Tuesday, December 7, 2010

well, i tried!!

I tried to participate in the Girl Talk blog hop today, i really really did. I waited too late to get stuff together & ended up with a last second hurry-up-gotta-find-old-photos! It didn't work out too well.

Sometime last year, i reorganized all the photos i have. But they're all just from college. And none of them have crazy clothes or crazy hairstyles.

Most of the "good" pictures are at my parent's house.

Then, i thought i'd go looking through our yearbooks, but that would just be the small class picture anyway. Wished i had some of the larger prints. But those are all at my mom's.

Well, awhile back, some of the people from my elementary school class found each other on facebook. We formed a group & even had a reunion in July! Which went very well... had a blast that night! Anyway, i remembered that some of them scanned some pictures & put them on facebook. So i stole a few & i thought i'd share them. Sorry they are small & all black & white. And sorry they're from elementary school, instead of middle & high school! Hopefully one day i can find those & share them with you! But this is all i got for now...

I went to this particular school in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd & 4th grades. I'm sad i was somewhere else in 2nd grade. Because that is what i call my "ugly" year. Seriously. :)

Kindergarten = long hair with bangs. and a sailer knot thingie. 

1st Grade = Long hair with bangs. Pigtails. And, man, i wish it was clearer for you. But that would be a pink hippopatomas on my outfit.

Now. In 2nd Grade, we went to a different school. That was the year that i decided i HAD to have a perm just like my mommy's. HAD TO. I loved her curls. Well, my perm didn't turn out quite as pretty as hers! It was what i call "george washington curls". YIKES! Apparently i had mom cut the curls all off. And it looked AWFUL!!

3rd grade (above) is the chopped hair grown out a bit. Trust me. It's an improvement!

And here i am in 4th. Hair much longer & in curls how i wanted them. A sidebow. Notice the girl 2 people over (Lisa) has the same hairdo. I'm pretty sure i was copying her. She was one of the cool kids. (She is in two of the other pics too). Oh yeah...the shirt i'm wearing? I remember it. It had colorful letters with an animal. Like, a panda bear sitting on the letter B. That seems a little kiddy for a 4th grader, doesn't it?! Ha! 

So, there ya have it! I wish wish wish i'd gotten together some stuff earlier so you could at least see some clearer pictures! One of these days, i'll show you some better/funnier pics! 

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  1. Weren't you cute!

    Like you, I don't have pics from my middle/high school years. Either my mom or my sister have them. I'll have to hit them up for them. It would be fun to look back.

  2. Haha, too cute. I don't have any pictures from my childhood! Yet, anyway. My parents have them all and I don't think I'll get them back any time soon. :)

  3. I want to see a second grade photo hahaha!

    A pink hippo on your shirt = awesome!

    And I used to wear really big hair bows. Thank God that phase is long gone hahaha. Although there is this person I see kind of regularly who is kind of stuck in the 80s and she still wears the big bows. Makes me chuckle a little bit.


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