Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A heart of gold

American Idol was a tearjerker tonight. Things like this get to me. The last guy that sang was Chris Medina. He is engaged. You should have seen his beautiful fiance in the videos before her accident. Beautiful girl who looked like she was a sweetheart. Well, she was in an accident & they thought she would die. He said he knew she wouldn't die. And she didn't. But she was brain damaged. She is in a wheelchair & just...well, her life has totally changed. Chris is a sweetheart. He said, "What kind of guy would i be if i walked out when she needed me most?" So they are together, and i'm thankful for that. But my heart does break for him. And for her. And for their family. I was crying, and when it was over, i said something about how sad it was & Brad said, "i know...so sad...and it could happen to any of us in a split second." 

Just a reminder how precious life is. I know she lived. But the quality of her life has totally changed.

Anyway, i know a lot of that show is just reality crap & sob stories & people making fools of themselves. But that story touched my heart & that guy has a heart of gold. The judges wanted to meet her & he got excited & said that would make her day. She came in & JLo, Steven Tyler & Randy all got up to meet her. They were so sweet to her.

Actually, it's on youtube already. If you wanna see it.

I'm glad he can sing! ;)


  1. everyone on facebook was talking about him. thanks for putting this up! (we can't watch it since we're doing P90x at night right now).

  2. We randomly decided to watch AI again last night after not watching it all all last year. So glad I did and just because of this guy I am going to have to keep watching it!

  3. It was really sad. I will admit I cried a little. It just broke my heart!

  4. I watched and it was really sad and I cried. He really does have a heart of gold.I hope he makes it far in the competition.

  5. Made me cry too! My husband's grandmother is like that now but can't speak or move as much as her. All because her neck surgery went wrong. It's so hard to see someone living their life to the fullest, then in a split second they are fighting to live. Changes everyone's life.

  6. I missed it last night.....just cried my eyes out.....wow......awesome guy

  7. Oh wow, that really was a tearjerker!


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