Thursday, December 16, 2010

i never thought i'd say this, but...

I am really hating facebook.
I have this problem with things that don't actually WORK properly. It really just gets on my nerves.

And lately, Facebook is just not working the way it should.

For example...

I'll be in the middle of writing a friend a message & SUDDENLY, without warning, "Please log in to continue" pops  up. Sometimes i hurry real fast & copy the message i was writing, re-log in & paste it into a new message & hurry up & finish the message before i am booted out again.

Sometimes i'm not so lucky & lose everything i just wrote.

Oh, the notifications. I don't get them by email because I don't want them that way. But they have to notify me not once, but twice, on facebook itself. One little red arrow at the top & one little memo box at the bottom left. What is up with that? And if i don't click on BOTH of them, they won't go away. Why? What is the purpose?

Also, it often notifies me WAY after the fact. Like, "oh thank you so much, Facebook, for telling me Patti wrote on my wall. I saw that FOUR HOURS AGO!"

AND YET...new facebook notifications? I may never get them. Annoying!

When i click on the red arrow, the newest message that it is notifying me about - that one goes away. So then i only can see the one i already saw.

I am not explaining this well. But if you are having the same issues, you'll get it.

{Other Issues}
Sometimes someone will write on my wall. I will type a reply to it & ... what? There's no comment button? Umm....where did it go?! Seriously...it's gone. Just now, a friend wrote on my wall. I commented, but there was no comment button. So i refreshed the page. Still not there. So i got out of facebook & logged in again. Then it wouldn't take me to my profile so i could see his comment again. The story continues, but...i still haven't been able to respond to his comment.

Update: I just got back on FB. There is still no comment button under where i write my response. WHAT?!

i like sharing pictures.
i like keeping up with people that i may not get to keep up with as regularly as i would like to...
i like knowing what is going on with everyone...ha!
i like some of FB's features. Have you discovered the "hide" button? It is a marvelous thing.
And did you know you can Customize your status so certain people won't see it? Another great invention.

I don't see myself getting off Facebook, because i REALLY like being able to check on whoever at any time. And for someone who hates the phone, this is a really good thing!! But gah. Why does it have so many issues?!?!

I have been  booted out & asked to log in again AT LEAST 15 times today. I'm done.

Ok. Rant Over. :)


  1. My notifications have been doing weird things lately too...as in I have not gotten a lot of things people have said back to me. Blah!
    But yes, I do love the hide feature. I hide my 12 year old cousins who have facebook and all their statuses LoOk LiKe ThIs and it drives me crazy. haha.

  2. I am Anti-Phone as well so that's when FB comes in handy:-)

  3. So you need to send a message to ol' Mark Zuckerberg and let him know that you are having issues with his Facebook. Oh, but you can't. {sigh} Nevermind. :)

  4. I have a love hate relationship with FB too.

    AND, PS-- the Walmart Family Mobile plan? It has single line plans too. $45 for unlimited talk & text. Just thought I'd let you know. In case your tracfone ever dies and you need to figure out another no-contract plan. And as long as the phone has a SIM card and is unlocked, you can use any phone you want... not just the ones they sell in the store!

  5. Do you have a cell phone that has a FB app? If not, I would highly suggest you avoid it...I have almost smashed my cell phone several times!

  6. OH i totally feel you...it's been getting on my nerves! I don't want to sign in 50 times!!

  7. Yeah... it's been annoying lately. I hate not getting notifications. Ugh.


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