for her she is my favorite coworker. :) She won't be there on her actual birthday, so i'm bringing Shrimp Dip to work tomorrow.

The Shrimp dip is sooo good. I will post the recipe soon. But i realized i forgot to put the mayo in it. I knew something was missing & couldn't figure out what (note to self...re-read the recipe!). I had Brad taste it & he called it "absolutely perfect". SO i put it in 2 little serving containers (one for work, one for the party) & THEN realized i forgot the mayo! Oh-well. I saved it some calories! (Not that it matters - it is full of butter & cream cheese). Don't tell anyone i forgot a key ingredient! HA!

Then on Wednesday, our work is going to Sammy's Grill for our annual Christmas Party. I think it is at 11 am & they always let us go home after that. YAY!! And i LOVE Sammy's.

Saturday is family Christmas. Sunday i may be having a girl's night with some girlfriends of mine. And then the next two weeks i only work 3 days! WAHOO!

{Sigh.} I love Christmas time.


  1. I love weddings! Our wedding season was 2009 when 6 of us from our church got married within 10 weeks of each other. It was a bit crazy!

    How have you never seen A Christmas Story?? I watch it every single year!

  2. Sounds like you have a fun week. Can't wait to hear how the oreo brownies turn out!

  3. Btw- LOVE the Christmas card!! Thank you!

  4. I can't believe that you haven't seen A Christmas Story! It's on for days at a time over Christmas every single year. Surely one year you were somewhere with cable and saw it haha. I love that movie. It cracks me up!


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