Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with my family

So last night was Christmas with my family. We had a wonderful time! We had some delicious food & Christmas music & a really good time together. Mom & Dad's house looks so nice & Christmasy. I love it! 

We always do appetizers & desserts. This year, we had - 
a fruit & veggie tray from mom
dad's homemade fudge 
mom's broccoli cheese dip (my fave! good with fritos or veggies)
my spinach artichoke dip (with crackers & tostidos)
mom's "wassail" drink
this cranberry wine stuff brought by michelle & mike
michelle's bbq meatballs

All of the food was delicious! I put my Kari Jobe Christmas cd on low & we began to open gifts. It was pretty funny. Mom handed me & Michelle each a t-shirt size box & it was a $100 bill! We were like "woohoo!" Haha. Then mom handed Mike & Brad a smaller box & in THAT was a $100 bill! HAHAHA. It kept on going like that. We each got $300!! HOLY CRAP! It was nice! This is the first time in years that mom has worked & she was all apologetic about not having actual gifts wrapped. We were like "are you kidding!? This is fantastic!" {Thank you, Mom & Dad!}

Plus when i got there, i had a check from my aunt & uncle for Christmas! Can we say CANON REBEL!?!?! I almost have enough now & i get a bonus at work next week! SOOO excited! 

Michelle & Mike got Brad his favorite cologne, Pleasures (which smells awesome). They got me my favorite perfume which was on my wish list. Happy Heart by Clinique. I haven't had it in SO long & i've been using sweet pea body spray in the meantime! Which is fine, but i miss my Happy Heart. They gave me a box that came with the perfume, lotion, 2 lip glosses & a cute key chain. :)

We got Mike a gift card to Home Depot, Michelle a gift card to Francesca's (don't knock the gift cards, it's what they asked for!!) & dad this book he really wanted. I had gotten mom a Johnny Lang DVD that she wanted, but due to some TOTAL not thinking on my part, it didn't come in on time. So i gave her 2 pair of earrings (which she LOVED) & told her that her "real" gift was on the way. :) She was pretty excited. 

 me & my daddy

 me & marmie :) 

 Mike & Michelle

 Me & Brad

Ha...this is what happens when you try to take a sweet pic with two goofballs around!

There we go... :)

We had a wonderful time!! Love my family!


  1. Fun! I wouldn't mind getting $300!!!

  2. So fun! You're going to have to get that camera soon!

    Isn't Kari Jobe's Christmas CD awesome?

    I'm out of my favorite perfume too, and I've been using Dark Kiss by Bath and Body Works. It's ok, but I miss my perfume!

  3. So exciting that you are getting closer to your camera! Looks like you all had a great time!

  4. Yay for money for your camera! I'll contribute my dollar since I'm one of your FB friends! :)


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