Thursday, December 2, 2010

making decisions...

Thanks for all of your input on my last post about theatre. Feel free to continue to give me your thoughts... but i think i have come to a decision already! Of course this is all subject to change, but for now i have a good feeling about it all...

1. I'm not going to SM Crimes of the Heart. It'll give me free time at home during the Christmas season, time to make plans with friends & family without being tied up into rehearsals. It'll be a good thing.

2. I'm also not going to audition for Guys & Dolls. As you may have noticed, there were a LOT of cons on that list. I found out some of the people auditioning for Adelaide - the only part i'd truly want - & one of the girls auditioning (who i love, btw) is AMAZING. Like, seriously, she should just go to NYC right now. I'm pretty sure she would be cast, easily (i mean as Adelaide at BRLT - but on Broadway in NYC applies, too. HAHA). Plus, rehearsals for that would tie up half of January & all of February & March & I think maybe the beginning of April, too. It would be worth it if i was Adelaide, but not if i was in the chorus. I need to be working at the Manship & saving my pennies!

3. I AM going to take the acting class with Jack. Pretty sure anyway. This is the class description:

Jan 24, 31, Feb 7, 14, 21, & 28, 2011
Instructor: Jack Lampert
$90 ($100 if paid after Jan 19)
What does it take to be an actor? How do you develop a character? How do you interpret a scene? The result will be a one act play in a mock performance.

I LOVE Jack, he is so nice & fun. Plus, my friend Ronald is probably taking the class (he is the one who told me about it), plus i've told two other friends who auditioned for Crimes & they sounded very interested too! So that would be fun! And it wouldn't take away from Manship, since it's only one night a week (& Manship hardly ever has engagements on Monday nights).

4 - A new option i don't think i mentioned in my last post - i am going to either SM or audition for "It Runs in the Family" which is in May. I would volunteer to SM it right now, except I want to read the script first to see if there is a part i'd like to audition for.

So there ya have it! None of it is set in stone, but pretty much how i'm feeling right now! :)


  1. I love that you are putting yoru dreams into action but taking acting classes!! Go you!! o yea and GO EXERCISE =) Just had too!!


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