Tuesday, January 11, 2011

enjoying life

Anyone like my new blog? Okay, the entire thing is fairly new, but the header is BRAND NEW & i love it! :) Laura, my bbff (that's best bloggie friend forever) made it for me. LOVE! I also changed up some things in my sidebar! Look around. :)

Laura is so stinkin' creative. She made these for me too! I saw them online & emailed her to see if she could make them for me! She said she would try & then i got a sample one in the mail! And then i got a whole set! Yipee! 
my cute apple coasters

2011 is pretty awesome so far. I really hope that these first few weeks is a glimpse of how the entire year is going to go, because if that's true, then it's gonna be a fantastic year! I love when a year starts off RIGHT. Ya know? It feels good. I feel like it's started on the right foot & it has felt like a push in the right direction. 

I kind of feel like God is rooting for me right now. And i know he is ALWAYS for us, but sometimes you can just feel it & that is nice. 

 So far in 2011, I - 

Have read the Bible everyday
Have exercised 7 days (5 last week & 2 so far this week!)
Have joined this Bible Study (which starts February 2nd, you can join, too!)
Have eaten pretty darn healthy
Have had tons of water
Have joined a fitness training class
Have attended church regularly
Have made new friends
Have joined a "weigh-down challenge" at work
Have walked the lakes
Got a new camera
Laughed with my husband - a lot!
Got together with good friends
Marveled at God's timing, his love & his creation
Was told i will get another raise soon, for doing an amazing job :)

I mean, how awesome is that! This is what i mean by starting the year off right! I added another new year's resolution today - be on time for work. If i could start being on time & maybe stop biting my fingernails, life could be perfect! Haha!

None of this is to brag, or to say that I am perfect, for i am certainly not! i have defintely made some mistakes this year already...but i am just thanking God for his goodness so far this year! I am on a great track with becoming healthier, too, and i want to keep it up ALL YEAR! I want to continue to read God's word everyday & to draw closer to Him. I want to be a better friend to everyone. I want to be a kind person and have patience, even at work. ;) I want to pray more again...like i used to.

I am just so excited & can't wait to see all that God has planned for 2011!

I hope you are having a good year as well!


  1. You are doing AMAZING...remember and SAVOR this feeling...

    Keep it up...and the new look on the blog is SUPER cute!

  2. I love your new header! It is so awesome! You have lots of great things going on! This year is going to be great!

  3. I love the new design. Those coasters are amazing too! I love original things like that.

    I hope 2011 brings everything you hope for :)

  4. Oh wow!! I love those coasters!! Is she selling them too??

  5. Ooooh your header is so cute! I like it more and more. I did good haha. :)

    Glad your year has started out so well! Mine? Not so much haha.

  6. Your blog looks great!!! I love the apple coasters....but of course I love apples,I have some in my kitchen:)I'm so glad your year is starting off good:) Mine is too!!!!

  7. LOVE your header!!!! The whole page looks awesome!!!!
    Love the cute coasters too :)

    I'm so happy that you are already having a great year and we aren't even 2 weeks in! What great motivation! I'm excited for you!!!


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