Wednesday, December 15, 2010

office christmas party

i had a really really good day today. 

We only had to work until 11 am. Then we left for our office Christmas party. This year it was at Sammy's, a restaurant that i LOVE & that is more out towards my house. Lunch was delicious. We had a choice of like 5 things & i chose the Catfish Acadiana. Words do not describe its deliciousness. There was rice. And catfish. And a crawfish etouffee type sauce over the top. AMAZING. Oh, and a small sensation salad too. So good.

For dessert, cheesecake or white chocolate & blueberry bread pudding. Now, i am a cheesecake FREAK. I LOVE it. And i used to HATE bread pudding, but i've realized in recent years that it can be good if done right. I went with the bread pudding. I didn't eat it all, but it was really good. YUM!

We had a great time. 

We played White Elephant. Now i know some people do this game with gag gifts, but we do it with nice gifts. The price was $20. I brought a $20 gift card to Dominoes, because there is a group of girls at work that ALWAYS order from Dominoes. I figured someone would love that. My coworker Tonya ended up getting it & she was like "yes! tonight is pizza night!". She is at the uncomfortably pregnant stage & doesn't feel much like cooking. I'm glad she got it. She is my Office BFF. :) 

Another coworker got a cute silver thing shaped like a Christmas Tree that you put candles in. I loved it & thought about stealing it from her...but i didn't...and, well, that was kind of a mistake. I hesitate to say what i picked, in case someone from work is reading (doubtful...but still), but let me just say i got the WORST gift there. Not cute at all. Extremely tacky. And, well - it was clothing - in a size SMALL. I mean, why would you do that? And we were supposed to spend $20. This is not even worth $1! I hate to be mean, but...wow. The girls sitting around me were like "omg! I cannot believe someone brought that!" & "That is just WRONG." HAHA.

I was kinda bummed, but my coworker with the cute Christmas Tree thing gave it to me. She said her house is all decorated for Christmas & that this didn't really go with what she has now. So i was happy!! :)

Anyway...we had a lot of fun. And the BEST part of the evening?

We're getting a BONUS!!!!

This is my third Christmas there & we have never gotten a bonus! Ever! I mean, i work for a non-profit, these things don't usually happen. But our director announced that we get a bonus & that it will be deposited in our accounts next Wednesday. In between paydays. How awesome! It's a percentage of our yearly salary. I'm not exactly sure how much it will be, but i know it's a pretty good chunk. Which means....


I can hardly believe it. But if i use my Christmas bonus...plus random money i may get for Christmas....that's what i'm gonna get! It's looking pretty good for me!


So yeah - it was a great day. After the party we didn't have to go back to work. Yay!!

{Totally loving my job right now. Okay, not LOVING. That might be a bit much. But LIKING. Not hating at all. This is progress. Haha!}

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  1. I heart Sammy's as well! And cheesecake! And presents! And bonuses!!!! What a great day for you!!!


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