Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions...& a Bucket List

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 Here it is. Finally. My New Year Resolutions for 2011.

You can read about my thoughts on New Year Resolutions and how well i did last year here.

But here they are for this year!! 

In 2011, i resolve to - 

This was a resolution last year, and i didn't go through with it. I DID get more reading done than the previous year (thanks to my BBFF, Laura, for helping me out a bit!), but this year i want to try to get through the Bible in a year. We are going to Victory Harvest Church (where i grew up, we just went back about a month ago) & they have these nice planners to follow. I haven't checked, but i assume it's the same as some online plans...but it will be nice to have this to hang on to! I love it!


I am going to put up a tab at the top with my resolutions & bucket list from this post. I plan to post a verse from that day's reading DAILY in that tab. Make sense? Just whichever verse spoke to me most, or a favorite verse from that day's reading. So if you ever check up there & don't see a new verse...well, you're welcome to harrass me about my reading! Ha!
That sounds random & too broad & if i hadn't made significant lifestyle changes over the past year & a half, regarding my health, then i would say it's not a good resolution. But i HAVE made lots of changes & though i had a rough holiday season this year, i am going to keep on keepin' on regarding my health. The goal is no longer "lose weight" though i am certain that will be an added benefit. Earlier this year, when i was at my best eating & exercise-wise, i felt SO GOOD. And i realized, i want to keep that feeling, whether i get skinny or not! =) I will be making smaller goals each week or month & discussing them on my weightloss blog, Try Try Again. But the main one is just this: Be Healthy. 
This includes but is not limited to:
-begin Body BaYou group training (tomorrow!)
-walk the lakes or hit the gym for cardio at least 3 days a week.
-limit sugar, soda, sodium & processed foods
-load up on nutritious foods - fruits, veggies, lean meats
-continue drinking water like crazy
-pack lunch & snack for work
I want to save money. Specifically, i want to put all money that i make at the Manship theatre into savings.
I started that Project 365 thing on Facebook, where you take a pic a day for a year. It'll be fun & will help me with my new camera (when it finally gets here!). I would do a blog for it, but i have enough blogs already. =) So, facebook it is! In addition to simply taking a pic everyday, i want to learn to take great pics with my new camera! 
So much stuff here needs to be reorganized! It WILL get done THIS YEAR. Kitchen, done! My bathroom, mostly done! Our bedroom is next. The middle room after that - ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Honestly, that's all of my New Year's Resolutions. Those are the things I want to make sure I do! But, i also have a bucket list for 2011. I know the whole idea of a bucket list is things to do before you kick the bucket! But this is my Bucket List for 2011 - things i hope to do this year!

-read some NONfiction (for a change).
-learn some piano (i have a great teacher!).
-continue attending Victory Harvest regularly (we just went back last month!) 
-get to know more people at Victory.
-Keep in touch with our friends from HeartsEase.
-learn to cook HEALTHIER meals.
-have my mother-in-law teach me to do breakfast just like she does! (I have already talked to her about this & it will happen.)
-Walk a 5k again. Or 2 or 3. =) (Running may be a bit of a stretch at this point!)
-Sing again. (Maybe just solo's or maybe on the praise team. We'll see).
-Learn to cook some Louisiana Dishes (like gumbo & etouffee).
-Have more couples over for dinner.
-Have more girl's night outs.
-Pray for others continually.
-Go to Grenada this Summer to see some relatives! (this is already definite.)
-Send snail mail to various friends & relatives. Just for fun. Regularly.
-Be a Grace Giver

Those are just a few for this year!

Here's to a happy & healthy 2011!


  1. These are great! Girl, I'm doing something similar for reading the Bible in a year! It's called the OneThing Challenge!

  2. Great resolutions!


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