Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite Christmas Gift

Today's Blog Hop with Girl Talk is...

Favorite Gift You Received This Year

And this is really hard, because i LOVED the gift card to Zea's & the Happy Heart Cologne, and the fleur de lis earrings. BUT - what i definitely have to admit to loving the most... 

Oh, yes. I got a few of these. Enough to buy this... 


And this...
And i'm just soooo excited about it! Yes, i got a Canon Rebel xs & an extra zoom lens & i am ecstatic. I know it's not the latest & greatest version, but i really feel it's all i need right now. And no, it's not in yet. I just ordered it Sunday night, and i'm told it will be in between 12/30/10 & 1/5/11. But i can't wait!! My 2011 pics are going to be beautiful! =) 

Thanks to my parents, my in-laws, my hubby, my aunt erma & my aunt paula for the MULA! You rock!! 

I even had some left over for a purse & a pillow - two MUCH needed items - & man, i slept good on that new pillow last night! =) 

Cannot WAIT to get my camera in!!!! 

What was YOUR favorite Christmas gift? Tell us & link up here!


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