Sunday, December 5, 2010

tonight's christmas concert

Tonight we went with Brad's family to his sister's church for their annual Christmas concert. I went last year, too & it was awesome. They usually do several songs with just the church's band, soloists & choir & then they always have a guest artist to do a concert as well. This time, they had two guest artists...Saxophonist Nathan Woodward & the singing group, The Martins

I absolutely LOVED Nathan Woodward. He was fantastic... I kinda wish i had gotten his cd! I absolutely loved hearing him play. Fantastic! I was grinning ear to ear the whole time. Wow! I love hearing people play like that! 

I wasn't sure if i'd enjoy The Martin's as much... i heard them some growing up & know they are a bit more country... not my favorite style of music. However, i was very much LOVIN their music! I think they sound better than ever, or maybe it's just that i love how they sing Christmas music, i don't know. But they sounded AWESOME. I want their Christmas cd, but Brad said his parents have it, so i didn't get it. I can borrow! But i really loved The Martin's. I also loved hearing them talk & goof off with each other. You can definitely tell they are siblings! :) 

The youngest sister, Judy, talked for a minute about her battle with depression. She mentioned that she takes medicine for it. I absolutely understand that - maybe because people in my family have been through this kind of mental illness, or maybe because i myself have struggled with depression - either way, i get it. I know there are christians who have issues with people who take anti-depressants. Considering that, I thought it was very brave of her to tell that story. She explained how it has made her realize everyday just how much she needs her Savior. It was meaningful & i know a lot of people were ministered to by her words. 

The group was hilarious & fun & sang soooo well together! I loved them. 

The absolute BEST part of the evening was Little Drummer Boy. Ohmygosh. Now, Jaimie (my sis-in-law) had told me that they were having LSU's drumline in to play this song. I knew it would be awesome & it was what i was looking forward to the most. It started off silent & then with just Shane (the worship leader there) singing it. He sounded awesome. He was down stage left & another guy was downstage right playing the violin. They had 1 guy playing on a drum & then at some point 4 more guys joined him. They played a lot & at some point they ran off stage & the church drummer picked up where they left off. Then they came back with garbage cans & continued to play there! At the end they sang it again - Shane & the entire choir. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC IT SOUNDED!!

I actually had tears in my eyes. I was so moved. Brad saw my face & said, "I have GOT to take you to a drum corp!" - something he's told me about before. I was just totally amazed. I could have listened to them all night! I totally regretted not videoing it with my camera! By the time i thought of it, it was almost over.

SO GOOD, y'all. 

It was a great night. I've been a bit depressed this weekend. Some things in life not going my way {i know - whine whine, right?!} & it's just had me really down. It's been hard these last few weeks. Especially this weekend. There is something i am dealing with right now that is just...no fun at all... I am not at liberty to discuss much more than that. But just know that i have cried a lot of tears today & yesterday. And when i haven't been crying, i have been just REALLY down. I kind of feel like i have no PURPOSE. And i hate that feeling.

Part of the reason i wanted to get into Crimes of the Heart was because it would be a great DISTRACTION. Something i kind of need right now. But that didn't happen. I was considering again tonight auditioning for Guys & Dolls... after coming to a peace about NOT auditioning! I still am not going to do it, unless i can come up with a song that i already know. But so far, i just can't think of one & don't really wanna have to stress about it! (Vocal auditions are tomorrow night!) 

I just feel a bit lost. Without a purpose. When i stage manage, i feel like i have definite purpose. Performing gives me that feeling, too. My job? Well, not really...though i actually found myself looking forward to work tomorrow...just to have something to do to keep me busy. But still, it's definitely not something i feel like i was MEANT TO DO. What i really want is out of my reach right now. So i just have to calm down & be patient! 

What i feel like is that there ARE some things i should be doing...things that can be a distraction & also make me feel like i have a purpose... and that is - work on my health. Pour my little heart into eating healthy, exercising consistently & cooking nutritiously. And work plenty at the Manship so i can save some money! Those are the things i should do! Those are the things i should fill my time with! Time will fly & before i know it, i WILL have the things that i am longing for. Because it is a desire that God put in me. It's just not the right time right now. 

All that to say, tonight reminded me of Who is worthy to be praised & Who is the reason for this Christmas season. :) If i just focus on Him, everything's gonna be alright.

Pray for me, if you think about it. I need to be able to say what Paul said: 

"I know what it is to be in need & i know what it is to have plenty. 
I have learned the secret of being content in any & every situation whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." 

Philippians 4:12-13

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  1. I think you might be spot on that maybe your "purpose" right now is to work on your health. It is obviously something that is important to you, and being in a production right now might limit your opportunities to get to the gymand eat healthy. Believe me, I know it sucks to not get into a show you really had your heart set on, but just use this free time to your advantage and I bet you will be glad you did. Hugs!

  2. I often feel like I lack purpose too. Funny right? I mean I have my kids to nurture and grow in to adults who can function well in society. But there has to be more to life than that! What I'm finding is that I am learning to find my purpose in the little things... calling a friend, shoveling out the single mom's driveway, leading something, working in the church nursery. It helps when I don't think of my purpose needing to be something huge.

    My two cents. :)

  3. That concert sounds amazing! Glad you enjoyed it!
    I'll be praying for you and what you're dealing with. I'm sorry that it has you so upset lately. I pray that God gives you the desires of your heart & gives you the strength and patience to wait on Him if it is not His will right now.
    LOVE YA! :)


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