Sunday, December 19, 2010

just a little bit of random... {okay, a lot}

Jill at another day in the same life (aka Jillry) has been posting crockpot recipes everyday for a week or so...they sound sooo good. I haven't tried one yet, but i am going to for sure! Check it out!

I love Leigh Stanley's Curly Girl. The cutest stuff. This is the last month that i will be looking at her cute artwork on my fridge. I've had her calendar for the last 2 years, but in 2011 i'm going with a cute coffee calendar i found. However, i will have Curly Girl's mini calendar at work! Check out December 2010. Too cute! (I know i am strange...but by now y'all know i am calendar obsessed!)

You should check out their website because it has the cutest stuff - i am also obsessed with stationery & there is no shortage of the cutest stationery ever!! (uh oh - i just found their blog - weee!)

Tonight I am having a girl's night with my best friend Sarah & another friend Deborah! I am excited! It was supposed to be about 5 of us, but i don't think that is happening... one friend can't come now & the other just got in from Texas about an hour ago - and if it were me, i'd want to just CHILL. But i still would be thrilled if she came! We are going to dinner at either La Madelines or California Pizza Kitchen & then we plan to see The Tourist. Yay!

We are having people over for dinner next Thursday! Ahhh! Thankfully i have that day off so i can clean house & such. My dear friend Amanda & her hubby Matt will be in from Cali, so we're having them over plus our friends Adam & Katie, and my friend Becca & her guy, Mike. I know we will have so much fun! I am making the main entree...& i'm not sure what to make yet. Lasagna sounds good & easy but i've never made it before, so maybe not. Still deciding. They're all pitching in & bringing something. We will probably play games too. I am looking forward to it! But it will be interesting - since our table fits 4 people. Brad is going to bring a fold-out table we have into the den. That one seats 4 as well. So we'll have 2 tables... but oh-well! :) 

I have decided that i just love chic lit by english authors. First i read the entire "Shopoholic" series, by Sophie Kinsella. LOVE. Then i got into Marian Keyes & read all of her books...SO funny & well-written. I was bummed when i finished all of those! After that i got into another author - i think Emily Giffin is British (i could be totally wrong - but i'm not getting up to look on my shelves) & i got into hers...read them all (except the new one but i'm waiting for it to come out on paperback). Well, now i just grab a book here & there, but haven't latched on to any particular author. But the other day i got one by Jill Mansel. And i LOVE it!! She, too, is british. The humor is just great. I am reading "an offer you can't refuse" & it's cute. 

I am in need of a purse. Again. 

Okay, so i have NEVER been one to spend hundreds of dollars on a purse, but i used to spend probably around $40 on one. Well, about 3 months ago maybe, i got a purse that cost $28 bucks. I LOVED it. I got it. It lasted about a month. Then all the lining on the inside ripped up & my stuff would disappear between the lining and the bottom of the purse. Annoying! 

So then i was in CATO (i have bought clothes there before & i love them!) & i saw a purse for $21. Loved it. Got it. It was perfect. But it's been two weeks & the strap has totally & completely broken off. Ugh!!! Not happy! 

All i can say is - no more $20 purses! I like my purses to last for a LOT longer than that!! 

So, i am already annoyed with Tracfone. Now, i know already that they are EXCELLENT since we have their phones now. But actually ordering a phone & having it shipped to you is ANNOYING. I ordered the phone on Wednesday, around 7 pm.  It had a Christmas special of free overnight shipping. It said that if you ordered after 3, it would not come until the day after NEXT. Meaning i ordered 7 pm Wednesday, so it should have gotten there Friday. This was a free deal, but with a required signature upon delivery. The regular shipping was like 6 bucks. Well, brad was off on Friday, so we did the signature delivery one since it was FREE, overnight & he would be here to sign for it. Well, it didn't come on Friday. At one point, i called them & they said they didn't have a tracking number at that point but i could call back in 24 hours (no they do not email you the tracking number). I was like "well, it should get here today since it was overnight, so i'm not going to call back in 24 hours...thanks for nothing". (Ok, i didn't really say that last part.) 

So yesterday i called again just to see about a tracking number. I mean, i would have paid the 6 bucks for the NO signature required one if i knew it wouldn't come until next week! I cannot take off of work to wait for a package. This was part of my conversation with the guy yesterday - 
"Is there any way, since it hasn't actually shipped yet, that we could change it to the regular shipping? Because it is signature required but no one will be here when it gets here now." 

"No, i can't change it once it's in the system." 

"Well, that sucks. Because no one will be here to get it. I wouldn't have done the overnight shipping if i knew it wasn't actually going to come overnight." 

"Well, actually you did it after 3, so it was supposed to come the NEXT day." 

"I know. But it didn't. And now we won't be here when it does come. I wouldn't have done overnight..." 

"Well, that was actually a FREE service..." 

I mean, really. This guy was TOTALLY missing the point. I don't MIND it taking 2 weeks! But i only did it because it was free & someone would be here to sign for it! I wouldn't have minded if they had just had a warning on their website saying that it might NOT actually be overnight due to the holidays! Ya know? He told me to have a friend or family member come sit at my house to sign for it. I mean...thanks, dude...but everyone WORKS! Or is too busy to come sit at my house for a package that may or may not arrive! 

Anyway. I know it's a great company but i am NOT pleased with this part of the process... i'll be ok once i get the phone! :)

My husband is going to be teaching piano lessons! This is a long time coming & i am sooo excited. He let me put on my facebook that he will start teaching in January if anyone is interested & we immediately had LOTS of replies! He is brushing up on his music reading skills (because he mainly plays by ear) & getting a few other things ready, but he is excited! Please keep him in your prayers because he is really unsure about how to go about doing some of it, but thankfully he has some friends who are helping him to understand the logistics of it. I am thrilled about this! :)

Well, this is an extremely long post now & i gotta run! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Annoying customer service is the most annoying thing ever!

  2. I'm going to have to check out those calendars and stationary. I love that stuff!

    Ha, I hate shopping for purses. I use only one for about a year and then I buy a new one. Haha, I'm not a purse girl.

    That's fun about a girls night! Those are the best.

    I love Emily Giffin! I'm going to have to look up those books that you mentioned. I'm in need of some new books!

  3. I quickly looked at the blog with the crock pot recipes. I'll definitely be trying some too!

    That's a bummer about the purses and the phone. I hate buying purses. I can never find one that I like. So I buy one like every 5 years. :) Hopefully you'll get the phone soon!

    I have a bunch of books that Laura loaned me to read. I think I've gotten through 2 of them maybe so far? I never seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done AND have time to read. I do plan to read at least one while the kids are home on Christmas break though.

  4. Oh definitely invest in a GOOD purse. I have a few "good" purses, and I change them out throughout the year so I don't get bored with the same ol purse. The oldest one I have, I got about 5 or 6 years ago and it is still in GREAT shape. If it's something you're really wanting, check out Dillards - they might not put clothes on sale very often, but they do put handbags on sale ALOT. Merry Christmas!

  5. Sorry to over comment...my computer is being retarded, and wouldn't let me put my gmail address with my last comment. I know that's a pet-peeve of yours, so I didn't want you to think I did it on purpose!! :)
    And NOW it will let me connect to gmail...

  6. What a hassle with your phone!!!!!!! Really annoying! I had dealing with ANY kind of customer service issues with ANY company. It's always ridiculous in my experience.

    Let me know if you find any good deals on a decent purse! I'm in the market for a new one. It will be difficult parting with my Dooney, but it has to be done! LOL.

    UGH too darn bad we live far apart :( Kareem has been wanting to learn how to play the piano for the last few years. congratulations to Brad though! I'm happy and excited on this new adventure!!!!


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