Sunday, January 30, 2011

a good weekend...

I had a really good weekend. Yay! I took off of work Friday because I wasn't feeling well, so i assumed I'd be stuck in bed most of Saturday & Sunday. Not so! Though we did do a lot of relaxing, I was still able to get out & about. :) Went to a Mary Kay party Friday night, Body BaYou Bootcamp Saturday morning & church today. Nothing terribly exciting, but i'm just glad i wasn't miserably sick this weekend!

My sis-in-law just started selling Mary Kay & her first party was Friday night. Even though i am a total Clinique girl, i found myself loving the Mary Kay products. I even booked a PJ Party for February 19th. I hope some of my friends come. Even if they don't buy anything, she gets something for doing 30 faces in 30 days. I'm trying to help a sista out!! :) (I wish i had a sales/recruiting bone in my body. But i don't. You can make some good money doing Mary Kay!)

Anyway, the party was fun & I got some facewash, moisturizer & eye makeup remover. I have been looking for the perfect makeup remover for awhile, and Mary Kay's is amazing!!

 Jaimie Lynn gettin' down to business! 

 Jaimie with Amy, her director. She was so cute!

I won a prize. It was a lipstick called "pink passion". I like it. It was so funny because during the party, you'd get 1 ticket for asking something about their products & 2 for asking something about their careers. Whoever had the most tickets would win a prize. Well, i didn't ask anything. I never do. (Probably why i didn't do well in school, i never would ask questions!) I'm just not going to do it for whatever reason! Haha! So Jaimie's mom won. But then they did a drawing & i won! I was like, "and i didn't have to ask a single thing! Ha!"

Saturday I almost missed my workout class! I took Nyquil the night before & I just about slept through my alarm! But i made it! (Barely!) Did bootcamp, came home & relaxed. Watched some more of The Big Bang Theory with Brad. It was a beautiful day. I took these right outside our trailer! (The first 2 are unedited & the other 2 i cropped & that's it. Beautiful day!)

LOVE! :) Saturday night I cooked Pioneer Woman's Chicken Pot Pie, which was most delicious! :) Will blog that next. :) Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! And I am just like you, there is no way I could ever sell anything, I am just not pushy in any way when it comes to selling things!

  2. Those cloud pics are fun! I love that it looks like there is motion in them!

    Sounds like a fun weekend. I need to find a Mary Kay person because I need more face cleaner and moisturizer but I've not had good experiences with three people now! Ugh. If shipping isn't too much I would totally put an order in when you have your show. (You get stuff depending on orders right?) Let me know.


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