Saturday, January 22, 2011

Girl's Night Out

Thursday night, several of my girlfriends from the theatre got together. 9 of us in all. Every person we invited came. We had a lovely time. We met at Bistro Byronz after work. So good! Then, all but 2 of us went to see Crimes of the Heart at pay-what-you-can night. We had a great time! Love these ladies!!

 Eryn, Danielle & Natalie

 Me & Charlynn

 Haha...we just loved Char's order: "yes, i would like the petite salad please....and some french fries!" :)

 Michele & Liz

Natalie & Lauren

Me & Rachel

 Eryn, Lauren, Danielle & Natalie

Michele, Rachel, me & Charlynn

We had a wonderful time & hope to get together again soon!


  1. what a fun looking group of girls!

  2. I need a girl's night out soon!

  3. ahh...you all look lovely and so happy! I love girl's nights out but I don't have enough of them!


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