Friday, December 10, 2010

fievel, weekends & our mini-tree.

I am so thankful it's the weekend!

Today was a pretty good day at work. I sometimes get really annoyed by certain phone calls. Today that kind of call happened late in the day & i threw what i call a mini-fit (you know...like a tantrum...but not an all-out one. No cursing, no tears, just some loud venting with a lot of "good grief!" & the word "ridiculous". After we hung up, i mean). But i accomplished a ton at work today & that always feels good!

After work i headed to pick up Fievel from the groomer. MAN, he was filthy! And stinky! That may be the longest we have ever gone without getting him groomed. Fievel has gone there his whole little life, but everytime i've moved, i've tried to find him a place nearer to me. I always go back to Petworks. They rock. I think i will stop trying to find someone near me. Unless we move an hour away or something. Ha!

When Fievel gets groomed, he comes home EXHAUSTED! He'll eat, pee, & then sleep. That's it. He spends a lot of time bugging us in the evenings. Mainly because he's been home sleeping all day while we've been at work. I think at the groomer's there is a lot of action & him probably freaking out watching the other dogs. HA! He is sleeping right now. Yay.

After i got Fievel, I had to run by my parents to drop off a gift for my sister's fiance. Mom & Dad are going to Mandeville tomorrow & Mike's birthday is today. It was great running over to mom & dad's...i haven't been there in awhile & haven't seen them since our anniversary! Too long. I missed them. Mom & I talked for a little while. I was staring at her tree...it is the perfect size. It's what i want for next year. We have a mini-tree, which has been just fine for our first 2 Christmases together & i love it just as much this year - but i've started wanting a regular size one. Not HUGE but a regular sized one. Mom's is tall but narrow (like yours, Patti!) & i LOVE it. It's perfect. I was staring at it, thinking all this, & mom said, "I want to get a different one next year. A huge one. So you could have that one next year if you want it." Um, what? HAHA. She read my mind. She also said i can store it there. We have noooo storage, so this is a very good thing! After Christmas, mom & i are going to go shopping & maybe i can find some ornaments for next year's tree on sale! :)

I leave you with some pics. I love our tree & stockings. And our wreath is kinda cute, too. :)

 i think mom gave me this a few years ago. i heart it. 

 our little mini-tree! this was brad's actually, but he only had lights on it! i added ornaments & the ribbon. the red balls came from potterybarn. they were really inexpensive (believe it or not!). The other ornaments are tiny things like stockings, nutcrackers, gingerbread houses, etc. 

our stockings! i got them at potterybarn, too, with a giftcard i had for a wedding gift. They were on sale for like 5 bucks. I took them to The Creative Touch where i used to work & had them monogrammed. I absolutely love them. As you can see, they hang on our hutch. No mantels here!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Awww, beautiful pictures!!! I love your little tree!!! When my wife and I were long distance, before we got married (we met when I was 13, got married when I was 18!) we had a little mini tree each. And we'd get stuff like lights, mini ornaments, etc. When I moved out to move in with her, we got more stuff like mini lights, a mini tree skirt, etc. ^_^

    I LOVE mini tress! We have a big tree now, so I'm trying to figure out where to put our mini!

  2. Love that wreath! Super cute! Your tree is adorable, also. :)

    I'm jealous that Fievel comes homes exhausted. Millie comes homes even crazier. (haha)

    I got all mine and Dave's ornaments at Wal-Mart on Dec. 26th the year we were engaged. I got easily 200 dollars worth of ornaments for MAYBE 50 bucks. Give it a shot, they have beautiful stuff this year!

  3. Our tree is tall and skinny this year. I bought it last year on clearance after Christmas. I'm not crazy about it. Doug said we'll get a real tree next year. I'm not crazy about that either. :)

    And I probably have the most expensive ornaments since we buy the kids a new special one each year. We have many hand-made ones on it also, but if I added up how much money the Hallmark and personalized ornaments cost, well, I don't want to think about it. :)

    That's funny about Fievel. I've never taken Honey to a groomer. I probably should. She could use a professional cleaning. Doug and/or I usually do it.

  4. Oh wow, how perfect! I love it when things like that work out.

    I went with my mom to drop her dogs off at the "puppy spa" yesterday (yes, that's what it's called) and they always come back with a little bow - how cute!

  5. Beautiful decorations! Lexie does the same thing as Fievel, she comes home exhausted! I love it cause she is quiet for the rest of the night!! So funny!

  6. Love the decorations! That's awesome that you get your mom's tree next year! We were given my in-law's old tree and I'm so glad because we didn't have to buy one, but I'm wanting to find a new one for next year. Our's has seen better days, but it's ok! I would love to find one in the summer when they're cheaper!


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