Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dinner guests, christmas festivities, & new stuff...

I must be a glutton for punishment, because I finally found what i am going to cook for dinner tomorrow night, and once again it's something i've never tried before. I guess that sounds like no big deal, but let me add that we are having 6 dinner guests over tomorrow night. I always do this. I always want to try a new recipe. I think of all the times we've had dinner guests over, i've tried a new recipe for almost all of them. Brave. Very brave! i never think about it in enough time so that i can make it for me & brad to try it out & then make again for the guests. I mean, i just found it 5 minutes ago. THE recipe. 

I will be making Pesto Chicken Lasagna. I really wanted to make lasagna (even though i've never made it before!) but wasn't 100% sure about it. I kinda wanted to do something with chicken. Then i found a recipe for Pesto Chicken Lasagna that sounds really good to me. The only thing that makes me nervous is that there are only 2 reviews (one saying it was fantastic & the other saying it was good but naming some things they would change). I always get nervous when i'm trying something new especially when said people have never had my cooking before! But oh-well. I always say what my mama says, "let's just eat it & pretend like it's good!" & i also always say, "if this isn't good, we'll have to order pizza!"

{For the record, i have never actually had to go with the pizza. SO FAR, everything has turned out just fine...}

Usually i would be totally FINE with having to order pizza. Like if Brad's parents were the dinner guests. They've eaten here enough to know that i can cook & they wouldn't think i am a terrible cook if i messed up one recipe & had to do pizza! But these are 3 couple-friends (one of which is probably reading this!) :) & only one of the couples has had my cooking. Eek! But i'm doing it anyway... they are GOOD friends & will still love me, even if it turns out bad! 

But i still don't want them to think i'm a bad cook! Haha! 

ANYWAY... after HOURS of searching for THE recipe, i found this one. And it looks great. So that's what i'm going with. Final answer! 

I am going to go with some of my own adjustments, but overall i'm doing it as it is. We'll see! I'm sure sometime this weekend i'll have it posted.

My only questions is...should i double the recipe? I don't want to not have enough food but i really don't wanna double it! Arghh... it says 12 servings, but how big are those servings? We will have 4 men here...

My friends are bringing drinks, ice, salad, an appetizer & a dessert. So all i gotta do is this meal (& garlic bread - i mean, what is lasagna without garlic bread?!)

The friends coming over are Adam & Katie, Amanda & Matt, and Becca & Mike. Amanda & Becca are two of my dearest friends. Amanda just married Matt in July. Adam & Katie have been married a little over 2 years & they are so sweet! I have known Adam FOREVER & got to know Katie a lot better when they came over for dinner a few months ago. I love her! Becca is such a sweetheart & just started dating Mike recently. I don't know him at all, but i hear he is a WONDERFUL person. He better be, because seriously? Becca is the kindest, most selfless friend you'd ever have & she truly deserves to have a guy that loves her for the fantastic person that she is. She is just a beautiful person. I am thrilled to have these friends over tomorrow night! I hope the dinner turns out delish! 

My mom is loaning me a table that will go in the den & will seat all 8 of us. I am excited we will all sit together now. Haha. Before i was going to have 4 of us in the kitchen & 4 in the den with a smaller table that we have. Which would have been fine, since the kitchen opens up into the den. But still, i'd rather this! I hope i can pull it all together. Thank God i'm off tomorrow! This house needs cleaning & i have to go to the grocery store & i have to run to mom's to get that table & possibly some christmas decor.

SO FUN! :) 

Can't wait. 

Then the next day is CHRISTMAS EVE! We are having gumbo & all the fixings at Brad's uncle's house (his mom's brother) at 1pm. After that, we'll go to Brad's parent's house & we'll have our own Christmas, exchanging gifts with his family. Then on Saturday, Christmas Day, we'll have Christmas dinner (also at 1pm) at his Aunt's house (his dad's sister). YUM! Can't wait! Sunday we are going to church (which i'm loving lately!) & Monday we're off again! Woohoo! 

To those who are wondering, i got my Tracfone today & am so thankful! I thought i was going to miss it, because i had to work today & it was a signature required delivery. (It was supposed to get here Friday...when Brad was off...otherwise we wouldn't have done the free overnight shipping!) Anyway, it showed "on the truck" this morning, but i thought i would miss it. Well, they let us go home at 3pm today & about 20 minutes after i got home, i heard the truck! Woohoo! I like my new phone. :) 

And the CANON REBEL! Wahoo! I have found some great deals thanks to my sweet friend Laura & i am so excited. I believe i will be getting a kit that is the camera plus a lens that has excellent zoom. It is exactly what i am looking for in my price range. I also need a good camera bag. I will have enough money for it & am thrilled! But i may have to wait till after Christmas, just too much going on this week! But next week is a definite possibility! 

Well, that's all for now. MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!


  1. It's always fun trying new recipes and I'm sure it will turn out yummy!! Merry Christmas!

  2. You are BRAVE! I never try a new recipe out on friends haha. Always try it myself first. Actually I have a hard time taking stuff to picnics or whatever that I can't try first... even if it is something I've made a gazillion times. Even if it's store bought brownie mix! I get all nervous that I did something wrong every time.

    Hope you have a great time tonight! I got your email about the camera and will check it out tonight and get back to you.

  3. Hope you dinner turned out fabulous! And, like Laura, I always need to try a recipe beforehand. So, yes, you are brave!

    Glad you got your phone! And how exciting about getting a camera! Woo hoo for you!

    Merry Christmas!


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