Monday, December 27, 2010

Shop til ya drop...

That's what i did today! And i don't even LIKE to shop (much - i liked it more than usual today because i had money - HA!) 

Today was a great day & I am so thankful that I had another day off! Very sad to go back in to work tomorrow, though. BUT, as i keep reminding myself, it is only for 3 days, because we're off on Friday, too!

{Sigh.} I love 3-day work weeks.

Well, this morning I got up a bit early & met up with two dear friends for breakfast at LaLou's! Aka, Another Broken Egg. We had a great time & the food was yummy! The company was the best...my friends Brittany & Rachel. Brittany is one of my best theatre friends & she moved to NYC last year-ish & so i always try to see her when she is in town! We email a lot, but i love to see her sweet face! Well, she'd planned a get together Friday night, but i couldn't go because i was hosting a dinner party at my house. So we decided to have breakfast this morning instead. Rachel came too & i was thrilled, because even though Rachel (who was the first person i met in Beauty & the Beast - she helped calm my nerves at my first ever audition!) lives in town, we hardly ever see each other. We had a lovely little breakfast together - & I already miss them both! 

NOT my favorite picture of me - but at least they look good! :) Haha. Anyway, we had a fun time. And, by the way, Brittany has a blog so you could check it out...she's the one who moved to NYC & i really have no doubt that she will star on Broadway one of these days... & you will be sad you didn't get to know her when she was just a little peon...{er, not that you are a peon, brittany. And i hope it's okay that i advertise your blog! Haha!} I love these girls!!

After breakfast, i met my mom at Macy's for some shopping! While i was waiting for her, i looked at the purses. As you know - the last 2 purses i bought - in the $20 range - did not last long at ALL. I am one of these people that chooses one purse & then uses just that one until it literally falls apart. Well, one lasted a month & the other lasted 2 weeks! That's it! Okay, so i am done with $20 purses. I have been using a clutch in the meantime & i hate having a purse with no shoulder strap! Anyway, i didn't see one in Macy's, so i ran over to JC Penney's. I got a purse! YAY! It was regularly $50, but was on sale for $30. Hooray! I love it. It's black & has TONS of pockets... it's cute. They had a cute green one & i almost got it. But i went with the black instead. I also got 2 pair of socks - haha - i needed some!

Then i met mom in Macy's & she was looking through all their kitchenware. i was in HEAVEN but didn't buy anything. I did, however, buy myself a PILLOW. That's right. My pillow is not comfortable at all, and i'm always saying i'll buy me one, but i never do. I found one on sale & got it. I am so glad! It is SO COMFY! =) Later, we went to Potterybarn & i got 2 pillowcases. We needed a couple more. And PB was having a huge after-christmas sale, so they were not expensive at all. 

Mom & I then went to grab lunch (well, she did - i was still full from LaLou's!) & then we ran to Target. My feet were KILLING me. Ugh! I was WORN OUT. I walked around target with a buggy, but i didn't buy a thing. Nothing interested me. So i left. We were going to go to Hobby Lobby, but were too tired! So we went home & will do Hobby Lobby another day. =) 

It was a fun day, though! And, well - it's back to work tomorrow!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. What a fun day! I'm not a shopper either. I find what I'm looking for and I get out of there! Yay for new purses! I'm buying one next week, hopefully. I have some Christmas money coming soon and a new purse is needed!

  2. I don't like to shop either! I'm just like Rebekah, get what I need and get out! My family hates shopping with me haha. So glad you found a new good purse!


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