Saturday, December 18, 2010

dinner at Zippy's & shopping!

Yesterday was great. I had a good day at work. Very productive & the phone rang less than a million times a minute, which is good :) I got so much done & the day FLEW by. LOVE! 

After work, i came home, changed clothes (it got cold again...) & then Brad & I left for Charlynn's Birthday Dinner at Zippy's! Ok, i had never eaten at Zippy's...except once a long time ago...love! It's like a mexican subway. Meaning, you tell them what you want & they make it right there...but instead of sandwich stuff, it's mexican stuff! HA! I got Chicken Quesadillas & they were DELISH!! Brad got the same thing. Sooo yum.

I brought Brownie-Covered-Oreos as requested by the birthday girl & they were a HIT! Charlynn's friends that i did not know were all like "OMG! Who made these!?" & "THANK YOU!" Haha. 

We had a great time. Some other theatre friends were there: Celeste & her daughter Arielle, Emily, Chuck, Evan & Davis. And Robert & his friend Holly came by right as we were leaving. :)

happy birthday, char!!!

After dinner, Brad & I went SHOPPING. Oh, fun! HA! But we got it ALL done except what we are getting each other. :) We ran to one place & knocked out 2 gift cards there right away. I guess i shouldn't say where, even though i know my family isn't reading this...and if they will read it, it will be after the fact. (Okay..*cough*homedepot*cough). After that we went to Perkins Rowe. Brad wanted to go to Barnes & Noble but i wanted him to come with me to this store i'd never been in before to get another gift card. He came in with me but after i realized i LOVED this store, i told him he could just go to the bookstore. I knew i might be awhile! This store was awesome...Okay, i'll tell you. It's Francesca's. My sister's favorite store & where she wanted a gift card. (My sister NEVER reads my blog & today she is BUSY BUSY so she certainly won't read it before she opens her gift tonight! So i think i am safe!) 

Anyway, i loved that store. They have so much cute stuff. And not expensive! I didn't get anything except for some cute socks (hey! I needed some!) & her gift card. After that, i ran into Charming Charlie's. I wasn't sure what time it was & they close at nine. It was full of people, though! This lady asked if i needed help & i told her i didn't & then i was like, "But aren't y'all about to close?!" They were closing in 5 minutes, but she told me to just go on & shop & take my time. I made a face because i used to work retail & i HATED when people came in right at closing time! She said, "seriously...if you don't shop i'm gonna be mad." HAHA. I thought that was SO nice. I looked around & took my time (plenty of others were in there, too.) About 5 sales associates asked me if i needed help & there was ZERO fake smiling or attitude problems underneath. I can sense that stuff a mile away. But everyone was so genuine & helpful. LOVE that!! So rare these days. Anyway, i got a couple pair of earrings for somebody & then went into Barnes & Noble. Picked up yet ANOTHER gift card. And i also got myself a novel. :) 

I know it seems like we get a LOT of gift cards. It's just what everyone is asking for. My favorite thing is picking out a GREAT gift for someone, but if all they want is gift cards... what can ya do? I'm glad that they can get what they want. :) (And we didn't get gift cards for everyone! Just for those who asked for that! Which was the majority! Haha.)

FINALLY we went to Walmart. I am making peanut butter blossoms & spinach artichoke dip (a new one for me!) for our Christmas today. I wanted to go ahead & get that so i wouldn't have to go to Walmart today! We were SO tired & our feet were killing us, but we did it! HAHA. Now, i just need to get to wrapping presents & cooking! My side of the family is having Christmas with each other tonight since we are all not going to be together next weekend. :) I can't wait till tonight! 

Well...hope you have an awesome weekend! :)


  1. Girl, I'm proud of you for shopping! haha. I went this morning at 9 am to get things for the dogs (LOL) and there were already a bunch of people out shopping! I thought about sneaking into Target to grab a few things I wanted, but it was already packed.
    I also just realized my Walmart grocery trip for the week is scheduled 2 days before Christmas. AHHHHH!

  2. I can't believe it is only one week till Christmas!

    Ok... nothing to do with your blog... but Liza and Jason were just playing and fighting (they mix it) and for some reason Liza got sad and she likes to make sniffing noises when she is sad so she started doing that. Then Jason stopped completely, leaned over and hugged her hahaha. I love when they sort it out themselves.

    ANYWAAAYYYYSS... hope you have fun with your fam tonight!


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