Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill-in-the-Blank Friday!

Well, i'm at work... & i really have a lot to do... but i just can't seem to get started. I mean, i just want to facebook & blog & email & all that. But i really need to get to work!! SO. I'm allowing myself two little memes & that's it! Then, it's back to work i go!! {For at least a few hours, i mean...}

First, Fill in the Blank Friday. :) If you wanna play, link up here! {I LOVE Lauren's pic for today!}

I wish our income would suddenly increase enough so that we could buy a house & so that i could be a stay-at-home mom. I am really content with the trailer these days, except for one thing: We need more storage space! Well, more space in general, but especially for storage.

Yesterday I threw a bit of a tantrum when AT&T's website made me angry. It included tears & i ended up marching myself straight to bed. And going straight to sleep. Which was a good thing, because apparently i really needed it & it was only 8 or 8:30 at the time. And i felt SO well-rested this morning. But yeah...it reminded me of a kid who is acting like a brat & is sent to bed early because of it. :)

Today I will work until 4:30, then run to my parents to pick up Fievel. I took him to the groomer this morning, but my dad will pick him up since he's off today. I can't wait to have a CLEAN DOG! He is just filthy - & stinky! Haha. Also, he's been kind of , um, annoying this week...& whenever he goes to the groomer, he comes back home & sleeps for days! HA!

what fievel looks like when he is in desperate need of a groom!

Tomorrow I will go to my friends Chris & Mary's wedding! I am so excited! My first show at the local theatre was Beauty & the Beast - that is where i met them & that is where they met each other! Chris had a crush on Mary for awhile, but she wasn't having it! She finally came to her senses (as he is a wonderful guy) & they've been dating for 3 or 4 years now. I can't wait to celebrate with them on their big day! :)

Mary & Chris
engagement photo by Kyle LeMaire

Maybe I should get to work now...

Someday I will be a mommy.

I love the holiday season...from our anniversary (Nov 14th) to Thanksgiving to Christmas & then New Year's! Days off work, extra time with family & friends... i just love it. :)

Happy Friday!!!


  1. girl, you got the baby fever :)

  2. I love this post!!!

    Also, you live in a trailer? Eee!!! My wife and I lived in one for a quite a while, but had to sell her for an apartment. We too, needed more room and more money. We were both quite sad. :( But I do dream of one day, living in a moving home. Either a trailer or a sailboat!


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