Saturday, December 4, 2010

a little happy for you! ...or two?!

Some of you may know & some of you may not know - but i recently kinda promised you guys a giveaway. Not on my blog, though...

You see, i am a member of Shop It To Me, a site that sends you email alerts about great sales. It's customizable - you tell them your sizes (yours, your kids, your husband) & the brands/stores that you love most, and they send you weekly emails with the sales going on that fit what you told them. The only thing i have bought from this so far is a clutch from Nine West...regularly 69 dollars & i got it for 19! I signed up for alerts from Old Navy, Gap, Kate Spade (just in case one of her sales brings it down soooo far that i can actually afford something - LOVE her designs but could never afford anything!), Nine West, and some other places that i can't remember right now. I hardly ever buy, but it is fun to look!

Well, recently i had a chance to win a Canon Rebel off of this site. And you all know how much i want one of those. So i got a little bit desperate & emailed bunches of people to please join Shop It To Me on my behalf & then i'd have a better chance of winning. (I didn't win it...unless it's still going on...). BUT i was also told that if 10 people i invited signed up, then i'd get a $10 gift card to J. Crew. And i promised all my emailees that I'd give away that gift card on my blog since i can't fit into any of J Crew clothing am so nice! :)

Well, 10 of my friends DID sign up! And when i went to claim my giftcard, i discovered that i had a choice of giftcards! A choice of about 10 different places! I don't remember what they all were... but i decided to get the AMAZON giftcard. I figured, you can buy ANYTHING on Amazon (including j crew clothing, if that's what you want! Ha!).

I received the $10 Amazon Gift Card yesterday. And now i'm here to give it away!!!

(I think my husband thought i was going to keep it for myself. But giveaways are so much more fun!)

Oh, wait. Remember that clutch i mentioned above? The one & only thing i bought off of Shop it to Me? Well, it was actually not the kind of clutch i was looking for. I wanted a clutch, ie, a VERY SMALL purse. I failed to look at the dimensions & when it came in - too big. Don't get me wrong - it's small for a purse - but big for a clutch. Not what i was looking for. Soooo... i think i will give away that too!! Here are some pics. If it's not your cup of tea, it would make a good gift (i will not tell you got it for free, haha!)!
A pretty hot pink/coral color. 

Lots of pockets! 

 Yes, the inside is kinda crazy! but deep! Lots of room in there!

So the winner will receive both - the Nine West Clutch & the $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Info to Enter:

1.) Leave a comment on this blog. One comment per person. Tell me what you think you would buy with your $10 gift card (or what it would go toward). Don't worry, i won't hold ya to it! Also, tell me if you are a Little Mrs. Married reader or a Try Try Again reader (or both).

2.) Please do not advertise this giveaway on your blog, facebook, etc. I know many bloggers like you to do that to get people to visit their blog, but honestly this is a "thank you" to my current readers. And, by the way, if you are a frequent reader who never comments, you are still okay to enter! Most of you have told me in person that you read my blog daily... as for the rest of you, tell me in your comment that you do read my blog - i will just have to trust ya! ;)

3.) You do not have to have a blog account to enter. You can enter anonymously. Just please leave your name so i will know who you are!!

4.) I will announce a winner on Saturday, December 11, 2010 around 10 am (central standard time). Winners will be chosen the old-fashioned way (i'll put your names in a hat bowl something & draw one). The winner will be notified on this blog & will have 24 hours to email me to claim their prizes! After 24 hours, if i haven't heard from the winner, i will pick a new one.

And...here we go!! 

P.S. If joining Shop it to Me is something you are interested in, let me know your email address & i'll send you an invite!!


  1. Ohh I love the clutch! I would use the amazon card towards some new Rachael Ray cookware that I am saving for!

  2. What a great giveaway! The clutch isn't really my cup of tea, but I have a friend who would absolutely love it! As far as the Amazon gift card, I would put it toward one of the many things I currently have in my Wish List on their site. :)

    Oh, and I read both blogs ... and love them both! Does sucking up get me an extra entry? Just kidding!

  3. I found your blogs through my friend Sarah (posted right above me!) and I read both of your blogs. Not sure what I would use the gift card for but I'm sure I could find something. And I really really need a new purse and that one is cute!

  4. Suuuuuper giveaway! WANT that clutch!

    You have the most awesome header EVER! :)

    I would probably use the amazon card to get either music or books that my book club is reading next year.

  5. I found this giveaway on this blog.

    I would love to use that $10 toward a postcard set of vintage book covers! :) We are using them as a "guestbook" for our wedding!!

  6. Right now there are a couple of books on Amazon.com that I'd like to buy for Haden, but haven't been able to justify it quite yet. Maybe if I won the 10 I could!

  7. I love reading both of your blogs!! I think I could put to use the clutch and far as Amazon..I would probably sewing machine supplies!

  8. I LOVE the clutch, how fun!!! Seriously, I love love love it. And with the $10 I would probably put it towards buying a book...something I LOVE buying but always feel guilty about because of the awesome library down the street. Pick me, pick me!!! :)

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  10. cool giveaway! I'd probably give the purse to one of my sisters, since I travel by diaper bag these days :) And the giftcard would probably go towards another stroller accessory I want-- a parent console (it holds water bottles and keys). Geez, reading my comment made me realize I have become a drab mom. hahaha!

    ANDDDDD... I read Little Mrs. Married :)

  11. I so love giveaways and the clutch.I would use the Amazon gift card toward the new Nicholas Sparks book...love his books:)I just started reading your blog and I love it and your story about how you and your husband met.I have become addicted to blogs and someday I want to have my own.

    I'm interested in knowing more about the Shop it to me website. Here is my email address...dbr311@bellsouth.net



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