Sunday, January 9, 2011

a little black hole of need

I am so mad at the dog right now that i am in tears. And it's nothing, really, so maybe i am just pms'ing. The thing is, he will NOT settle down. EVER. It is like hour after hour of his toenails hitting the kitchen floor. A restlessness that never ends. Constantly begging. If i say "SETTLE DOWN!" one more time, i am going to LOSE IT. 

 I rarely lose my temper with him. It takes a lot for me to get that mad. When i'm cooking, if he gets under my feet, i barely notice...until brad yells at him to get on his pillow (which is in the kitchen, but away from the cooking area). Brad will not put up with much with Fievel. But most of what Fievel does just does not bother me. He's a sweet dog. But lately he has just been SO RESTLESS all the time. 

Well, today he is like that times a thousand. I have yelled at him to go to his pillow & lay down a thousand times. And i don't mind if he gets on the couch with me if he will SETTLE DOWN. But i just lost it. All i want is to sit down & relax. And he will not let me for one minute (or for the last several hours). I finally just hollared at him, "FIEVEL! GET ON YOUR BED RIGHT NOW!!!!!" and he went. He was sitting. I yelled, "LAY DOWN!" He wouldn't. I told him again. He wouln't. I went over there & (gently) shoved his body down. And he hasn't moved since. He knows he did wrong. But i was shaking i was so angry. 

What makes me mad is, i feel like SH*T when i have to yell at him like that. I mean, like a total jerk. But it's HIS fault. We tell him nicely & firmly, but it just wasn't working today! Only yelling would do, and if you know me, you know i HATE yelling as a form of communication. When i have to yell at him, it makes me feel HORRIBLE, and then i am even MORE mad at him because he made me feel bad about yelling at him! Which i wouldn't have had to do if he would have just listened to begin with! Grrrr. I told Brad to put the gate back up (It blocks him from coming into the den. We keep it up while we're at work). He did & then he turned the kitchen light off. So the dog is in "time out", i guess. He has not moved. Grrrrrrrr. It has been a long time since have been THIS MAD at Fievel. I love him, but SERIOUSLY...enough is enough!!!

Brad always calls him "black hole" as in, "you're just a little black hole of need, aren't you, fievel?!" It's usually funny, but tonight, not so much!

Okay, enough about that! And to think i was going to show you this sweet pic of my puppy!!

Yeah, he's cute for a minute, but after awhile of him staring & huffing & puffing & clicking...not so cute anymore!

Aw, i love you, Fievel, i really do. But i am OVER your constant begging!

P.S. I know, i know, you're glad you don't have a dog or this is why you have an outside dog! I do not regret having Fievel at all, i love dogs & would be devastated if i lost him! It's just a bad day!!


  1. I've been there. Glenda is super needy. When she starts to get that way, I put her outside. But if I can't put her out and she keeps it up, she has to go to her kennel. I always leave her door open, but she knows she can't come out until I tell her.

  2. Millie gets the same way. I love her but some days she drives me up a wall! Little dogs are the best 99% of the time. :)

  3. Hey, I'm just wondering...is Fievel neutered? They say that's supposed to help calm them down and I'm really counting on that with Max. : ) This is Sarah, btw. I can't get this thing to comment like normal.

  4. Okay, so here's something weird. When I read your posts and then try to leave a comment, I can't. Unless I close out then come back in again. Strange.

    Anyway, I think Fievel is just preparing you for having kids. :) I don't usually have days like that with Honey. She's pretty mellow. But I certainly do have days like that with my children. When they just. won't. calm. down. :) That's when they usually have a time out in their room. Or I go hide in mine. :)

  5. I completely get this, we are new pet owners. We got Cooper, a chiuaua, about 6 weeks ago. Fell in love with him, but there are times he drives me UP THE WALL. I know he's a puppy, blah blah blah (he was 9 wks when we got him), but LAWD! He's started to do this new thing of running away from us, and when I catch him, I am about 2 seconds away from tossing him out the front door! Then, I too feel like a terrible mother and wonder if I should even have kids if I get so mad at a DOG?! I think there are times when anything can get on your nerves that bad...work, dogs, spouses, friends, parents, and one day...children. Jesus, help me when that day comes!

  6. Toby gets sequestered to the kennel, because now he's just a third layer of a need that I can atleast put in a box and not think about. I know that sounds mean, but when I've got a toddler whining, a newborn screaming and a dog barking, the dog gets teh short end of the stick. Sorry he's frazzled your nerves.

    And I hate saying this, but dog's actions greatly resemble a two year old's. Perhaps Fievel is getting your patience ready for a baby? hahaha :)

  7. Just wait until the kids come! You are just getting some practice!

  8. They're just like kids. They have rough days. And you love them, but you want to kill them. I promise you, it gets better. As they mature, they calm down, and there are less and less of "those days." Once Marvin turned three, we rarely had "those days" anymore.

  9. I'm sorry but I laughed at this entire post. But only because it's how I feel about my kids from time to time haha. Seriously... just replace "Fievel" with "Liza" or "Jason" and then repost it on my blog for me ok. Ok.

  10. I feel you 100%. I have a 1 yr old French bulldog who has energy that just wont quit. I thought they were supposed to be couch potatoes.. wtf? Some days he'll lay there and be so loving and cute but then some days it's like he's determined to make me lose my last nerve. I put him in his crate/pen area if he won't calm down.. then once he settles down, I let him out.


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