Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prayer Requests

My Uncle Ruby is 90 years old. He will be 91 in February. He has always been this spunky, smart a** (& I mean that in the sweetest way possible!) kind of a guy & we all love him dearly. He is my great-uncle, my mom's uncle & i call him Uncle Booky because when i was little, i couldn't say Ruby, so I said Booky! It stuck. ;) 

Anyway, Uncle Booky is young for his age. He has always been in great shape & very active. But now he is sick. He is in the hospital & his kidneys are failing. They have him on dialysis now. But now, the doctors think that the stints they put in his heart are blocked. They are going to look at that tomorrow. This is in the Grenada Mississippi hospital. Mom really wants him to move to the Jackson hospital, because they would have looked at the heart RIGHT AWAY & if they were blocked they would have done the surgery ASAP. The doctors in Grenada can't even do surgery if the stints ARE blocked (they are not authorized to do heart surgery of any kind). This is why mom wants him moved to Jackson, but she talked to him & he refuses. He is tired, exhausted, and does not want to move to the Jackson hospital. Of course, we have to respect this but we are so sad by this & pray that he has a few more years! But, like he told mom at the end of their conversation, "Donna, I have a 90-year-old heart, it's not going to get any better." Sad face. He is a christian, and that is good, but we would all miss him a ton if his time was now...

I know he is 90, y'all, but i guess because he's been so active, even the last time i saw him (a year ago), i kinda thought he'd out live us all! And maybe this isn't the end, but it's not looking good. Please say a prayer for him & for my Aunt Erma, his wife. They do not have any children, so they've always treated us like we are their grandchildren. And please pray for my mom & her sister, my aunt paula.

Another prayer request, and this is so sad! :( My coworker Tommie's wife has been in the hospital. She was moving a bed around Christmas-time & she felt like her back went out. She went to the hospital. She had to have surgery for it. Well, all this time, we thought she was still in the hospital because of her back. But we just found out this week that while there, they discovered that she has brain cancer! :( Tommie has been in the hospital with her this whole time, but he came back to work Thursday & Friday...sometimes people just have to get away, or get busy with something, you know? Plus his grown children were there. Anyway, Friday morning he left & i was standing by the door. He had a lot of stuff with him, and so i held the door open for him. My coworker said, "You going to be back later today?" & he said, "no, the doctor called & doesn't think she will make it through today, soo..." and he left. I just patted his arm as he left... i mean, there are no words.

I believe he is at peace & comforted because he knows where she is going. But he will miss her. And he has three children, 2 daughters & a son in their twenties or early thirties. Please keep this family in your prayers! 

Sorry for such a heavy post!


  1. Goodness, where to start. I'll be praying for your uncle and your co-workers wife. What horribly sad things.

  2. Awww Mel. Sad times. :( I'll say a prayer.

  3. I will be praying! We spent some time in Grenada back in the fall. Such a cute town!

  4. Saying lots of prayers - when it rains, it pours. <3

  5. Oh my, I will most certainly think of these people in my prayers tonight.

  6. Oh no! I will definitely keep those two in my heart for you!!!

  7. I will be praying for both these request. I know life can be hard at times, but that is when we lean on the Father and our family and friends. Love you girl!


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