Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Christmas Gift!

I have been wanting another Bible for awhile now. Brad wanted to get me one for Christmas. Poor guy, he searched in several stores for the Bible i wanted, which was nothing extravagant. I just wanted a small navy NIV. How hard is that?

Well, he looked in 4 stores & didn't find it! Back when i was a teen, i would complain that Bibles were made in "boring" colors. I always said i wished they'd make them in fun colors. Well, guess what? That is ALL Brad could find! And i wouldn't mind a fun color Bible if it was just solid. But they all have swirls or polkadots or flowers. No, no, i just wanted a plain navy Bible! Or burgandy. Or black!

Well, Brad ran out of places & ordered me one online. He was sad because it meant it wouldn't be here in time for Christmas. But i didn't mind. Well, it came today! =)

It was so funny because i got home & Brad said i should read the new testament part of my daily readings out loud to him each night if i wanted (he reads the old testament in hebrew...crazy!). So i agreed. And he said something like, "i don't understand, i thought they said your Bible was coming today!" So, a few minutes later, i was in my room changing clothes & i glance down at my nightstand & there it is! I started laughing. He put it in the exact spot of where my old Bible was & he put my bookmarks from the other Bible into this one (in the right places)! Ha! Love it! 

And i love my new Bible. It's navy & small & niv - just what i wanted!



  1. I'm so glad you got it! I love mine.

  2. I love that he even went as far as switching your bookmarks!

  3. Awwww he even put in your bookmarks and it has your name on it! The littlest things bring such big smiles!

  4. Aw how sweet to move all your book marks over!! I really need a new Bible, mine still says my maiden name on it.. I just can't get rid of my old bible!!


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